Drained at Work? A Second Job Might be The Answer

By Honestly Mag

December 6, 2016   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man


Are you feeling drained and listless at work? One of the biggest reasons we find ourselves frustrated from our jobs is because we don’t have an outlet for things that are important to us but we need to keep at it because of bills and general adult responsibilities.

Us millennials have two major problems hanging over us: crushing debt and the desire (with no outlet) to do something meaningful. Some of us went to college with the hopes of a guaranteed job when we graduated. It’s now a hilarious thought on hindsight.

Unless you graduated with a degree in one of the STEM disciplines, you probably didn’t land your ideal job right out of college. And that’s likely the reason why you’re stuck in a job you feel has no real purpose, and why your student debt is still hanging over your head.

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A second job can help solve both of those problems. Here’s how you find one that won’t kill you.

5 Steps to Finding the Right Second Job

1. Consider your schedule


This isn’t your main job (at least not yet) so you need to find something that can mesh with your current work schedule. Work-from-home jobs are perfect because the schedule is very flexible and you can work in your PJs.

2. Find something meaningful

One of the problems we need to solve is you feeling like you aren’t doing something valuable. So, we need to find a job that fulfills that need within you, whether it’s the need for a creative outlet, or to make an impact on the world around you.

3. Find something that pays


Volunteer work is nice, but when you have debt, your priority needs to be on paying it off so you don’t have it hanging over you and stressing you out. Find a second job that pays and put all that extra money towards your debt.

4. Consider a second job in a new career field

If you really can’t see yourself ever being happy in your current field of work, find a second job in a field that you’re interested in as a new career. It’s a great chance to try something new and to gain valuable skills that could help you land a new job.

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5. Find a balance

Consider the extra time your second job will take and why you need it. If you really are looking at training for a new career, it’s worth putting in extra long days to make the second job work.

If you’re just looking for a creative outlet and money to put towards debt, you need to find a second job with hours you can sustain for a long period of time. A second job can give you the outlet you need for meaningful things in your life, but it can also be draining if you aren’t careful.

Sometimes we just need to recharge our batteries by doing something we love. Whether that’s playing in a band, doing graphic design, or working part-time in a bike shop, we need a place to realize our passions. A second job can help you do that, and help you work through your debt at the same time.


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