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Chinese Breeze is meant for all beginners and experienced Chinese students.

Chinese Breeze offers a terrific opportunity for learners to read with pleasure and to acquire fluency in actual communication. The Peking University Press, a Chinese publishing company specializing in materials for Chinese learners, introduced Chinese Breeze.

Chinese Breeze

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With its well-crafted graded reader series, Chinese Breeze engages and educates its readers by providing them with entertaining stories as well as significant phrases and characters.

It is highly recommended for those graded readers and beginners who have already learned their first 500 characters in Chinese and are looking to progress further.

Additionally, they would be suitable for intermediate students with an adequate command of primary grammar and vocabulary but who lack reading proficiency.

If you are an upper-intermediate/advanced Mandarin learner and are in search of an advanced course to take more knowledge into your account, these will most likely be too simple for you to complete.


Chinese Breeze

Chinese Breeze is a well-crafted series of enjoyable Chinese graded readers aimed at college and high school students who want to take more info into their knowledge account. It is available in both English and Chinese.

It provides language learners of all levels with the opportunity to read for enjoyment while also boosting reading comprehension abilities, gaining confidence, and increasing motivation.

Chinese Breeze

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This is a graded reader series designed for people learning Mandarin Chinese as a second language. It now offers books in four difficulty levels, with plans to expand to a total of eight difficulty levels in the future.

It was published by Peking University Press, which is a publishing business that specializes in the publication of Chinese language learning materials, such as textbooks.

Each book is approximately 70-80 pages in length and has a completely original story. Each tale links to different lessons, that address different phrases and words.

If you are in search of an amazing article about the Breeze Chinese, this article is for you.


Chinese Graded Readers

Two of the most difficult abilities to acquire in Mandarin Chinese are reading and writing. One of the best strategies to improve your reading skills is to start using Chinese breeze-graded readers.

A Chinese-graded reader is a resource especially written for language learners. Chinese Graded readers have a strict amount of new words and are consequently easier to read than many other non-early friendly media.

Chinese Breeze

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Graded readers typically come in a row. This slightly increases the difficulty of the content with each successive edition. This allows the learner to improve their reading skills step by step.

Graded readers are an excellent approach to enhance your reading abilities and improve actual communication. New words and letters will be introduced systematically, ensuring that too much new content is not overwhelmed.

Various graded readers are there for the Chinese language but today learners would want to take one category into their account: the Chinese Breeze graded reader series:

Graded Reader Series

This is divided into four parts. Some people think this course has eight parts. It is true but only 4 parts are released for now. Each level has multiple books with unique cover pictures. Mostly, people read for pleasure.

The 2nd version of these stages was introduced by Yuehua Liu and Chengzhi Chu. Yuehua Liu was a renowned Chinese linguist and educator. Her works include the famous Integrated Chinese series. Chengzhi Chu is a teacher at the East Asian Languages and Cultures department at UC Davis.

Chinese Breeze

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Each one has a unique ISBN number that you need to take into account. This 10- or 13-digit code is reserved for a particular book, publication, or book-like product (such as an audiobook). You can search this ISBN number to get these books.


Four different levels

Level 1:

Level 1 volumes in the Chinese Breeze has over 300 unique words. Six different books are there in level one. The titles are:

Chinese BreezeChinese Breeze


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  • I Really Want to Find Her: ISBN-9787301297964
  • Can I Dance With You? ISBN-9787301291627
  • Wrong, Wrong, Wrong! (A romance release) ISBN-9787301282519
  • Whom Do You Like More? ISBN-9787301282540
  • Two Children Seeking the Joy Bridge ISBN-9787301282557
  • Left and Right: The Conjoined Brothers ISBN-9787301291627



Chinese Breeze Chinese Breeze







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Level 2:

The level two Chinese Breeze contains almost 500 unique terms to cover up more vocabulary. Seven novels are now there in level two. The following are:

  • After the Accident: ISBN-9787301298336
  • An Old Painting: ISBN-9787301298534
  • If I Didn’t Have You: ISBN-9787301303580
  • Green Phoenix: ISBN-9787301282526
  • Mother and Son: ISBN-9787301291610
  • Our Geese Have Gone: ISBN-9787301291634
  • Secrets of a Computer company: ISBN-9787301282533

Chinese Breeze

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Level 3:

The Level three books contain about 750 unique terms. Four books are now there in Level Three. Which are the following are:

  • Friends: ISBN-9787301308844
  • The Moon Sculpture Left Behind: ISBN-9787301242629
  • The Painted Skin: ISBN-9787301303788
  • The Third Eye: ISBN-9787301242889

Chinese Breeze

Level 4:

The two books have about 1100 unique words. Two books are presently provided at this level of difficulty. Which are the following:

  • Two Red Shirts: ISBN-9787301275528
  • Vick the Good Dog ISBN-9787301275627



Amazing Layout

Every word is printed in a good size and font, making them highly clear and readable. Every page looks good.

Most pages in the books have illustrations to help comprehension. They’ve also provided links for notes, vocabulary, or looking up words/characters.

Each one has chapters that are rather short (usually around 5-10 pages).

Chinese Breeze

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Slightly difficult words are numbered, and their English translation appears on the bottom of every page.

Each book also includes a vocabulary index with words from the books, their pinyin, and English translations. After reading, you can easily add new words to Anki’s account.

Original Stories

The Chinese Breeze stories are usually enjoyable. It’s difficult to write an engaging story in only 300 words, but they did well.

But don’t be fooled, every page in these books is for reading practice and word learning than amusement!

Acquiring new words and characters into your account

Chinese Breeze itself states that each book contains the most useful terms in Chinese for useful communication.

As you could expect, the language is most basic and no complicated sentence or grammar patterns are used.

If you have a decent understanding of basic Chinese language grammar, you should be ok to take new words into your account.


Audio CDs

Each of the books in the Chinese Breeze series features an associated audio CD. The CD features a whole new book recording at regular and slow speed.

If the quality of the books is something you take into account, it’s definitely really nice!

It’s helpful to have audio, especially if you’re concerned about not having a correct pronunciation.

Improving Mandarin with Chinese Breeze

Chinese Breeze can help you in:

  • Learning new words, characters, and improve reading comprehension and speed
  • Begin at level one and work your way up to level four!

Level four is reserved for those only, who complete all previous three stages.

Chinese Breeze

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You’ll run into unfamiliar words, phrases, and characters. Continue writing or address them to your Anki deck (or other spaced repetition software) with the pinyin and translation.

This is a fun way to learn any new word! Don’t waste time learning even a single new word, because you’ll see them later in the story or in the following book.



Reading these books is a wonderful way to learn the basic Mandarin language, start talking, and review your progress. All in all, the series is sufficiently nice for you to study while enjoying a story.

Chinese Breeze

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Each Chinese Breeze book comes with a compact CD with text recordings. This small CD may be played in a regular CD player of a computer and features both normal and slower text speeds. Hope this review ends your search for your perfect review.

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