10 Ways For Freelance Writers To Earn Some Extra Money

By Martha Jameson

November 27, 2018   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

earn extra money by writing

Freelance writing can be a tough job at times. Finding clients and finishing tasks takes a lot of time. It’s a risky career and you’ll never know when the work will slow down.
That’s why it’s always good to know how else you can earn extra money by writing.

Here are some great tips you can try:

Start A Blog

start a blog

This is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Do you have a hobby? A passion? Are you skilled in a craft? Blog about it.

There are so many profitable niches out there that you could write about. For example, you could create a lifestyle blog and write about beauty, fitness or mental health. You could also give writing tips, share reviews, talk about parenting or even knitting.

It’s a great opportunity for you to build a platform and earn some extra money with affiliate marketing and Google ads. With a small investment, you could earn a great income.

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Edit and Proofread

Editing and proofreading are perfect tasks for any writer because you are already very good at editing your own articles and stories. Just implement those rules on your tasks and you’ll be good at your job. Look up these jobs online on JobRack or Upwork.

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Guest Post

There are many websites that offer money in exchange for great blog posts. Look them up and create a good story that those websites will appreciate. You can find many new clients this way.

Write Resumes and Cover Letters

There is a huge market at the moment for CV and cover letter writers. Maybe you could change someone’s life with your resume. Look up available CV writer position or find these jobs on UpWork, Freelancer, and similar freelancing sites.

Write Cards

Birthday cards, wedding day cards, and new baby cards are always in high demand and you could be the perfect writer for them. As a bonus, if you know how to make them and illustrate them, you could be a huge success on Etsy, Shopify, and similar sites.

Minimalistic style is huge right now so you can learn to draw simple things and incorporate them with your best wishes. If not, pair up with someone who can draw and share the profit.


While copywriting can be demanding on a larger scale, you could probably get some copywriting gigs in your city or town. Small businesses or startups could use some copywriting talent and if you are skilled in this area, offer your help to those companies. While you can’t charge the same amounts you regularly would, it’s still a lot of money.

Be a Party Poet

party poet

Party poets are a fun novelty. People all around the world hire poets for their events — from galas and company events to small birthdays. Everyone wants a personalized poem typed on a typewriter. Offer your services on social media and you are surely going to get some great clients.

Write Video Game Content

This is an unconventional mean of earning an income but a lucrative one at the same time. Look up some game content writing jobs on UpWork and have fun being a part of an amazing thing. Just imagine downloading a game some day and finding that the text inside is yours.

Write Fun Listicles

Listicles are really popular right now, especially if they revolve around fun topics like bizarre facts or events. Pitch them to sites like ListVerse and earn money from them or share them on your blog and earn money that way. You can find many great topics to write about and sites like this are always interested in having more great content.

Self-Publish Your Work

Finally, you could make your dreams come true and become a great writer by self publishing a book. These sell wonderfully on Kindle and you could earn money and gather fans at the same time.

Choose some of the more popular topics like contemporary romance, mystery, thrillers, teen dystopian novels and so on. You could also create a picture book if you are good at illustrating or again, team up with someone who does and split the profits. You get all the money from all of the books you sell. This creates a great passive income.

Writers can earn income in various ways. One of the best things you could do is start a blog, but there are many other ways to earn extra money by writing. So, enjoy what you are doing, follow these tips, and watch your earnings grow.

Martha Jameson

Martha Jameson works as a content editor and proofreader for Academic Brits and Origin Writings. While she used to work as a web designer and manager, she is completely absorbed in writing now and she loves helping other people find their true passion by writing helpful articles on writing and earning an income by writing.

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