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The Most Honest And Detailed eChineseLearning Reviews (2024 Edition)

eChineseLearning is one of the most well-known and well-established websites for seeking a Chinese instructor online.

Because it is more costly and less versatile than competitors like Italki reviews, it isn’t a very ideal option.

It necessitates a longer-term commitment so it may be sufficient reason to continue learning Chinese.

eChineseLearning Reviews

In the field of language study, eChineseLearning is a one-of-a-kind product. Live Lessons with native Mandarin instructors are the company’s principal mode of instruction.

The guider uses a chalkboard to assist clarify and solidify your studying, and the sessions are conducted over Instant Messenger or Skype.

eChineseLearning is a virtual language studying environment with a live instructor.

Will a virtual guider and curriculum be enough, or do you want to learn on your own with the most up-to-date software? Let’s continuing read this review article to find out if it’s right for you or not.


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eChineseLearning is a website that offers 1-on-1 Chinese language courses via Skype video chat professional instructors.

The website serves as an online language school with a boutique feel. Courses and sessions are tailored to the unique needs of each student.

eChineseLearning does not take a one-size-fits-all approach to learning.

Teachers assess a student’s level of competence and chat with him/her about his or her learning goals such as pronunciation, listening, and writing skills when they sign up for the online Chinese language.

As a consequence, a one-of-a-kind and highly individualized Chinese learning program have emerged.

I enjoy


I dislike



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Class range in price from $9 to $25 per hour, based on the number of lessons and plan length.

If you sign up for a 3-month or longer plan, you’ll get one week for a free trial lesson.

Different Options

1.Italki is the simplest and most cost-effective way to locate Chinese online teachers as a review. Chinese online lessons can be booked directly with the teacher. This is a good option.


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I like Italki since it allows you to arrange lessons through contact directly with the teacher.

If you buy a bundle of lessons, you may frequently obtain even more savings.

eChineseLearning is more strict than Italki.

You can change teachers as often as you like on eChineseLearning as a review.

You may read descriptions, reviews, and generally sign up for a free 30-minute sample lesson on Italki.

It’s extremely simple to give a new instructor a shot. You also have a great deal more say in who your instructor is.

Italki also allows you more freedom when it comes to arranging program. You may locate an instructor at any time of day and with little previous notice.

In most cases, you may pick between any 45, 60, or 90-minute lesson.

The eChineseLearning language program is all 50 minutes long.

Cost is arguably the most important element for me as someone studying China language on a budget, and it’s simple to find a competent instructor there for less than $10/hour.


2.TutorMing should be picked for your online Chinese lessons due to its engaging curriculum, competent professors, and simplicity of scheduling.

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Lessons are delivered through Skype, which feels a little antiquated in comparison to other lessons.

There are also many decent online Chinese language learning apps available around the world, on the other hand, they are mostly for self-study and you would need to locate an instructor somewhere.

What distinguishes eChineseLearning from the competition?

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Format of the class

Online lessons from eChineseLearning are similar to one-on-one sessions with an instructor in a real classroom.

Teachers can write Chinese characters, pinyin, or whatever else the class requires on a chalkboard behind them.

I like the chalkboard method since it’s simpler to see the teacher and understand what they’ve written and heard their pronunciation in clear way (which is a little more difficult to accomplish when using Google Docs with Skype).

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Notes of Class

Teachers from eChineseLearning will also offer a PDF handout detailing what will be discussed in class.

This eliminates the need to take notes in class for reviews after, which can be distracting in a foreign language class.

You are, nevertheless, permitted to take notes if you like. Anyway, notes are very important elements for students because they can review and recall the program in easy way.


Learn Chinese Writing Characters

Students will utilize Twiddla, a free third-party service, to learn how to write Chinese characters.

Twiddla allows students and teachers to collaborate in real-time on a virtual whiteboard.

The main advantage is that the Chinese teachers can see the student’s brushstrokes to check that they are accurately writing the character.

The technique and style of instruction

As mentioned, each session and program is specifically suited to the needs of each student.

That being stated, there are a few things you can expect in an eChineseLearning class.

Effective lessons, without any pressure

The Chinese classes have a laid-back and welcoming atmosphere. The professors present new knowledge and push you to your limitations, yet they do so in a way that isn’t definitely overwhelming.

It’s almost as if you’re learning from a friend.

Perhaps your high school language teacher or college professor has given you nightmares in teaching language school.

Don’t worry, the tutors at eChineseLearning aren’t harsh or demanding. They’re friendly, upbeat, and patient.

They are aware of how difficult it may be for foreigners to learn Chinese language.

Learn Chinese by native language

Teaching Chinese at eChineseLearning requires professional teachers with high-quality power and skills who have a comprehensive understanding of the English language.

This meant that not only do they speak it well, but they can be able to explain any comparisons between English and their mother tongue in a flexible way.

This may be stressing a feature of Chinese grammar that is comparable to or simpler than English, or it could be emphasizing the English pronunciation of a term to assist a student to comprehend how it sounds in Chinese.

When studying online Chinese language learning, the ability to thread between the student’s target language and native language isn’t helpful.

It’s also what distinguishes competent Chinese teachers from outstanding ones.


Economical Pricing

Depending on how many sessions a pupil takes, the rates range from $9 to $25 for each class. The lower the price per lesson is, in general, the more and longer the class you book.

If you’re not sure if eChineseLearning learning language app is right for you, give it a try a free trial lesson 30-minute sample or a free evaluation.

Even if you decide not to continue your studies, they provide a 30-day money-back guarantee (excluding the first month’s cost).

Other services offering online learning lessons, such as Verbling or Italki, offer similar (and in some cases better) rates.

eChineseLearning, opposite, offers a targeted approach that none of these sites have.


The reviews of Julie’s lesson

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I took a free course with one of eChineseLearning’s teachers in preparation for this review. I arranged the lesson with an administrator and was connected with Julie, a teacher who was available.

Because I had very little Mandarin Chinese experience, we began with the fundamentals: the four tones, a few short sentences, and the fundamentals of Chinese characters.

There’s nothing to be concerned about

Learning the online Chinese language from the beginning may be challenging.

It can also be unnerving if you’re taking a class for the first time with a new teacher (particularly if it’s an online program).

As eChineseLearning review, Julie performed a fantastic job with passion and skills.

She was cheerful, kind, and patient. I never felt hurried or under any kind of duress. During the lesson, she made me feel at ease.


A knowledgeable instructor in China language

Julie did a fantastic job of explaining down any topics in life that I was having trouble understanding.

When I was having difficulties pronunciation a Chinese term, she provided me an English word that sounded close.

When I was having difficulties with the rising and falling tone, she gave me a mental helpful image to help me remember it.

Her command of the English language was very impressive.

She had a little accent and talked with near-native fluency in speak pronunciation. I’ve taken lessons with previous language instructors that speak little to no English, so this was really helpful.

An instructor with a high-quality command of the English language will have the power to better explain difficult grammar or pronunciation to a native English speaker than a teacher with a weak command of the language.

What makes eChineseLearning is a favorable choice for online learning?

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A methodical approach

One of the things I like best about eChineseLearning is that they could provide a structured yet supportive environment based on your specific needs.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to education. Your teachers will guide you step by step to level pace your success once your goals and passion have been established in learning China language.


The China teachers

eChineseLearning’s teachers in this language learning application are what make it such a fantastic place to learn Mandarin compare to learning language at school.

Their enthusiasm with passion, expertise, and teaching power are all obvious, resulting in a fantastic learning language experience as well as language school teachers could help students to level pace their quality of learning skills.

Free sample Chinese lessons

This is an excellent method to determine whether their program and a native China instructor are appropriate for you in learning Chinese.

If you’ve never taken an online learning course before in life, it’s also a wonderful opportunity to get a taste of the Chinese online language learning experience after this review.


You can make an appointment with your China instructor up to four weeks ahead of time on eChineseLearning which is more convenient than language school studying program.

However, one possible concern is that certain popular professors’ schedules may quickly fill up.

This means that if you want to schedule a program with certain tutors only a week in advance, finding a suitable time may be challenging. However, you could be able to enroll in lessons with different professional teachers.

This isn’t an issue if you’re someone who likes to plan ahead of time.

Customer Service

eChineseLearning strives to make your online language learning experience as straightforward, fun, and helpful as possible.

After sign up, a representative from the school will call you to schedule a lesson and discuss your language level and study objectives.

They will also perform a test call with you on Skype or Wechat before your first lesson to check that everything is working correctly and that you can hear and see your Chinese teachers and vice versa.

In addition, the school is always open to any questions or criticism that its students may have.

The Positive and Negative Points Reviews

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It’s a long-term commitment.

Some people may find it difficult to maintain their commitment to learning Chinese. Purchasing a lengthier program might be just what they need to keep students motivated to study.

Others might despise planning a program more than weekly in advance.

The China instructors are certified and experienced skills. They’ve all completed college and received training programs.

Many of them have majored in Chinese Literature or Teaching Chinese as a New Language.

They are professionals who aren’t just instructing as a method to supplement their income. I get the feeling that for the majority of them, it’s their full-time career rather than a side gig they perform in their spare time.

Qualified and competent teachers, however, are not exclusive to eChineseLearning. There’re other good teachers on other sites.

Language learning at eChineseLearning isn’t the most affordable choice available. Even if you pay for a year’s worth of service, it’s still not less expensive than rivals.

You can also ask for your account when you sign up to be suspended if you have a few weeks where you won’t be able to attend any lesson.

This will be helpful for you when you want to suspend your membership and prolong the expiration date, allowing you to resume it when you have more free time.



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eChineseLearning is certainly a cut above the rest when it comes to online.

They provide high-quality programs taught by skilled instructors who have passion, power, and skills in schooling language Mandarin.

Thus, they are so helpful for students to learn how to speak the right pronunciation, write and listen to China language in life, as well as exceptional customer support, all at a fair cost compare to school life.

In short, we can take a look again what is the advantages of eChineseLearning:

Also for business individuals, business Chinese, and students in school seeking a specific course, such as the program in finance skills, international trade, heritage learners life, job interviews skills, or children’s programs, eChineseLearning may be the ideal alternative.

You can select from a variety of alternatives of online language Chinese studying apps around the world on the Internet besides these reviews apps.

Everything depends on your target language and your purpose in studying for life.


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