Things You Need To Know When Dating A Nigerian Man

By Ruth Jesse

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Things You Need To Know When Dating A Nigerian Man

Almost everyone goes through a relationship at some point in their lives.

It is difficult to deny its importance or value in a person’s life. Many people experiment with new trends in their relationships.

Before doing so, one must consider the importance of comprehending the other gender. Their relationship behavior, cultural values, and future love life, among other things. This is especially true if you’re considering dating a foreigner.

Dating A Nigerian Man
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This article of ours is concerned with this specific aspect. It contains the things that you need to know when you are gonna date a Nigerian man.

Nigeria is one of the most populous countries in Africa. It is no doubt blessed with Nigerian men having amazing personalities, and character and who are simply amazing people. It is said about Nigerian men that they are opportunity-pursuing, hard workers, and passionate people.

This article will answer all your queries about dating a Nigerian man. What you need to know about most Nigerian men, what to expect when dating a Nigerian man, and so on.

The first question that arises in our minds is whether is it different from dating a Nigerian man or a foreigner. How does a Nigerian guy differ from a non-Nigerian? Well, the answer is quite plain and simple and is based on Nigerian culture. A Nigerian guy is hardworking, very passionate in their dating life, and an incredible hustler. These are some of the qualities that set them apart from the rest of the people.

A Nigerian man is known for his dedication and passion during his love life. Such commitment, love, and dedication set them apart from others and all of this is what the country’s tradition demands.

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Nigerian culture is also quite significant as it has a prominent impact on the life of a Nigerian man. This Nigerian culture teaches its people the ethics of love and life. It incorporates dedication and love into them and makes it a large part of their lives.





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What To Expect When Dating A Nigerian Man

The reason why we have written this article is to make you aware of certain things. You need to know these things when you are planning to date a Naija guy. This whole article will provide you with a more in-depth view of these things. And you need to consider these points.

Let’s begin our journey and find out the hidden facts all related to the Nigerian men’s date.


The most important thing you need to understand when dating a Nigerian man is his openness of the mind. Many people feel afraid of getting into a proper relationship assuming that the other person is a foreigner for them. Well, that’s not the case with Nigerian men. They are open-minded beings who are capable of adapting.

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They do embrace the concept of modernization and based on this, approach their relationships with a global state of mind. You can assume its significance by noting that Nigerian men can be seen in relationships. They are seen having partners from different parts of the world. This fact indicates the openness that these people have when it comes to their personal lives.

Embrace modernity:

You will observe Nigerian men dating women of the Western world, African American women, and so on. This signifies the point that these people of Nigeria are open to new cultures. They can adopt new ideologies and new perspectives. They are willing to embrace the modernity of the developing world. This is the main thing about these individuals that makes them more appealing and lovely.


Are you dating a Nigerian man or are planning to date one? One thing that I can assure you to expect is the feeling of being a queen. Simply put, they will ensure that you spend your life like a queen.

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I am not trying to say that they will turn your every wish into reality. That they will provide you with everything that they can’t even get. But what I am trying to say is that for them you will be like a queen. They will also ensure that they can provide you with everything that you might wish for.

When dating Nigerian men, rest assured that you will be the queen of their dreams. They will not only say this in words but will also treat you like one.

For your Nigerian boyfriend, you will not be less than a queen. These people take relationships very seriously and think of their relationships as sacred things. Respecting it in every possible sense. Ultimately, this virtue of theirs is displayed in their character when they treat you like a queen. What else can a woman in a relationship wish for than being treated like a queen by his boyfriend? This is absolutely what happens when dating Nigerian men.

Nigerian men
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Fulfill your requirements:

Nigerians try their level best to provide the best facilities to their partners. They ensure you get good food to eat, a dress to wear, and a good house to live in. What else could you crave from your partner? They name their whole life to their partners. Do their level best to fulfill each requirement of their partner.

For Nigerian men, their partner’s life is of utmost significance. They will make every effort to achieve this for their loved ones.

Sense of responsibility:

One of the most significant and prominent attributes of a Nigerian man is his sense of responsibility. Nigerian men are very responsible individuals who take pride in fulfilling their responsibilities and never let go of this trait.

Sense of responsibility
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One can understand the sense of responsibility of Nigerian men. By accounting for the fact that Nigerian men take a keen interest in studies. They even travel abroad just for the sake of their studies and take higher-level degrees. They do all of this just for the sake of becoming more self-dependent and responsible.

Nigerian men do all of this so that they can provide a better future for their loved ones. They do all of this, particularly their families. Even an average Nigerian man tries his level best to fulfill the needs of his family. He takes the responsibility of his family members upon his shoulders.

The level of responsibility that you find in a Nigerian man, you would not be able to find in others. Nigerian men plan for long-term life and aim to provide every essential need and requirement to their loved ones.

Smooth relationships:

Ever wondered what makes a relationship smooth? Well, do you know the meaning of the term smooth relationship? Simply put, it is a type of relationship that encounters zero difficulties throughout its period.

Smooth relationships
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This is also an important aspect that you can find in Nigerian men. I would rather call it a hidden ability that is present in a Nigerian man. It seems that a Nigerian man is naturally capable of being able to run a smooth relationship. Both the partners face almost zero difficulties throughout their relationship.

Perks of dating a Nigerian man:

I would call it a perk when dating a Nigerian man. They put everything that they have got into the relationship. A Nigerian man enters into a relationship with the aim and objective of taking it to the long run. On the contrary, if we compare it to the Western world, then the situation there is quite different. Individuals in the West don’t take relationships as seriously as Nigerian men do. For Westerners, relationships are like small runs and are often meaningless.

So, this is a thing that you should expect from a Nigerian man. He is not getting into a relationship just for time to pass. Rather you can expect much more from such an individual. There is no doubt that he is going to put all of his efforts into the relationship. He would be in it typically for the long term.

There is another point that I want to add here when you enter into a relationship with a Nigerian man. You need to rest assured that your boyfriend will put his best foot forward despite the situation, circumstances, and scenario.

Putting the best foot forward. It means that they will not back out from the commitments that they have made to you. They will also not back out when in times of crisis and difficulties. Rather what you will observe will be that they will be on the front line. They will compete for everything just for you. They will provide the best that they can to their woman.

Perks of dating a Nigerian man
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Ultimately, all of these efforts of the Nigerian men enable them to make real connections with their loved ones. As a result, all of this benefits their long-term relationships.

Embrace the good:

There is no doubt in the fact that Western culture is way more modernized. It is advanced when we compare it to that of the African culture. The same applies to the Nigerian culture. American men and women may seem to be way more advanced as compared to their Nigerian counterparts. One thing that I need you to know is that the Nigerian culture is ahead of the Western one, mainly in the aspect of embracing the good.

Embrace the good
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It is often said that Nigerian men embrace the good. This term means that the Nigerian people are very friendly and proactive. They don’t feel like we should not embrace such a thing. Rather what they feel is that the good in everything needs to be embraced. This is exactly what they do.





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Closed societies:

We come across different societies in the world and most of them seem to be closed societies. Closed societies are the ones that are not willing to accept change. They are the ones who reject new ideas, new beliefs, new ideologies, and so on. But on the other hand, certain societies also exist that are willing to change. This is more of a positive kind of change and Nigerian societies fall into this category. These societies adopt the good things of others and embrace them.

Nigerians don’t feel reluctant to adopt the new ideas, customs, and traditions of others that are good. Rather what they do is they adopt the good and positive things from others. Ultimately take advantage of new opportunities and revolutionary ideas.

What I mean to imply is that if you are dating a Nigerian man, then you don’t need to worry. Don’t worry even if you are not a Nigerian woman. You just have to believe that the Nigerian man would adopt you. In the same way, just as they adopt different cultures, traditions, and ideas.

Similarly, you may have a clash of interests or hobbies with your Nigerian man. Then again based on the same principle, your boyfriend will probably adopt these aspects. This will ultimately lead to a much happier and more prosperous relationship with you.

Closed societies
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Amazing culture:

No one can deny that Nigerian culture is one of a kind and a unique one. It is an amazing culture. Consists of old ideas, beliefs, etc as well as new and modern ideas and principles. It seems to be an amalgam of these different types of cultures. The Nigerian culture is ingrained and incorporated into the daily lives of the people of Nigeria. This culture appears to be ingrained into the lifestyles of the people, making them unique and amazing as well.

Further, the Nigerians give the cultural values quite significance. They consider them an important part of their lives. This culture also plays a prominent role in their relationships as well.

Amazing culture
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The majority of women desire long-term and cooperative relationships. When we talk about the West, though, the connections appear to be more informal. They do not place a high value on relationships. Nigerians, on the other hand, place a high value on their interpersonal relationships. They view them as holy items.  In every manner, they regard them in high regard. Also, they make every attempt to honor their promises and provide the best possible care for their loved ones.

Concluding all of this, the Nigerians think of their relationships and dates as serious business, unlike the West. Further, all of this stems from their cultural values, traditions, and beliefs that have been incorporated into their daily lives.

Chivalrous nature:

Another plus of dating a Nigerian man is that you will find them extremely chivalrous and gentle.

It has been observed many times that when you date people. You come to find out that the person you were dating was not a gentleman at all. But that’s not the case with Nigerian men. These people are known for their gentle nature, chivalrous character, respect, and affection that they give others.

People of Nigeria especially are thoughtful people, polite, well-mannered, and gracious individuals. They attract and put the charm on others due to such nature. Ultimately they also turn out to be good friends.

Chivalrous nature
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Hence, when you are dating a Nigerian man, you can expect spontaneous romantic notes. You can expect meals, treats, thoughtfulness, courtesy, affection, and love from your boyfriend. It is because it is engraved into the nature of these individuals.

You may observe that your Nigerian boyfriend opens the car door for you. He cooks something for you to eat and takes care of you. He treats you like a queen, is gentle with you, gives you attention, and is respectful to you. It simply means that these are some of the things that you may expect when you are going to date a Nigerian man. The main reason behind all of this is the chivalrous nature of these people and their cultural upbringing.

Better understanding:

As we have already discussed how good and friendly Nigerians can be. But despite all of the above-stated discussions, are you planning to date an individual from Nigeria? There is one thing that you need to completely understand. The thing is that these people are overly authoritative and demand better understanding.

Understanding is usually the base of every relationship. Without a better understanding, a relationship can never be upheld and maintained for a long period. Therefore, what a Nigerian man wants is that his wife needs to understand him. This is a big deal for these people. If you watch them, then you would better understand how much significance they give to this thing.

Just like understanding, Nigerians also believe in having the least arguments with their wife. They will give you everything that they can, but they will not withstand arguments. But despite all of this, they are friendly.

The friendly nature of the Nigerians is one of the main reasons why the girls fall so much for them. The truth is that girls love to be with friendly people. This makes their relationship more interesting, more attractive, and charming. It is a quality or attribute that is found in most Nigerian men.

We can account for the friendly nature of Nigerians by looking at the fact that they even accept non-Nigerians as their wife. They also adopt the customs, ideas, traditions, and cultures of others in a very cooperative way. These are the things that make them feel distinct and apart from the rest of the people. It is one of the main reasons why girls from other regions fall in love with Nigerian individuals.

friendly nature of the Nigerians
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Final Thoughts

Now, it’s time to conclude all of our discussions. One can undoubtedly say that a Nigerian man has certain characteristics that make him significant and distinct from others. They are very friendly, accept and embrace changes quickly, and are fond of following their cultures. Their cultures seem to be incorporated into their daily lives. The majority of these people are hard-working, trustworthy, and loyal. Are you dating a Nigerian man? Then one thing that is for sure is that your boyfriend will make you live your life as a queen. He will try his level best to fulfill all of your needs, requirements, and desires.

Furthermore, Nigerian men are very loving, cooperative, and protective of their partners as well. They make their relationship strive based on love, affection, chivalry, and trustworthiness. All of these characters make them thrive in their relationship lives and have long-term relationships. These are some of the characteristics that are necessary to be present in relations. Unfortunately, the West lags in these things, values, cultures, norms, and characters. It is the main reason why the relations of Western people seem to be more casual and short-term.

Lastly, we can claim that the main reason behind the attractiveness of Nigerian individuals. It is the fact that they are capable of incorporating and integrating their way into their dating lives. What makes them unique, amazing, and outstanding? It is what differentiates them from others, what makes them more distinct and more loveable and attractive.

Nigerians are not lazy people, rather they are active and energetic individuals who treat their partners in the best manner. They do everything possible to keep their partners happy, and prosperous and make them live a life like a queen.

What makes Nigerian men distinct?

There is a point that makes the Nigerians so much distinct and separate from others. It is the values that they have attached to their cultures. Nigerians are very respectful of cultures and traditions. They are the people who embrace global modernity. They are willing to accept the positive things, ideas, traditions, and cultures of others as well.

Henceforth, these are all of the things that you can expect when dating a Nigerian guy. Just make sure that a relationship works when both parties are willing to take it a step further. When they are willing to cooperate. Without cooperation, trust, and faith in each other, it is quite difficult for relations to work.

The main concern of this whole article was to emphasize some important characteristics of Nigerian men. And also to explain what a woman can expect when she is dating a Nigerian man. How does it feel to be in a relationship with a guy from Nigeria? How does he treat his wife and much more?





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