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January 1, 2009   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Joy Mali is a staff writer on The Washington Times and Examiner. Her work is also published on Lifehack, Yahoo and other mainstream sites. She likes to share interesting tips to help people manage their personal finances & credit. Her goal is to share what she has learned in an easy to understand manner, knowing first hand that credit can affect a person’s life in numerous ways.
Besides Dumb Little Man, you can find Joy writing for these sites as well.

A Single Penny Count – A Free hosted blog where I update short notes or provide quick tricks to manage personal finances. Just be there to know more about protecting your identity and being safe from scams.

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John Corcoran is an attorney, former Writer in Presidential Letters and Messages at the Clinton White House, and former Speechwriter to the Governor of California. He owns his own boutique law firm just outside of San Francisco, the Corcoran Law Firm, where he focuses on working with entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Besides Dumb Little Man, John has written for Forbes, Huffington Post, and Art of Manliness. His main blog is Smart Business Revolution.

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Stephen Guise (about), a featured writer at Dumb Little Man, has also been featured at Problogger.net, Lifehacker, Pick The Brain, among many others. He writes at Deep Existence, A personal development blog that helps people focus, build good habits, and live their ideal life. Subscribers get two gifts – his stress-beating eBook and an exclusive set of 40 wallpapers with focus quotes and pictures (1920 x 1080). Sign up here to get them and join those of us staying focused in a distracted world.

Stephen loves stories too. He writes interactive choice-driven stories over at Interactive Stories Online. Come visit to experience interactive storytelling with format and choice types never seen before! Categories include: Genre Shifter, Adventure Story, Puzzle Story, and Deadly Choice. He’s currently writing a Genre Shifter story titled “The Mystery Of Paradise Island.” Only at Interactive Stories Online can you get lost in another world.

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Ericson Ay Mires is freelance blogger and personal development enthusiast. As a natural procrastinator, he’s decided to learn all he can about taking action in life so he can beat his procrastinating ways. He shares what he learns at his blog One Way Thoughts so that others may benefit as well.

Besides Dumb Little Man, you can find him writing for these sites as well.

One Way Thoughts – His personal development blog was made to help people get off their butts and start taking some action in life. Check out his ultimate guide on overcoming procrastination for starters.

Blogger Jet – Ericson’s also a regular columnist over at Blogger Jet. Owner Tim Soulo’s a real genius when it comes to blogging and marketing, so make sure to check out his site if you ever want to improve your blogging skills!

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