21 Tips On How To Deal With Wicked People

By Ruth Jesse

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

How To Deal With Wicked People

Have you ever run into someone who made you feel so…off?

Some people appear to be normal by outward appearances, but there’s something wrong about them that you can’t identify.

If that is the case, you are dealing with an EVIL individual.

Evil people can be challenging to recognize because they can conceal their true selves. They may seem pleasant, considerate, or even “good” on the surface. But they are rotten to the core on the inside.

In this post, we’ll go through everything you need to know about evil people—from their wiring to the signals that identify them and how to deal with them successfully.

Let’s get this party started!

How To Deal With Wicked People
Image: iStock

Some of us may have negative ideas or engage in harmful behaviors. Still, we do not make it a habit that influences our decisions. What distinguishes an evildoer from someone good—they allow evil to take control of their lives.

∎ You need to know these 21 Tips On How To Deal With Wicked People ∎

Co-existing with evil people entails going around them to establish your own rules. Then you must acknowledge that to claim your power, you do not require others to obey your rules.

Here are some powerful, real-world strategies for doing so:

1. Be Empowered By Your Motives

Toxic people will try to trap you like a hunted thing. You know you don’t have to comply with them. But you also understand that if you don’t, there will be repercussions.

The secret to making an informed decision is to adopt a position of strength rather than being controlled. You will always want something from them (even if it’s just to avoid more of their toxicity).

Decide that you’re dealing with them and their actions because you want to manage them, not because you’re a victim of their manipulation. Personal power is all about what you believe and has nothing to do with what you think.

2. Understand Why An Evil Person Is Attracted To You

Evil people will always see flaws in others that they are unwilling to acknowledge in themselves. This is known as projection.

For example, you might be the nicest, most giving, hardest working person on the planet. Still, toxic people will try to twist you into believing you’re a liar, unfair, unpleasant, or slacker.

You see it for what it is. Even if they don’t, you know the truth.

3. They May Get Worse Before They Leave You Alone

They May Get Worse Before They Leave You Alone
Image: Unsplash

Consider it a metaphor. Think of it as if someone is throwing a tantrum. The tantrum will get worse for a time after you stand firm and refuse to give in.

Likewise, we all have this natural impulse – when something we’re performing stops working, we’ll do more of it before giving up.

An evil person is not any different. They’ll do more of whatever worked before they back off and look for another victim. And they will only do it if they figure out a method to dominate and control you, and it no longer works.

Don’t take their escalation as a signal to stop. Instead, take it as a sign that what you’re doing is teaching them that their old ways of acting won’t work anymore.

Then, continue forward and allow them time to accept your decision to shut them down.

4. Be Clear About Your Boundaries Because Evil People Lie

You can’t satisfy everyone. But an evil person will have you believe that you can’t help anyone.

Hence, you strain yourself further and try your best to please people. Trust us, it’s draining.

Before you realize it, toxic individuals will have destroyed your healthy boundaries and burned them away.

So know precisely what you’ll accept, what you want, and why. This will allow you to choose how far you’re prepared to let someone infringe on your boundaries before it’s no longer worthwhile.

Be prepared to listen to that inner voice that warns you when something isn’t right. It’s strong and rarely incorrect (if ever).

It doesn’t matter what other people think. What matters is whether it’s appropriate or not for you. So let that determine your reaction, and who’s in and who’s out as far as possible.

5. You Don’t Have To Help Them Through Every Crisis

You Don't Have To Help Them Through Every Crisis
Image: Unsplash

Evil people are often in crisis because they are excellent at generating them. It’s what they do – take a breath and create drama. You’ll be expected to give sympathy, attention, and support at the sight of any problem, but you don’t have to rush to their defense.

Teach them that you will not join in the pity party by being emotionless, uninterested, and unconcerned about the situation. Don’t ask questions or offer assistance.

It may feel bad because it’s not your usual way of doing things, but keep in mind that you’re dealing with someone abnormal.

6. Don’t Explain Yourself To Maintain Such A Reputation

‘No’ is a sentence in itself in every language and the most powerful word there is. You don’t have to explain yourself.

‘No’ acts as a sentry at your front gate, ensuring that evil people do not contaminate you.

7. Don’t Judge

Understand, sympathize with, and be friendly and courteous to others. But first, be all of these things to yourself. You may decline actions, requests, and individuals without becoming someone you don’t want to be around.

At the edge of your boundaries, strength, and compassion may coexist beautifully. If you haven’t harmed someone else in the process, it will be much simpler to feel okay about setting a boundary.

8. Own Your Strengths And Weaknesses

We are all messy, beautiful, and talented work in progress. Nobody can use your flaws against you once you become aware of them. Evil people will strive to accentuate your faults while minimizing your assets as a way to gain power.

If you’re able to own your assets and flaws, what others think won’t matter. This way you’ll know that your strengths are more than enough to compensate for your faults.

9. Don’t Expect Change

Evil people can’t be reasoned with — you just can’t do it. That’s one of the features that makes them so dangerous. First, decide where you stand, and then keep your ground. After that, you don’t have to do anything more.

After that, they will try to force you to bend, flex, and break at the seams.

Because you have an open heart, the idea that someone may misunderstand you, disapprove of you, or hate you might get to you.

But keep in mind that you’re not dealing with someone concerned with what’s good for your relationship. It’ll always be about them. And that is not changing any time soon.

So, decide that you’re going to make it about yourself from time to time. It’s what you’ve earned.

10) Choose Your Battles Wisely

It takes a lot of energy to deal with evil people. You don’t have to engage in every confrontation that comes your way.

For many toxic personalities, conflict is the only means by which they can connect with others. It’s how they perceive themselves as alive, noticed, and influential. Save your strength for those who matter.

11. Don’t Be The Victim

Don't Be The Victim
Image: iStock

You are not a victim. Choose to be no one’s victim. Decide that you will not be anyone’s pawn. Instead, be the one with the limits, power, knowledge, and intellect to make the decisions that will help you thrive.

Own it whether they’re decisions you’d rather not make; it’s a movie you’ve made to satisfy your objectives, not to submit to someone else’s will. You’re unique, strong, and powerful, which is why you’re nobody’s victim.

12. Focus On The Solution Rather Than The Problem

Toxic individuals will have you bending over backward and bound with a barbed wire ribbon to keep you there. The immensity of their screwed-up conduct will keep you trapped. It will make you furious, discouraged, and powerless.

If you have to make a difficult decision, don’t think about the person making your life miserable. Rather think about the mess they’re clearing up. Don’t focus on their negative behavior. There’s just too much of it, and it will never make sense to you.

13. Surround Yourself With People Who Will Give As Much As You Do

You don’t always have as much control over who’s in and who’s out in your life. But when it comes to the ones you open your heart to, you do. So make sound judgments and don’t be afraid to tell them how valuable they are to you.

14. Forgive – But Don’t Forget

Forgiveness is all about letting go of the hope that things will be different. Of course, you’ll never be able to anticipate the future. Still, you can always limit its power to influence your present.

Forgiveness does not imply accepting or condoning the actions of others – it means that you will no longer be ruled by them. Instead, it’s a process done with power and self-love. Remember how people have treated you, both good and bad, and apply this information to help you live comfortably with clarity and resolve.

15. Understand The Cycle

Many toxic personalities follow a similar pattern. They’re initially charming. This is when they’ll lure you in. They’ll be attentive, loving, and impressive, but it will all be part of their plan to get you into place.

The next step is for them to gain your confidence. You’ll notice the gaps begin to appear after this. There will be increasing pressure on your emotional reserves, as well as new demands. Then there will be the problem – the test – in which you’ll feel trapped whether or not you give them what they want.

Finally, you’ll comply with their demands since you don’t want to be “unreasonable” or create more conflict. Then they’re back to charming you and providing just enough of what you need so that you will stay. The problem is that this isn’t true for long, and it always comes at a price.

Be aware of the cycle and use it to construct even stronger boundaries.

If you can’t get out of the relationship, don’t be fooled or blindsided into believing you’re staying because you’ve been taken advantage of or played. You’re not staying since you’ve let yourself be misled or caught off guard. Instead, it’s because you have your eyes fixed on something more significant than you want.

16. You Don’t Need Their Approval

Don’t look for approval or appreciation from them. You won’t get it unless they come with strings attached, all of which will drain you. You’ll always feel exhausted because they’ll take advantage of your open heart, emotional generosity, rationality, compassion, and humanity. They will not offer anything in return.

Give something you require, but don’t give more than is necessary for the belief of obtaining something in return. There will never be anything more significant than minimal, and it will come with stipulations. Whatever you choose to do, make sure you have a solid reason for doing so.

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17. Get Angry

If you want to get away from evil people, here’s a counterintuitive piece of advice: get furious with them.

Anger may be a fantastic catalyst for making fundamental changes in your life. Getting out of toxic relationships is one way to do it.

Before we get started, here’s a question for you:

We’ve been brainwashed since we were young to see the positive side of things. That a person’s happiness is simply a matter of suppressing their emotions and envisioning a brighter future.

Positive thinking is still the most common approach to personal growth advocated by today’s conventional “gurus.”

What if we told you that everything you’ve been taught about anger is incorrect? That anger, adequately controlled, might be a secret weapon in a successful and worthwhile existence.

A new method for harnessing your anger and using it as your most potent personal power and here is what they teach:

➽ The significance of feeling enraged
➽ How to Confront Your Anger
➽ The anger-to-personal-power framework is a radical one for converting fury into personal power.
➽ Taking control of your temper and making it a positive force in your life can be life-changing.

It’s not about blaming others or developing a victim mentality. It’s all about redirecting your fury into constructive actions to solve difficulties and make beneficial improvements in your own life.

18. Talk To Them About Their Behavior

They may not be aware of how their conduct affects you or others, especially if they are prone to gossiping, manipulating others, or creating soap opera-style events. An open discussion might help them recognize their negative behavior.

To remain impartial, stick to “I statements” that are less hostile to the other person, and establish boundaries that work for you.

Here are a few real-world examples:

  • “When I hear unpleasant things about my coworkers, I get anxious. I will not take part in those debates.”
  • I can’t keep a friendship going if you lie to me again, so I wouldn’t want to.”

19. Put Yourself First 

On the other hand, hatred and spitefulness aren’t required for behavior to be harmful. Other actions may cause just as much damage.

Maybe you’re thinking the other person “desperately” wants your assistance to get out of a bind — every time you see them. But, Suskind adds, “You’re always giving, and they’re always taking, or you feel like their emotional equilibrium is reliant on you.”

You may care deeply about this individual, but you should not put yourself in danger to show your affection.

“Relationships that are healthy give and take,”. In other words, you offer assistance, but you also receive service.

Self-care entails ensuring that you have enough emotional energy to meet your own needs. This may not happen when you’re giving everything to someone who doesn’t offer anything in return.

20. Remember, You Are Not At Fault

You feel as if you’ve done something wrong even when you know you haven’t.

It’s challenging to deal with someone who acts in a poisonous way. They may get personal, attempt to twist your words or accuse you of wanting to harm them. You could even second-guess yourself and attempt to think of anything you might have done at some time.

Take a minute to remind yourself that their conduct has nothing to do with you. Remind yourself of your boundaries and attempt not to take their spite personally. Deep breaths may help you relax or acknowledge their words so you can release them without being influenced by them.

21. Don’t Get Personal

Keep your interactions with the other person to a minimum, according to Susskind.

“Be clear about how you want to be engaged and how far you’re willing to go,” she adds.

Unhealthy behavior patterns might include gossiping, oversharing personal information, or provoking negative reactions by using personal data.

Maintain a light and inconsequential tone if you encounter someone who does these things.

With, “Actually, I’d rather not talk about my relationship at work,” you can reject attempts to pry or overshare.

☝️ How Do You Consider Someone Evil? ☝️

Let’s be honest: we can’t always be perfect. As a result, we are urged to do “evil” deeds to further our interests.

Morality is still a highly debated topic. Even today, the notion of good and evil is vague. But we believe that’s where we go wrong. This is where we allow ourselves to be taken advantage of by evildoers.

We unintentionally simplify what is a complicated (and frequently inexplicable) aspect of human nature when we try to figure out their reasons.

According to Steve Taylor, a psychology professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, this attitude is “narcissistic” and “vindictive…”

“It’s an irresponsible oversimplification to think that some people are ‘naturally ‘good,’ while others are ‘naturally’ ‘evil’ or ‘bad.'”

All of us possess both good and evil in our hearts. It’s simply a question of how much of it we allow to define us.

According to groundbreaking 2018 research, humans possess a General Dark Factor of Personality (D-factor), which is essentially the absence of light.

According to experts, it’s defined as follows:

“… a fundamental inclination to maximize one’s own utility at the expense of others, accompanied by ideas that provide justifications for one’s harmful behaviors.”

☛ The 9 D-factors (dark traits) ☚

✎ Egoism

✎ Machiavellianism (manipulativeness)

✎ Moral disengagement

✎ Narcissism

✎ Psychological entitlement

✎ Psychopathy

✎ Sadism

✎ Self-interest

✎ Spitefulness

A cruel individual who achieves their objectives at any cost is seen to have a high D-factor. These goals might include precisely inflicting damage on other people.

The bottom line? It all comes down to purpose. The desire to inflict pain on others throughout one’s life.

According to psychologist Philip Zimbardo, who oversaw the famous 1971 Stanford Prison Experiment:

“Power is evil. And it’s crucial to understand that power is at the heart of what we’re talking about. It’s all about power, which is exactly why I’m writing it. To subject people psychologically, physically, spiritually, intellectually, and criminally.”

When a toxic person acts with a deliberate disregard for the consequences, they are considered to be evil.

👹 Common Characteristics Of Evil People 👹

Common Characteristics Of Evil People
Image: iStock

The term “evil” has several meanings. Please allow us to clarify. To us, evil is the wish to damage, ruin, humiliate, and torture others.

And here are some characteristics that define it:

🗣 Ego

Every single toxic person that is evil creates conflict and generally ruins your life. This means that they have a TOP SURFACE GIANT EGO.

This is, of course, extremely delicate. Alienation and hatred campaigns will be unleashed in response to any actual or perceived attack.

For instance, they could be volunteering to perform any task at church. Instead, they keep on complaining about the load of work they have to do on their own. They will also highlight how the petty tasks are below them, and that they shouldn’t be the ones performing them.

🗣 Controlling Nature

Without exception, evil people have a pathological need to control.

It’s frightening to think about how much control they have over their lives. Now, this might range from providing a pillow and a pizza when dropping off their kid for a sleepover.

It may also include a manager who shot down your suggestion for a baby shower which you wanted to do for a pregnant mother. And they did it just because they didn’t come up with the idea first. Don’t let it harm your self-esteem.

🗣 Childish

They act like five-year-olds and it can hurt your self-esteem. If you join up with their buddy, they will cause problems between you and your friend. If you make them angry, they will utilize social media to form a mob and gossip about you. Thus deriding you.

You will become increasingly paranoid. If they are strangers and you don’t know them, they will look at you with either hatred or enmity on their faces.

We have seen many grown-up evil people throw what can only be described as a real tantrum.

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🗣 Deceitful

They’re all liars, and the actual evil nature is frequently hidden by seeming popularity. Moreover, they have affairs in secret and practice the occult behind closed doors.

So lying comes naturally to them.

🗣  No Conscience

Those guilty of these offenses will describe how someone was “getting too big for their boots.” Thus deserved to lose their job/home/husband/church, and that they were entirely correct in participating in its occurrence.

🗣 Merciless

Evil people will not cease their pursuit until you agree to apologize for your conduct. They may lose control if they see that you did something wrong to them.

For instance, you accidentally stepped on their foot while walking. But they make you apologize for it even though it wasn’t your fault. It almost feels like they intentionally hurt you.

🗣 Bizarre Situations Surround Them

Now, this is difficult to express, so we will give you some examples.

For instance, if an evil person commits a crime and goes to court, they will be let off; everyone will exclaim, “How did they manage that?”; and they’ll say something like “They’re fortunate!”

Let’s assume that they cheated on their taxes. Because of a software malfunction, they would be able to get away with it.

This is all entirely plausible. And if the accused person is a known pedophile who has been reported time and again, but the case falls apart, and they are left to continue, it shows how evil they are.

As occupants of the devil’s domain, strange things surround evil people and it gets tough to have healthy relationships with them.

🗣 Avarice

Evil people are greedy, and you should better beware if you have anything they want and they don’t have it. This will lead to one of two things: “Oops, it just fell out of my hand.” or “I’ll steal it.”

They may also demean people by remarking, “Who does she think she is, driving that car? Or if they see someone wearing something nice, they’ll say, “She looks stupid in it “… you understand what we are saying?

They have to have the best, the most, and the finest.

🗣 Jealous

They are all extremely jealous and will not allow anyone to take their loved ones away, even for a shopping trip! They’ll try everything they can think of, including the dark arts, to create a gap that lasts forever.

🗣 Sense Of Entitlement

Regardless of their income, every individual we have met believed they were entitled to the best. And they would readily persuade friends or spouses to buy them the thing they desired, even if it meant putting them under pressure or causing them discomfort.

🗣 Selfish

All of them are entirely self-centered, and any ‘good deed’ would have been meticulously premeditated and matched to the advantages it would provide to them.

🗣 Watchful

They will seem to be silently watching you. Like they are attempting to figure you out, calculating whether they should toy with you, destroy you, or keep you as a beloved one.

🗣 Unreasonable

Evil people who behave this way are typically demanding, combined with selfishness and the rest of the characteristics.

For instance, an evil person wants a car. They feel that they deserve the car and that their partner owes them one simply because they want it. They have no funds coming in but refuse to save money for a rainy day.

As a result, they can’t pay for basic living expenses such as food or utilities. They believe their financial situation is “unfair” and blame others for it.

🗣 Calm

Calm as in a soothing bath, but more like ‘the calm before the storm’ than ‘relaxing.’ They seem threateningly calm which makes the people around them very uncomfortable.

🗣 Protected Feature To Arise Pity

When evil people feel that others in their group might be negatively impacted by their evil actions, they frequently conceal behind a ‘poor me’ mentality. Evil people can’t be trusted and frequently hide behind a “poor me” attitude while still running all of their evil activities.

If you feel sorry for them, you are more inclined to comply with their demands.

🗣 Never Wrong

Don’t challenge such human beings because they are never wrong and will not debate. Instead, they will simply calmly stare at you before going quiet and ten… !!!Attention!!!!!!

They are never incorrect, so don’t even think of disagreeing with them. If you disagree with them, they won’t argue. It’s just a matter of time. They will simply do everything is their power to prove you wrong.

🗣 Likeable

Many are likable, good fun, and very popular. And while you may not believe it, you are a disposable pawn unless you do something that displeases them or breaks ranks.

🗣 Married To A Spouse On Antidepressants

Unfortunately, many are married to beautiful individuals who cannot abandon the other person and can only live day by day on a pill. Just because they are a family member they put up with it.

🗣 Obsessed With Housework

Some unknown reason….a guilty conscience? Such a human being is obsessed with housekeeping, and their home is always spotless, somewhat controlled, somewhat egotistical.

Some even mop their ceilings to death!

🧐 Conclusions 🧐

An evil person can be a friend, a spouse, or even a family member. At times you get trapped in such a situation where avoiding them becomes impossible. You can come across both situations.

Firstly cutting people out of your life may appear to be the only way to get away from their toxicity at times. Unfortunately, however, this isn’t always the case.

If you have to spend time with someone abusive, remind yourself that their behavior isn’t your fault or yours to control. Instead, they must understand what you’re unwilling to put up with. You can always sit down with them and talk it out.

Sometimes talking can help you come up with solutions. But if talking doesn’t help you, we suggest bidding farewell to all that evil person in your life. If you stick around them, they will only bring you down.

Live it the way you want. It’s your life. OWN IT! More Power To You!

🤔 Relevant Questions 🤔

How do you describe an evil person?

An evil person has no neighbor. Everyone to them is an object, livestock, a plaything, or furniture. They have no intrinsic baseline decency. This makes them capable of everyday little cruelties, meanness, rudeness, indifference, cruelty, and harm caused through practiced neglect or indifference.

Every day people who run into them come out short in little ways simply from running into them. It’s tough to describe because it’s not concrete. Instead, it’s subjective, an impression of the heart.

How to tell if someone wants to hurt you

Unfortunately, some individuals have ill intentions. Here’s how to tell whether someone intends to harm you so that they may be avoided like the plague!

🔑  They conceal information and avoid being straightforward.

🔑 You will never be a priority in their life.

🔑 They’re always correct, and you’re always the one to take the fall.

🔑 They’re very competitive, and they’ll frequently try to make you jealous.

🔑 You don’t feel you can depend on them.

🔑 Your gut is telling you that something isn’t right.

🔑 They seem to have no regard for your feelings or what’s going on in your life.

🔑 You won’t have them around when you need them the most.

Ruth Jesse

Ruth is a life coach who specialises in relationships and career development. Outside work, she loves writing novels and guides for personal development.

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