Dating in Richmond, Virginia (VA): Resource Guide for 2024

By Ruth Jesse

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Are you living in Richmond, Virginia (VA), and want to date someone around your area? Then you have nothing to worry about.

Here we will provide you with the best guide for online dating in Richmond Virginia. Even if you are not from Richmond, you can still match with anyone in the area.

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Finding real love is not that easy these days. There are various websites where you can get casual hookups.

But if you are interested in a long-term relationship in real life, you need to see the detailed information provided here.

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How to find the best date in Richmond VA

Richmond, being the oldest city, makes it the perfect place to find true love in real life. More than 1.2 million people are in the metro area with an average age of 38, which is another great news if you want to date in Richmond VA.

Here, in this article, you will learn about the things you should know if you are dating in Richmond VA, and what are the best online dating sites and dating apps that you can use. You can choose the best bars and chatbots to find other singles. So, Let’s get started.





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3 Things to Know about Dating in Richmond

Richmond VA has a large number of people living there from various backgrounds, especially in the greater Richmond Virginia area. Having a large population makes it easy to find a perfect dating partner.

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Before you start looking for a match in Richmond Va, you need to get familiar with thighs to get a better idea. It is better if you know the city’s population, race, religion, and LGBTQ+ population.

Here are some of the important information that will be a great help while looking for a date in the Richmond area. Check that out!

1. Race

There are 1,270, 158 people who are living in Richmond’s metro area with an average age of 38, which makes it the perfect city to find a date.

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Out of the population, 50% of people are married and 18% of people are single with children.

There are 58.8% white people and 29.8% African American. 5.4% of people are Hispanic and 3.4% are Asian.

Now, the remaining 0.3% population is Native American and 0.2% are other races.

2. Religion

While talking about the Religion of Richmond City, about half of the people in the area are religious, making a total of 46.8%.

Among the top 5 religions in Richmond, there are 17.2% Baptist and another Christian Faith consist of 7.2% of the population.

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There are 5.8% of Catholic and 5.6% of Methodist. Another religion that takes place in the top 5 religions is Muslim with 2.7% of the population.


As per the LGBTQ+ population, Richmond is not particularly a gay neighborhood but the city always welcomes people from the community.

There are several gay bars and hangouts downtown. You can also explore the places beyond the city and enjoy some gay-friendly hot spots.

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5 Best Richmond Online Dating Sites

If you are not sure how you can date someone from Richmond, then you’ve got nothing to worry about. There are several online dating sites that will help you find matches and you can start meeting singles.

These dating sites provide various services and come with subscription plans. You can see the profiles and choose a great match for yourself. There are several offers provided by various sites which you can avail of directly from the offer provider’s official website.

Here are some of the best Richmond online dating sites where you can find a perfect date for yourself if you are looking for serious relationships. You can choose the best one based on key review factors.

1. Review

Photo credit: is a perfect dating site, with a lot of success stories, for singles in Richmond. It is one of the oldest and most popular sites in the world, considered to find real relationships.

It is one of the most trusted sites by people as many had found their life partner through this site. You can talk and connect to people in Richmond who share similar interests and you can view their profiles as well. It is one of the best options as it maintains reliable data for the users.

You can get started with the free edition without taking much time. Also, you can upgrade to the paid version and unlock the various services to check out the profiles you like deeply and meet new women.

There are several reasons why Match is one of the top dating sites. If you are looking for a long-term relationship, this is the best dating site for you to find the top profiles with the paid version.

You can get different membership tires based on the membership prices starting with 1 month, 3 months, and 6 months packages.

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2. Elite Singles Review





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Elite singles are one of the best sites for singles who are looking forward to having serious relationships in Richmond with an average age of over 38.

Most of the clients of Elite Singles are professionals and college graduates in many fields. It had advanced filters which send you 3-7 matches each day via email based on search criteria.

So, in another word, you do not have to worry about searching for a match for you, you will be provided with the matches by the site.

Like most of the sits, you can get started with free services and then get paid memberships with different levels where you can have unlimited chats.

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3. Our Time Review

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Our Time is the best dating site for seniors or a specific age group who are over the age of 50 in Richmond. It has a wide range of profiles that will suit you, even if you are single, divorced, or widowed.

If you just want a pen pal or some to chat with, you can do it with Out Time.

You can get the upgraded services on the site to become members with the paid memberships, where you will get unlimited emails and messaging with the matches.

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4. Grindr Review

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If you are searching for a date in an LGBTQ+ community, then Grindr is the best dating site in the world for you.

Most of the people from the LGBTQ+ community members use dating sites such as Match or Zoosk, as these sites provide filters for the group. But, Apps like Grindr are specifically dedicated to the community which makes it easier to find the date.

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5. Just She Review

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If you are looking for a female to date in Richmond, whether you are a lesbian, bisexual, transgender, or just someone who wants to explore, Just she is perfect for you. This site helps you find the perfect woman for serious relationships. Best recommended site for women.

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3 Best Dating Apps in Richmond

If you are not a big fan of websites and want to keep it simple and easy, just go for the online dating apps. You can easily manage these apps for free on your smartphones and can access or get notifications anytime. Perfect to find the best single dates around.

There are several online dating apps you can use to find the perfect dating partner in Richmond.

Let’s check out some of the best dating apps in Richmond and find a long-lasting relationship.

1. Plenty of Fish Review


Plenty of fish has been a popular online dating app since the early days of online dating and has been holding its place since then.

You can easily download the mobile app for free from the app store. There are paid services available that have enhanced tools to meet people.

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2. Zoosk Review





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If you are a resident of Richmond and or are for a business in the area, Zoosk is the best app for you that can be accessed for free to find the dates.

Zoosk is a user-friendly site and can be started easily without taking much time. If you are busy and single looking for a date in Richmond, this is perfect for you.

You do not have to fill out the long profiles. All you have to do is sign up and get connected to the Richmond singles within a minute.

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3. eHarmony Review





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Another one of the best online dating apps that you can use to find singles in Richmond is eHarmomy.

This is the best dating app if you are searching for serious relationships. You can find singles from different backgrounds with further information, who are ready to settle down.

You can sign up for a free membership without any problem and get started with it. then, based on a time-tested personality and matching test, you will find the matches perfect for you.

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2 Best Dating Bars for Singles in Richmond

Talking about the bar, there are several bars and restaurants in Richmond where most singles can hang out.

These kinds of bars as the best for singles as they have a great crowd and some of the bars have ongoing events at night throughout the week, which makes sit easy to meet singles.

Here, are some of the most popular bars for singles who are looking forward to a date in Richmond.

1. GWARbar Review

If you are a heavy metal enthusiast, then, you are gonna love GWARbar. You will get all about Richmond’s heavy metal roots storied here.

Another great thing about this local bar, it is the best place to visit if you are single and looking for a date with similar interest.

The bar hosts many night events such as music and dating game nights, and you can watch parties for major sporting events.

2. Penny Lane Pub Review

The best place to celebrate British culture and cuisine is Penny Lane Pub, which is named for the farmed road in Liverpool.

Penny Lane Pub is very famous among the local singles as it is a place where people usually hang out. In other words, a perfect spot to meet new people.

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3. Wonderland Review

If you like to take your time and just sit and talk with people, Wonderland is the best place for you. With the delicious offerings and majority of single crowds here, you will be hooked easily.

The best thing about this place is that the staff is very welcoming and if you know them, they might help you make connections

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Speed Dating in Richmond

There are several fun events hosted by Richmond every week and many more throughout the month. You can choose one or multiple events to meet people for speed dating.

One of the best things about these events is that they are open to everyone interested. On the other hand, some of the events might be regarded towards some specific groups. These groups might include business groups or some might be age-specific.

Here are some names popular for hosting a lot of these events for speed dating:

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Richmond Online Dating Events & Clubs

There is nothing to be surprised about the singles’ fun events catering to their specific interest, in Richmond. You will find people from different backgrounds such as volunteer groups, community members, etc. You can easily look out for events along with your friends as these events take place almost every night. Which is the best thing in the entire universe.

Check out the top singles events and clubs:

Dating Chat Rooms in Richmond

Still, a lot of people use chat rooms to connect with people in Richmond without even leaving their homes.

These kinds of chat rooms are the best options if you are shy and introverted and want to chat with people.

You can easily get connected to other people via chat rooms with similar interests or find your first date, or someone special for a long and serious relationship.

Here are some of the best dating chat rooms in Richmond:

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Personals in Richmond

For a long time, personal ads have been a big part to find the match in Richmond. Nowadays, these personals are online instead of in a magazine, but still are the best ways to connect with people.

It is well known that a large diversity of people live in Richmond and most of them are the ones who came in and out of the town. In this case, keeping an eye on the personals ads can be a great help in the matching process in Richmond.

You can see that most of the personal ads are for hookups. Being careful about the information provided, while going through these sites is a must as they are not monitored and screened.

Here are some of the popular personals that you can look up for dating in Richmond:

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Wrap Up

Being the busiest capital city, Richmond, had a lot of people coming in and out of the city for work.

Every year there is a huge stream of tourists coming to the city which gives the opportunity to meet people and have great conversations. It will be a great help when you are looking forward to dating a single in Richmond.

There are several historic places that you can explore to find some meetups if you are new in the town.

If you are looking for a long-term relationship to settle down, you can easily do that with the guide provided above. Don’t wait up! Explore the city and meet singles around you.





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