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January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

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The Dumb Little Man collective, which includes a variety of trading specialists, financial consultants, and seasoned individual traders, conducts detailed examinations of brokerage firms. Their review methodology utilizes a unique algorithm to rate brokers on key factors such as:

  • Ease of Use
  • Profit Potential
  • Trustworthiness
  • Broker Knowledge
  • Investment Value

Client reviews are also factored into their conclusive verdicts. By combining expert analysis with real customer experiences, they strive to provide an unbiased view, free from personal biases.

After careful evaluation, AssetsFX has emerged as a solid option for those seeking a reliable trading partner. However, its impressive attributes are somewhat offset by issues, particularly its non-compliance with regulatory standards. Potential clients are advised to consult the full article for an in-depth understanding of these important considerations.

EagleFX Review

Forex brokers play a pivotal role for investors aiming to engage with the international currency exchange landscape. A notable name amongst such intermediaries, EagleFX has made its mark since its inception in 2019 as a provider of forex and CFD brokerage services, utilizing the Straight Through Processing (STP) mechanism on the renowned MT4 platform.

The firm has earned acclaim for its competitive spreads and minimal commission rates, characteristics that resonate with traders seeking value and efficiency in their trading endeavors. This critique explores EagleFX’s full suite of services, casting light on its strengths and the aspects that merit careful consideration.

This comprehensive evaluation of EagleFX dedicates itself to a thorough examination, concentrating on the broker’s assortment of account types, the simplicity of fund transfers, and its pricing model. Combining insights from trading connoisseurs with real user feedback, we endeavor to furnish an impartial and detailed perspective, equipping you with the crucial information to evaluate EagleFX as a potential candidate for your forex brokerage needs.

What is EagleFX?

EagleFX emerges as a worldwide broker for CFDs and Forex, facilitating trade in a vast array of market sectors through the well-known MT4 platform. Renowned for its intuitive interface and sophisticated functionalities, the platform caters to both beginners and seasoned trading professionals.

With an extensive selection of assets that include various currencies, commodities, equities, indices, and digital currencies, EagleFX offers abundant trading possibilities to a broad international audience, providing financial services to clients around the globe.

Based in the Dominican Republic, EagleFX CFD and Forex broker distinguishes itself as a brokerage concentrated on essential trading activities. Excluding services like copy trading, automated systems, or PAMM accounts, the broker instead underscores direct trading in equities, currency pairs, commodities, and indices, positioning itself as the go-to for traders favoring an unembellished, active trading approach.

Safety and Security of EagleFX

Regarding the protection and security of clients’ investments, EagleFX takes significant precautions by employing Bitcoin cold storage, ensuring most client funds are kept offline, insulated from online security threats. The broker maintains only the necessary funds on its servers for withdrawal operations, thus reducing the risk of cyber incursions.

The broker has instituted stringent safeguards for sensitive customer information. It is compulsory for all clients to enable two-factor authentication, bolstering account security and ensuring unauthorized parties cannot access accounts, a vital measure particularly when handling withdrawal processes.

Investigations by Dumb Little Man reveal that EagleFX’s strategy for maintaining client funds involves strategically investing client capital on global trading platforms. However, it’s crucial to note EagleFX’s lack of regulatory oversight and its absence from compensation schemes, factors that traders should take into account when evaluating the risk management attributes of their brokerage choice.

Sign-Up Bonus of EagleFX

As for promotional incentives, EagleFX does not extend a sign-up bonus to its new clientele currently. This detail holds significance for traders who weigh initial bonuses heavily in their broker selection process.

Although the lack of a welcome bonus could influence some decisions, traders are encouraged to appraise the comprehensive value and caliber of services a broker delivers. EagleFX directs its efforts towards offering competitive spreads, minimal commissions, and establishing a dependable trading milieu rather than focusing on promotional enticements.

Minimum Deposit of EagleFX

EagleFX makes it feasible for individuals to begin trading with a notably low entry deposit of merely $10. This modest entry requirement is tailored to be inclusive, benefitting both newcomers to trading and those with limited funds.

The $10 entry deposit is a reflection of EagleFX’s dedication to fostering an accessible and broad-reaching trading environment. This feature facilitates entry for a diverse group of individuals to the forex and CFD markets, removing the hurdle of a hefty initial capital outlay.

EagleFX Account Types

As for account options, EagleFX maintains a straightforward approach, offering a live trading account and a demo account. Insights from Dumb Little Man, derived from comprehensive testing and evaluation, outline the following account structures:

  • Real Account: The sole live trading account available at EagleFX welcomes users globally, providing consistent trading conditions and tools for all. It is the account through which traders engage with the market in real-time and can realize actual earnings.
  • Demo Account: Complementing the live account, EagleFX also extends a demo account that enables traders to hone their trading skills and experiment with strategies in a risk-free environment. This account is available indefinitely, serving as an ongoing resource for trader education and strategy refinement.

EagleFX Customer Reviews

EagleFX has garnered a spectrum of client testimonials, with numerous patrons lauding the swift payout process and the advantage of high leverage options. The platform’s efficient service delivery, alongside its policy of not requiring extensive customer verification and the ease of Bitcoin transactions, has been well-received. Nonetheless, the platform has not been without criticism; there are accounts of trade interruptions at critical profit-making moments, raising questions about the dependability of trade executions.

Despite these mixed reviews, the general consensus among users is that EagleFX holds its ground as a viable platform, especially for individual investors compared to counterparts like Hugo or Derivative. The quality of customer service received is varied, with some expressing confidence in the promptness of the support team, while others have encountered shortcomings in customer support follow-through.

EagleFX Fees, Spreads, and Commissions

In terms of costs, EagleFX has been carefully examined for any undisclosed fees, particularly related to transactional and maintenance expenses. It has been established that there are no charges for withdrawals, but traders should factor in a blockchain network fee of 0.0005 BTC. Significantly, the brokerage abstains from levying charges for account dormancy, upkeep, or real-time quote provision. Equally, there are no fees imposed for funding accounts or retrieving funds.

EagleFX presents adaptable spreads, with the precise figures for each trading instrument transparently displayed on their platform. The variable spreads are quite competitive, starting at 0.1 pips, with the EUR/USD pair typically sitting at 0.7 pips, and the NASDAQ at 1.1 points, although these can fluctuate with the market. Price updates are relayed every 10 seconds, maintaining traders’ insight into market dynamics.

When it comes to brokerage fees, EagleFX enforces a $6 per lot round turn on all traded instruments, which stands as a moderate rate. Traders should also take note of overnight fees on positions that remain open after the close of the trading day. It is noteworthy, however, that EagleFX does not cater to Islamic trading accounts, which traditionally do not incur swap fees.

Deposit and Withdrawal

Focusing on funding and cashing out, EagleFX has been affirmed to offer versatile transaction methods, as verified by a financial expert at Dumb Little Man. Traders can deposit using Bitcoin or via a bank transaction through Instacoin. For withdrawals, options include Bitcoin or PayPal through Coinbase, notable for their promptness, with Bitcoin deposits crediting within a 6-hour window and withdrawals processed in roughly 30 minutes.

It is critical to mention that EagleFX does not impose any charges for either depositing or withdrawing funds. However, the blockchain network’s fee still applies. Any transaction, whether deposit or withdrawal, necessitates a verification process, crucial for securing the transactions and adhering to financial regulations.

How to Open an EagleFX Account

  1. Visit the EagleFX official website and complete the registration form with your personal details.
  2. Enter your full name, email, and create a secure password, or use your Google or Facebook account to sign up.
  3. Verify your account with your mobile phone number and a confirmation method such as SMS.
  4. Access the personal account section to update personal details and explore additional functions at any time.
  5. Open a real trading account to start trading and deposit funds.
  6. Set up a demo account for practice trading without financial risk.
  7. Engage with the affiliate program to earn commissions.
  8. Use the various trading platforms available, including PC, Android, and WebTrader browser version.
  9. Track past transactions, edit personal information, and activate two-factor authentication for enhanced security.

EagleFX Affiliate Program

EagleFX presents an affiliate marketing scheme that rewards users for introducing new, active traders to their platform. Affiliates are given a distinct referral link to help trace their referrals.

Upon successfully referring a new trader who then engages in trading, the affiliate is rewarded with a monetary bonus. This reward system is particularly generous, with affiliates earning $4 per trade executed by their recruit, and there is no upper limit to what they can earn, presenting a lucrative opportunity for income.

This tiered affiliate program allows for referrals to also participate as affiliates, thereby expanding the network and creating additional earning tiers. Original referrers stand to gain from the activities of the traders they introduced, with these commissions being perpetual, as long as their recruits continue to trade, thus ensuring a continuous potential income stream.

EagleFX Customer Support

When it comes to customer service, EagleFX is dedicated to swiftly addressing client concerns, with a support team available 24/7. As per the reports from Dumb Little Man, this ensures that help is always at hand, regardless of the time or day.

EagleFX offers various means for clients to seek assistance. They can engage in real-time conversation via live chat, send emails for more detailed communications, or use the callback option for direct phone interactions.

It’s noteworthy that access to the customer support services at EagleFX doesn’t require an active trading account. This open policy allows prospective clients, or even casual visitors, to obtain information and support, reflecting the platform’s commitment to user inclusivity and service accessibility.

Advantages and Disadvantages of GKFX Customer Support

24/7 availability

Multiple communication channels

Non-account holder accessibility
No physical branches

Potential delays during high traffic

Limited phone support options

EagleFX vs Other Brokers

#1. EagleFX vs AvaTrade

EagleFX emerges as a contemporary entrant in the brokerage market, characterized by its minimal deposit requirements and unregulated trading environment. On the other hand, AvaTrade has been a prominent figure in the trading field since 2006, noted for its strict regulatory compliance and broad international service range, with a vast selection of over 1,250 trading instruments.

Verdict: For traders prioritizing a broker that is well-regulated with an expansive array of instruments and considerable international reach, AvaTrade could be the more suitable partner.

#2. EagleFX vs RoboForex

EagleFX maintains a more basic, unembellished trading model, which contrasts with RoboForex‘s longer-standing presence since 2009, offering an extensive range of over 12,000 trading options. RoboForex has carved a niche for itself with its cutting-edge technological offerings and diverse trading platform selection that accommodates various trading preferences.

Verdict: RoboForex might be the preferred option for those who place a premium on advanced technology, a plethora of trading platform choices, and tailored trading conditions.

#3. EagleFX vs FXChoice

EagleFX advocates for a streamlined trading account structure with a focus on Bitcoin-based transactions and services beyond the purview of regulation. Conversely, FXChoice has been catering to seasoned traders since 2010 with its professional ECN accounts, regulated by the FSC of Belize, and offers a loyalty program that benefits traders with substantial trading volumes.

Verdict: FXChoice tends to be a more favorable option for the veteran trader, providing a regulated trading framework, a suite of professional trading conditions, and incentives for those with higher transaction volumes.

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The personalized coaching provided by Ezekiel Chew at Asia Forex Mentor is particularly noteworthy, delivering bespoke advice rooted in substantial trading success. Such direct access to expert knowledge is vital for traders to acquire sophisticated understanding and custom-tailored trading tactics.

The community dynamic at Asia Forex Mentor is exceptionally advantageous, cultivating an environment for collective learning and advancement among its members. The interactive and cooperative nature of this community significantly enriches the educational process.

An essential facet of their educational offer is the focus on trading discipline and mental resilience, which are essential for consistent trading performance. Asia Forex Mentor commits to preparing traders to confront the emotional and psychological demands of trading.

In keeping abreast with the ever-evolving financial markets, Asia Forex Mentor affords regular updates and learning materials, assuring that traders remain informed with the most current trends and methodologies for maintaining a competitive edge.





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Conclusion: EagleFX Review

In the digital trading landscape, EagleFX stands out with its intuitive trading interface and accessible entry requirements. The option to start trading with a mere $10 initial deposit and the capacity for Bitcoin-based transactions cater particularly well to newcomers or those with a preference for cryptocurrency. The 24/7 customer assistance and absence of fees for moving funds further elevate its profile as a trading facilitator.

Yet, it’s critical for potential traders to be aware that EagleFX does not fall under regulatory oversight, a factor that could influence the decision-making of those focused on the safety of their investments. Despite its appealing trading conditions and cost structure, the absence of regulatory safeguards could be a deterrent for those seeking fortified trading security.

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EagleFX Review FAQs

What’s the entry-level deposit required for EagleFX?

Initiating a trading account with EagleFX requires just $10, positioning it as an approachable option for individuals with modest starting capital.

Can traders test the EagleFX platform without financial risk?

Indeed, EagleFX offers a trial account, enabling traders to refine their strategies and familiarize themselves with the trading environment without monetary risk.

Does EagleFX come with regulatory assurances?

EagleFX is not subjected to regulatory oversight, implying there’s no governance by financial regulatory entities, an aspect critical for traders who place a premium on investment protection.

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