7 Halloween Marketing Ideas to Increase Sales

By Alex Souchoroukof

October 21, 2022   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

7 Halloween Marketing Ideas to Increase Sales

The Halloween season is around the corner, so it’s time to gather your marketing ideas and crush your goals. Halloween is not only the ideal occasion for running entertaining ads that your clients will adore, but it may also result in a massive increase in sales.

The following chart showcases this increase in expenditure in the United States from 2005 to 2022, which is significantly higher each year.

7 Halloween Marketing Ideas to Increase Sales

This post provides examples and ideas for Halloween marketing campaigns to increase sales during this spooktacular holiday whether you’re an in-demand business or trying to become one.

7 Halloween Μarketing Ideas to Increase Sales 

This section will explore all the different tactics that can help you achieve you financial goals and increase your revenue as a brand.

Upgrade your Email Marketing Campaigns with a Halloween Theme

Minor adjustments to your email campaign’s design can help you increase sales or raise brand awareness. This rule applies especially for service-related businesses like plumbers, carpenters, photographers, and many more. 

Businesses find it challenging to tie their products to a holiday like Halloween, but at the very least, you may share interesting content with your audience.

For example, makeup artists can write about how to paint your face to look scary. Or maybe if you are a fashion designer, you may share tips on creating a Halloween costume

If you don’t know where to start or how to craft a Halloween email newsletter, you can always use an email marketing service to customize a pre-made Halloween email template and make your life easier.

Upgrade your Email Marketing Campaigns with a Halloween Theme

Pro Tip: If you give any insights via an email marketing campaign, include photos or videos for your audience making it simple for them to share your recommendations with their family, friends, or neighborhood group. 

Just keep in mind to include some branding. 

Pro Tip 2: If you want to accomplish more than just increase brand awareness with your Halloween-themed email marketing, include a special discount offer for one or more of your goods or services.

Keep this link trackable and pivot your strategy towards finding the products that convert the best for this kind of scenario. 

Transform your website design and logo with Halloween elements

Customizing your website for the Halloween season can be crucial in Halloween marketing. Allow your website’s visitors and buyers to feel Halloween’s spirit immediately. 

Add a few spooky touches on your home page, product page, registration forms, etc.; if you want to take it to the next level, add an animation or change the font of some titles in your blog posts or video content.

Another tactic is to give your brand’s logo a Halloween makeover by using elements like a spooky pumpkin, a haunted house, bats, etc. By doing so, you’ll be able to attract visitors’ attention and the Halloween atmosphere.

Great inspiration is coming from Google’s and Nike’s customized logo, specially made for the Halloween period.

Transform your website design and logo with Halloween elements

Tweak your Google Ads 

Halloween is a fantastic opportunity to change your ad wording for any running Google Advertising ads. It may be more expensive to target keywords especially connected to Halloween, but you can always change the language of your adverts to target the same set of keywords. 

Now is the time to run a Google Ads campaign just for Halloween to understand what works and what doesn’t. With Halloween becoming more popular each year, broadcasting your Halloween-themed message to the people may increase sales to unprecedented numbers.

Use of Geotargeting with Push Campaigns

Push notifications from your mobile app are a great way to alert customers to exclusive offers, promotions, and events. Your data will show how frequently users who receive notifications respond to them, even though not all users have enabled push notifications.

If you have a physical store, combining push notifications with geotargeting makes this strategy considerably more effective. If you’re targeting a competitor’s or related company’s location, geotargeting is most effective when your area isn’t too large—no more than a 500-meter radius surrounding your store.

Social Media Halloween Promotions

Many experts and business owners see social media promotions as a terrific strategy to boost ROI for your company; thus, a Halloween contest on social media can be an excellent digital marketing strategy. 

You can explain the rules via Facebook or Twitter and ask your followers to enter by sharing a photo on social media dressed as their character or sharing their most scary story. 

Not only will this post boost engagement, but it will also give your brand exposure to your followers’ friends.

Pro Tip: The Facebook algorithm has been modified over time to penalize posts that ask for a share. You can avoid this scenario by promoting the contest through a paid Facebook campaign. 

The objective is to collect user-generated content for future articles and expose your company to a new audience, which shared posts are more likely to do. 

Give all participants a discount ticket or coupon that they can use in-person or online or give the top three winners a gift.

Share Halloween-Themed Blog Posts

Consider how you may incorporate Halloween into your company’s products or services rather than producing your ordinary blog posts.

You can think of several Halloween-related topics, including marketing ideas, recipes, decorations, party ideas, Halloween movies, local Halloween events, costumes, pranks, and Halloween history.

This article is one example of this point where we analyze marketing ideas that can help you boost your sales. Ranking these articles high on SERPs can help you get more traffic, and, eventually, more eyeballs to your product or service.

You can build a loyal customer base eager to use your products or services by combining seasonal blog posts with a lead magnet that grabs readers’ attention.

Create a spooky brand video

The popularity of video marketing is skyrocketing. As a result of the surge, brands seize every chance to demonstrate their creative talents to their audience.

Halloween is the ideal time to draw attention to your brand, and there is no better approach to do it than with a funny, creative video that also has a message to convey.

Create something you can attach to your brand by generating innovative ideas. You can use video templates or online video software editors to make your life easier and create unique content that will get ahead of the curve and beat the competition.

The Takeaway

Leveraging Halloween can be an excellent way to drive more sales for your organization. For many marketers, it’s one of the most rewarding seasonal periods among with Black Friday. Having all the necessary tools and strategies in place is crucial, whether that’s email marketing, social media, or blog content.

Adding that spooky sauce to your content can help you take advantage of Halloween and win new customers. Apart from that, using special discounts and offers can help you build a better rapport with your audience and create a solid customer base interested in your products or services.

Alex Souchoroukof

Alex works at Moosend as a content writer. He took a chance and moved from his professional architectural career to the field of digital marketing, and hasn't looked back. He enjoys traveling to new areas throughout the world in his spare time.

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