33 Tips On How To Get Over A Guy Completely

By Ruth Jesse

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

A breakup is never easy. Lost love is disturbing, it’s awkward, and it can be downright hard to get past. But you can do it! There are many things you can do to help yourself through the healing process of getting over a guy and back on your feet including talking to a dating coach and relationship experts. We all know that talking to friends and family helps, but sometimes we need a little extra push in the right direction.

We all go through them, and we know they’re never easy. But they don’t have to leave you with a broken heart as the songs make them out to be. There are many different ways to break up with someone, and some are better than others. But women need more than just time to get over a guy – they also need strategies.

Here are the 33 tips on how to get over a guy completely

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💟 Learn these 33 Tips On How To Get Over A Guy

1. Reframe your feelings

I know you’re heartbroken. I know you’re devastated. But this guy was never your Mr. Right. He was just a guy. It was never going to last. And you weren’t going to get married anyway. No wonder you’re crying. Once you’ve done that, let him go and try to reframe your feelings. It will help, and the feelings won’t be as strong.

2. Get help

Maybe you need some help coping with your feelings, and that’s OK. But don’t go on a dating site or jump into another relationship just yet. If you’re lucky, there will be an instant guy who makes you feel like your life has a purpose again. You have to be patient. This is one of the worst things that you can do. When you find the right guy, you’ll want to settle down, but right now, you need to just focus on yourself and get through the breakup.

3. Try dating again

Some women are afraid to start dating again after a breakup because they feel they are not ready. If you’re scared to date again because you feel you are not ready, try to take baby steps. Go out on one or two first dates and enjoy that butterflies feeling.

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4. Make sure you’re busy

Time is your friend when it comes to getting over a guy. Don’t sit around and cry and mope. Instead, take your time with the grieving process. Get yourself busy doing fun things like going out with friends, traveling, working out, getting a gym membership, or simply going shopping. Do all of these things, and get your mind off of a guy. You’ll feel better, and it will help you get over him much faster.

5. Consider your crush from a realistic perspective

When you’re in love with someone, it’s hard to see anything else. But that doesn’t mean you’re immune to the right guys. It just means you might need to look outside your little world and expand your perspective. This doesn’t mean you have to ignore your feelings for your crush, but it does mean you need to look at everything from a different perspective. We tend to lose sight of the fact that it’s never good to have a “crush.” It can be a distraction from finding someone better for us. Your “crush” needs to end, and it will – it’s just a matter of time.

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Photo credit: stocksnap.com

6. Distract yourself

Distracting yourself from your boyfriend will help you to move on from the relationship quicker. Taking up new hobbies, using social media, and visiting family will help to distract you from thinking about your breakup. Then, when you do think about your boyfriend, you’ll be reminded of your goals.

7. Give yourself time to heal

You need time to heal. When you break up with a guy, you often feel like your heart is being ripped from your body. It’s natural to have feelings of grief and sorrow, but your body needs time to heal. Letting yourself cry every once in a while will make you feel better. Remember, the heart heals best when you allow yourself to feel the pain.

8. Discover the lesson

Breakups happen for a reason, and we’ve all been through them. What you should take away from your ex is that they aren’t the guy you need. There are a lot of amazing men in this world who are worth your time. You’ll learn so much from your breakups, so keep those lessons and avoid the what-ifs questions in mind when you’re experiencing one in the future.

9. Hang around your girlfriends

When it comes to breakups, your friends are your support system. You are so much more robust and smarter when you surround yourself with a group of supportive women. The girlfriends who have helped you get through past breakups will not only help you get over them but also keep you in line and out of trouble.

10. Don’t treat friendship as a consolation prize

If you’re in love, even a perfect friend of yours won’t be enough to make you forget about that guy you’re currently obsessing over. That person is the most crucial in your life. After you break up, your friend will be forced to remember everything she never told you. She’ll be forced to see you in a completely new light, which will make her mad at you and maybe even hurt your feelings. That’s what happens when you have a friend who wants to be your girlfriend. That’s why having a great guy around who can be a friend is a better option.

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Photo credit: stocksnap.com

11. See the relationship for what it was.

When you break up with a guy, you need to see that you can no longer be with him. Sometimes, you need to accept that your relationship is over and leave it at that. But not everyone can see it that way. Many people prefer to have a new relationship after a breakup, which is perfectly OK! But for others, this is the worst time to get into a new relationship. This is especially true when you’re young and you’re having the best time of your life.

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12. Know when to ask for help

Some relationships last for years, but others only last a few months or weeks. When you’re in a relationship with someone, you tend to think that you can do everything yourself. And sometimes, that’s not the case. If you feel like you need a little help, ask for it.

You may be surprised to learn that your friends and family members know how to get you out of that rut you’re in. In other words, knowing that they’re on your side, you can let loose and go of your feelings and put yourself back together again. Some of them may not even want to help, but the fact that they’re willing to go that extra mile to be there for you is enormous.

13. Realize that you don’t need him to be happy.

It can be challenging to realize that you’re not dependent on a guy to be happy. We live in a society where it’s assumed that all women are destined to end up with a guy, and if they don’t, something must be wrong with them. And that’s just not true.

14. Be yourself.

You know what? Stop checking on them. You can’t try to become someone else just because your ex is playing hard to get. Take control of your situation, and realize that you have many different angles to approach this. Don’t let your ex do all the talking.

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Photo credit: stocksnap.com

15. Talk to your crush

Maybe you’ve been crushing on that guy on Tinder all summer, and you just had to admit it to him, but now you’re both in college, and work schedules get in the way. So the next time he calls, ask him if he wants to spend time and have some coffee!

16. Realize there will always be another guy

We all know how this goes. You like a guy, and you go out with him, but there’s always another guy around the corner you have to make a move on.

17. Invest in your future relationships with yourself

Yes, losing a guy is a blow and can be such bad news, but the best way to get over a guy is to invest in yourself, not in him. This is the key to putting yourself first and focusing on yourself and understand that to get over a guy doesn’t happen overnight. Look after your body, and self-love is the best way to get over a guy – and keep you from spiraling downwards.

18. Stay away from social media

Stay away from social media in the weeks after you break up. Avoid the pity party. It’s a real trap! The only important thing people see on social media is the good times they had with their ex, and it’s impossible to have those kinds of feelings when you’re not in the same city as them. Plus, no one on social circle media is interested in hearing about your breakup.

19. Love yourself enough to move on.

When you are losing a relationship, you need to love yourself enough to realize that this is all part of your real-life and that your love for someone shouldn’t be more important than your health and happiness. Move on and be yourself. Don’t be afraid to be the bad bitch. Because you know what? Bad bitches always have a way of getting back at you.

20. Practice self-care

Self-care is one of the most important things to do when getting over a guy. You need to feel comfortable in your own body again so that you are not self-destructive. Stop doing things you know will only make you sadder. Cut back on caffeine, alcohol, smoking, and things that will only lead you to make more bad decisions. Eat healthy food and get enough sleep. This will help you feel better, and you will want to be around others again. You’ll be able to help other people, and other people will help you. That is a good thing.

21. Make room for the new

Move on with your life by surrounding yourself with things that make you happy. Make a list of activities that make you happy, and then decide which ones you’ll do first. Let yourself get depressed and sad for a little while.

22. Take off your love goggles

Sometimes, the magic of a man in the arms of a woman can make us forget what they’re like. And while there’s nothing wrong with falling for a man, you need to be able to remember the bad stuff too. You don’t need to block out the bad stuff from your mind, but you should take it in small doses. Don’t be afraid to vent to your girlfriends about the negatives of a guy. You’ll be able to get past that stuff together.

23. Create a new routine

Creating a routine can be helpful after a breakup. It helps to set up new habits, and it’s an excellent way to move on. Some activities are great for women after a breakup – things like exercising or listening to podcasts.

Image credit: stocksnap.com
Photo credit: stocksnap.com

24. Accept your feelings

You might feel guilty for loving that person as much as you do. You might think that everyone will stop loving you, and you might get scared. Or just alone. Accept that your emotions are valid, and allow yourself to grieve.

25. Know your worth and do what you love

Be able to turn it around on him. When he contacts you, you have to decide if you want to keep responding or whether you want to move on and have a new focus on the things that will make you happy.

Know that it’s OK to be single right now, and if you keep thinking about him and talking about him, you will get into that cycle of a breakup where you can’t get out. Find your version of happiness, and don’t let him or anyone else make you feel that you have to change to meet his standards.

26. Get off social media for a while

Sometimes this is a quick decision. But if he has been contacting you and you still feel the need to be on social media and responding to his texts, you’re probably going to hit a roadblock.

27. Talk it out and let it go

If your breakup isn’t going well, you should talk to each other. And it’s OK to talk about it. But you shouldn’t talk about it on social media. Remember, your ex isn’t your friend, and it’s probably not a good idea for you to see what he’s doing or posting online. Just talk to him. Talk about what you love about him and what you don’t, but most importantly, talk about why you broke up and what you’re going to do going forward. Talk it out, let it all out, and move on.

28. Do what makes you happy

If you want to get over your ex, start doing the things you love to do – not what he made you do. Just do something for yourself, no matter how little time you have for it. Reading a book by yourself is just as valid as having a girl’s night out with your friends.

29. Surround yourself with support

Women need support around them when they’re going through a breakup. For men, it’s usually your friends that can help out with this. The second someone hears that you’ve broken up with someone, they immediately want to be there for you. It doesn’t matter if you just broke up with someone for the fifth time. No one is too cool for a friend in need, right? When you’re going through a bad breakup, be sure to be with people who will get you through it.

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Photo credit: stocksnap.com

30. Don’t dwell on the memories

Doing so will only make it that much harder for you to get over someone. It’s hard to get over someone when you keep thinking about how great they were to you, how cute and funny they were to talk to, and how it feels to be in their arms.

31. Meet new people

When you get dumped, you probably feel like you have to stick close to your ex. To be honest, you probably don’t want to be around anyone else right now. That’s not entirely true, however. Sometimes you need to meet new people. Getting out and meeting new people is the best way to move on. Do you have a good friend you can count on to help you through this period of your life? Have you ever tried online dating? Sure, this might be a little corny, but taking the time to do things like this will ultimately help you get over a guy.

32. Distance yourself

Distance yourself from the guy that hurt you and the guy that you used to love. And cut them out of your life completely. Do this by setting up a limit in which you are no longer messaging them or checking upon them. Just remember time heals. It’s hard, but it’s necessary to get through the heartbreak. A time limit is better than never breaking contact at all.

33. Focus on yourself

It’s easy to become preoccupied with your ex when you’re grieving. But you need to focus on yourself and give yourself some time to do something that makes you happy. Perhaps you could join a new hobby at your local gym. Perhaps you could start journaling, painting, reading, meditating, or maybe meditate to create your rituals to help you get over a guy. You need to take care of yourself because you will only be able to care for your well-being. Think about it: a healthy woman is hard to hate. A healthy woman is harder to hurt. So, be sure you take care of your own needs before you can ever indeed be there for someone else.

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Photo credit: stocksnap.com

⚜️ Steps to stop having feelings for a guy ⚜️

It’s hard to stop thinking about someone that you used to love. Maybe you still love them, or maybe you can’t seem to get them out of your mind. But it’s not easy. What if this person is one of your best

friends? It’s even worse! Friendships are meaningful, and they should never be broken. You don’t want to lose this person as a friend, because who knows how long it will be before you find another great friend like this one. So what do you do next?

🔅 Talk about your feelings with someone you trust.

If you know this person has the best intentions for you and they’re willing to listen, you should confide in them. You know that they’ll be there for you and that they won’t judge you. That’s tremendous support, so don’t hold back!

🔅 Talk to them.

It may feel like talking about this guy will make you look weak or like you don’t have feelings for him, but it’s better than letting those feelings continue to grow. If you don’t get some of your feelings out, the gap will grow more prominent, and you may end up ruining your friendship and losing a friend for life. Now, you may not be ready to open up to someone you trust. But don’t let that stop you. Find the best friend that you trust. Perhaps that person is a trusted friend or perhaps a friend of a friend.

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🔅 Allow yourself to feel your feelings and minimize judgment if you’re feeling a little

If you’re wondering if it’s even possible to get over your ex, just remember the purpose of our lives is to experience and learn. When you allow yourself to feel what you feel, it’s a sign of personal growth. As tough as it may be to try and understand what happened, if you recognize that what you’re feeling is a healthy and helpful reaction to what happened, it’s a sign of personal growth. It’s OK to feel sad, scared, or disappointed that your ex didn’t come back to you or didn’t want to give you another chance.

Remember that this person didn’t leave you for another person – they left you because they made a mistake. What you did is important too. The way you let go of your hurt feelings and disappointment will ultimately determine whether your relationship ends or can be repaired.

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Photo credit: stocksnap.com

🔅 Learn to spend time alone

Even when you have a lot of friends to offer emotional support, you have to take time alone sometimes. It’s nice to have a break from all the socializing. That’s why you need to learn to be alone sometimes. Go for a walk, watch a movie, watch a YouTube video, and learn to be alone. You’ll appreciate that more than you ever imagined.

🔅 Get to know yourself better.

There’s so much you don’t know about yourself yet. You need to learn all the things about yourself that make you. You’ll find out that you’re great at some things and you’re terrible at others.

🔅 Take the time to focus on yourself

So you have to realize that you can’t love and feel this way about a guy. You need to take the time to focus on yourself. Write down why you think you love this person. Write down every single reason you

love them. Don’t censor or use someone else’s version of love because your version of love may be better than someone else’s. This will help you to see that your current relationship is not suitable for you. It will help you realize that maybe you deserve something better.

🔅 Give the guy a few minutes to let it all sink in.

This is the best part. Give him a few minutes, and then tell him that you love him and you have to leave. Be careful not to be hurtful because sometimes that is easier than letting it be. Try to make it clear that this is not good for you.

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Photo credit: stocksnap.com

⦿ Ways to Stop Thinking About Someone for Good ⦿

There’s a fine line from healthy normal behavior to obsession with thoughts of someone constantly. Obsessing another person can develop into more damaging behaviors like stalking, domestic violence, or other issues related to mental space. Obsession usually happens when you think they have something you need. Another reason you tend to obsess over a relationship is that you may have an episode of obsessive-compulsive disorder.

➸ Pursue your interests

The moment we start pursuing our interests, we stop thinking about someone for good. It may work out better than what we originally had with them because it forces us to be more present and actively involved in our lives.

➸ Get to know yourself better.

It is essential to know who you are before getting into the next relationship. The more you know about yourself, the better you can boost your self-esteem and protect yourself from getting hurt. Only after knowing yourself ultimately will you be able to make decisions that are best for you. You should not only take care of your emotional needs but also your physical needs. The first step is to recognize that there are two types of relationships – healthy and toxic.

Image credit: stokcsnap.com
Photo credit: stocksnap.com

➸ Get in touch with your true feelings.

One of the ways to stop thinking about someone for good is by expressing and getting in touch with your true feelings. When you express your feelings, you will feel better about yourself and less emotionally invested in the other person. As a result, it becomes easier for you to move on.

Feelings come out as anger or sadness or even as a mix of emotions. You need to remember that these feelings are not permanent, and they will go away.

➸ Don’t talk to them for a while.

This technique is more than just switching your focus to another person. It helps you to emotionally detach yourself from the person to stop thinking about them. The idea behind this technique is that you will start feeling less interested in the person when they are not with you, and when they are with you, you will soon find their company boring.

➸ Find someone else to think about

We all know that the human mind is not the most logical tool. It’s susceptible to all sorts of strong feelings and negative emotions, which often tend to be irrational. It’s also never satisfied with what it has, always wanting more. It can lead people to do crazy things just because they want something out of their reach or far beyond what they deserve. Experts recommend that people stop thinking about someone for good by finding somebody else who will fill the void in your life left by this person. Turn your attention away from this one person and look towards somebody who might actually care for you and will be there for you when you need them.

Image credit: stocksnap.com
Photo credit: stocksnap.com

➸ Stop idealizing the situation.

The first way to stop thinking about someone for good is by taking care of oneself as much as possible. One should stay busy and take up as many responsibilities as possible so that they do not have the time to think about the person who has been constantly on their mind. This also ensures that one does not feel lonely, which is one of the primary reasons people obsess over someone they want to forget.

◈ How long do feelings for someone last? ◈

Feelings for someone can last a long time. That is why, even if two people are not in direct contact with one another, they can still have feelings for the other. However, some factors affect how long feelings will last. For example, if feelings are reciprocated, then these feelings will likely last longer.

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◎ Ways to reconnect to your loving feelings ◎

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with a partner difficult? Does anyone know of this?

❣ Open up

❣ Ask insightful questions

Dig a little deeper

❣ Be realistic

❣ Check-In At the end of each day

❣ Keep a daily journal together

❣ Set aside time for silence

❣ Learn something new together

❣ Getaway together

❣ Complement each other

❣ Be curious

❣ Synchronize Work Breaks

❣ Focus on the outcome

❣ Prioritize your relationship

🧐 Conclusions 🧐

We all have been in the past where we lost the love of our life, and it is challenging to deal with. Research shows that there are many aspects of a relationship that make it difficult to get over someone completely. These problematic aspects include, but are not limited to:

The familiarity of being with the person for an extended period

Knowing that they might be out there somewhere thinking about you

Feeling like it’s your fault for them leaving

Feeling incomplete without them in your life

The best way to move on from a guy is to take the time you need and find someone else who will make you happy.

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Photo credit: stocksnap.com

🤔 Relevant Questions 🤔

Do feelings go away?

While you might feel that your feelings will fade in time, they might not. Feelings don’t always go away after a breakup and could stay for a long time, but there are ways to help you cope with them.

Breakups can be challenging, but there are other ways to get through them and move on with your life.

How do you know if he’s faking love?

It’s natural to be in a relationship and to feel like you’re in love. But how do people know if their partner’s feelings for real love or just a passing emotion? Many signs can determine whether or not your partner is faking love. You can look at their past behavior and see if they have always been the same way as you. Another sign is how he handles conflicts. If he starts to get angry when you disagree with him, it could be because he doesn’t care about your opinion.

What’s the quickest way to get over someone?

There is no universal way to get over someone, but there are a few steps that most people agree on. The first step is to accept the breakup and the pain it brings with it. After a few days, you should also try to detach yourself from your ex and focus on your own life. You will feel less pain as you gradually move on from this phase. It is essential to stay active and try not to focus too much on your ex, as this will only make you feel worse. If you want to keep tabs on them, then do it in a healthy way that doesn’t require stalking them all day long.

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