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January 19, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

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Dumb Little Man's team, consisting of financial experts, experienced traders, and individual investors, utilizes a unique algorithm to conduct detailed reviews of brokerage services. Their scrutiny covers crucial aspects like:

  • User Experience
  • Earnings Potential
  • Reliability
  • Broker Expertise
  • Cost-Effectiveness

Incorporating user opinions, their evaluations offer a comprehensive and unbiased perspective. Their meticulous research positions CapitalXtend as a trustworthy option for those in search of a reliable financial partner. However, Dumb Little Man recommends that potential clients carefully read their in-depth review to understand any possible limitations associated with the broker.

CapitalXtend Review

Forex brokers play an important role in the global trading sector since they provide ordinary and institutional traders with access to currency markets. CapitalXtend develops popularity by providing a diverse set of trading services. Since its inception in 2005, CapitalXtend has created a name for itself in the competitive world of online trading.

CapitalXtend is very proud to be at the forefront of the financial services business, with a long history of success. As a consequence of its commitment to innovation and customer service, the company has developed to become a top choice for traders all around the world.

This article delves deeply into CapitalXtend, combining user feedback and professional research to provide a comprehensive overview.

What is CapitalXtend?

Founded in 2005, CapitalXtend is a well-known name in worldwide finance and was the first company to significantly alter internet trading. The fact that thousands of merchants from all over the globe choose the site first indicates that people have had positive opinions about it for 25 years.

Orders are handled instantly, there are no fees, and transactions are completed swiftly and simply. This explains why the website is so well-liked. Users of CapitalXtend can trade a wide range of instruments from a single account, including stocks, markets, FX, CFDs, and more.

A standout feature of CapitalXtend’s products is its 24/7 customer service line. As so, it is easy to manage. The corporation exhibits its devotion to quality in its objective statement, which declares that it will use new technologies and improved trading techniques to create products better and trade better.

By developing trading tools that can be altered to satisfy the needs of different traders, the website broadens the range of services it offers to replicate all trading conditions. CapitalXtend provides useful tools including MetaTrader 4 (MT4), MT5 WebTrader, and MT4 WebTrader for experienced traders. These tools give traders a way to get started in the stock market. Their popularity can be attributed to their abundance of features, versatility, and ease of use.

With offices in five countries and a clientele of over 200,000, CapitalXtend is multilingual. As so, it has a huge impact on the entire planet. By doing this, it stays true to its goal of supporting traders and buyers globally and retains its relevance to online trading tools.

Safety and Security of CapitalXtend

According to the research by trading experts at Dumb Little Man, CapitalXtend is honest, and dedicated to safety and security in the financial trading business, as shown by its many affiliates and certifications.

CapitalXtend is a well-known name in the business of Forex. To do this, it strictly follows the rules for its business and has a Certificate of Financial Services Commission from the Mauritius Foreign Exchange Regulation.

It also has a Membership Certificate from the Financial Commission, which shows that it can be trusted. It saves traders’ money by offering a trustworthy way to settle disputes.

The platform has been legally running for a long time and has the St. Vincent and the Grenadines LLC Certification to show it. This certification shows that the platform is registered legally in the state of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

The Kazakhstani Certificate of State Registration, which is based on a model charter and proves the business can run, also shows that CapitalXtend follows strict rules for doing business and is in line with foreign laws.

Pros and Cons of CapitalXtend


  • Various Trading Tools
  • Minimum Deposit Requirement
  • Several trading marketplaces
  • Worldwide Presence
  • Strong customer service
  • Teaching Materials


  • Customers provide diverse feedback.
  • Restricted Telephone Assistance
  • Possible Barriers to Digital Communication
  • Limitations of the Withdrawal Method.

Sign-Up Bonus of CapitalXtend

CapitalXtend provides enticing Sign-Up Bonuses to its traders to boost their experience right away. The platform’s 30% Deposit Bonus allows traders to boost their trading potential by earning up to $300 on their initial deposits. They can close more agreements, increasing their earnings.

The Cashback Reward scheme further strengthens the traders’ value proposition. With a maximum profit of $3 per lot, withdrawable cashback rebates help users significantly increase their revenue. This component supports a successful trading environment by incentivizing trading activity and allowing traders to progress and learn new skills.

Minimum Deposit of CapitalXtend

The small deposit needed to use CapitalXtend makes sure that buyers can get to the site and use it. Anyone can trade on foreign stock markets for as little as $12. This small fee helps make the world of online dealing more open to everyone by letting a lot of traders use the site.

CapitalXtend Account Types

CapitalXtend offers a range of account types, including demo accounts to suit the needs and tastes of users. It took Dumb Little Man a lot of work and study to make sure he understood each type of account properly. This is a short list of their account types.

Standard Account

  • Minimum Deposit: $12
  • Leverage: Up to 1:5000
  • Trading Platforms: MT4
  • Commission: None
  • Spread: From 2.0
  • Trading Instruments: FX, Spot Metals, Spot commodities, CFD Indices, US shares, EU shares & Cryptocurrencies
  • Margin Call: 80%
  • Stop Out: 10%
  • Swap-Free: Available
  • Pricing: 5 decimals for FX (3 on JPY pairs), Spot Metals: 2 decimals for XAUUSD and 3 decimals for XAGUSD

ECN Account

  • Minimum Deposit: $50
  • Leverage: Up to 1:5000
  • Trading Platforms: MT4/MT5
  • Commission: None
  • Spread: From 1.2
  • Trading Instruments: FX, Spot Metals, Spot commodities, CFD Indices & Crypto currencies
  • Margin Call: 80%
  • Stop Out: 10%
  • Swap-Free: Available
  • Pricing: 5 decimals for FX (3 on JPY pairs), Spot Metals: 2 decimals for XAUUSD and 3 decimals for XAGUSD

Pro-ECN Account

  • Minimum Deposit: $100
  • Leverage: Up to 1:5000
  • Trading Platforms: MT4/MT5
  • Commission: $3 Fixed-per side
  • Spread: From 0.0
  • Trading Instruments: FX, Spot Metals, Spot commodities, CFD Indices & Cryptocurrencies (MT5)
  • Margin Call: 80%
  • Stop Out: 10%
  • Swap-Free: Available
  • Pricing: 5 decimals for FX (3 on JPY pairs), Spot Metals: 2 decimals for XAUUSD and 3 decimals for XAGUSD

Platinum Account

  • Minimum Deposit: $25,000
  • Leverage: Up to 1:500
  • Trading Platforms: MT4
  • Commission: $3 Fixed-per side
  • Spread: From 0.0
  • Trading Instruments: FX, Spot Metals, Spot commodities, CFD Indices
  • Margin Call: 100%
  • Stop Out: 50%
  • Swap-Free: Available
  • Pricing: 5 decimals for FX (3 on JPY pairs), Spot Metals: 2 decimals for XAUUSD and 3 decimals for XAGUSD

CapitalXtend Customer Reviews

CapitalXtend garners mixed feedback from its clientele, reflecting a diverse range of experiences. Many customers commend the platform for its reliable services, praising the broad spectrum of trading instruments, low trading fees, and swift withdrawal process.

The 24/7 customer support, coupled with top-notch webinars and training, also receives positive mentions, leading to recommendations from satisfied users. Notably, traders from India highlight hassle-free withdrawal and deposit procedures and tight spreads.

However, some express dissatisfaction through negative reviews, cautioning against customer service issues, particularly related to withdrawals and account access. These negative experiences depict the platform as less responsive, with concerns about being asked to use specific withdrawal methods. Users, however have to discern these properly as there are reports of fake reviews.

CapitalXtend Fees, Spreads, and Commissions

With a competitive price, spread, and commission structure, CapitalXtend serves a wide range of traders. The Standard Account is a desirable option for novices or smaller traders looking to enter the market because it provides spreads without any commissions beginning at 2.0.

Experienced traders may choose the Pro-ECN and ECN Accounts, which have more advantageous spreads that begin at 0.0 and 1.2, respectively. The set $3 commission per lot associated with these accounts is a trade-off for the tighter spreads.

The Platinum Account, which maintains spreads starting at 0.0 and a commission structure akin to the Pro-ECN Account, is the ultimate option for high-volume traders. This kind of account is intended for people looking for the best trading circumstances.

Deposit and Withdrawal

According to a trading expert at Dumb Little Man, CapitalXtend provides a smooth deposit and withdrawal process that is intended to improve trading speed and efficiency. A range of deposit methods are supported by the platform, so traders may easily and quickly fund their accounts.

There are several cryptocurrency possibilities, ranging from Bitcoin to Ethereum to USDT variations, with processing times and fees varying based on the blockchain. Conventional payment options that provide instantaneous transfers or services within 24 hours, like bank transfer, Visa, Mastercard, and wire transfer, are also supported.

Notably, with the possible exception of wire transfers, which may incur bank fees, these traditional methods typically carry no commission. Paylivre, ThunderXPay, and Local Transfer offer customized services for traders looking for regional solutions; Paylivre charges a 2.6% fee.

How to Open a CapitalXtend Account

The CapitalXtend account opening process is simple and easy to use. In order to rapidly set up your trading account and begin investigating the financial markets, simply follow these concise, illustrated instructions.

  1. Navigate to the CapitalXtend official website.
  2. Click on the “register” button to initiate the sign-up process.
  3. Input personal details including first name, last name, and nationality.
  4. Enter a valid phone number and an active email address.
  5. Set up a strong, memorable password.
  6. Solve the captcha to confirm you are not a robot.
  7. Read and agree to the customer agreement to understand the terms of service.
  8. Verify your email address by clicking on the confirmation link sent.
  9. Access your new CapitalXtend account and begin exploring trading options.

CapitalXtend Affiliate Program

The Introducing Broker (IB) Program, formerly known as the CapitalXtend Affiliate Program, provides partners with a full chance to earn through recruiting and referrals. With profits based on a portion of the revenues of new distributors they bring on board, partners are encouraged to find new distributors.

Participation in trading competitions run by CapitalXtend, which provide traders the chance to optimize profits, is one of the program’s key advantages. Furthermore, the program is acknowledged for its role in funding and assisting different communities and organizations via international sponsorship initiatives.

Numerous advantages come with the IB Partnership, including real-time rebate compensations and customizable reimbursements, as well as an appealing monitoring and reporting system for customer accounts. The revenue production process is made simpler by the astonishing lack of upfront investment.

The CapitalXtend team, who are accessible 24/7 to address any queries or offer feedback, and the managers who are specially allocated to each trader serve as further reinforcement for this efficient and user-friendly setup.

CapitalXtend Customer Support

The goal of CapitalXtend’s customer support staff is to provide thorough and ongoing teaching so that users may trade with ease. This information came from Dumb Little Man’s careful observation and evaluation.

In addition to being active on messaging services and social media sites like Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Telegram, and X, the platform offers a live chat option for immediate interaction, guaranteeing several avenues for support and contact.

Email support is offered for complaints, account openings, general support, and back-office inquiries at designated addresses. This guarantees that every aspect of the trading experience is addressed for better-coordinated support.

CapitalXtend offers phone support in addition to its online help, with numbers accessible for short phone calls.

If ever there is a need to visit them physically, their address is Suite 305, Griffith Corporate Centre, Beachmont, Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadines. This comprehensive, round-the-clock customer service approach shows how committed CapitalXtend is to its customers’ pleasure and ongoing trading success.

Advantages and Disadvantages of CapitalXtend Customer Support

Multiple contact methods

Social media presence

Specialized email support

24/7 availability

Global offices
Limited phone support

Potential communication barriers

CapitalXtend vs Other Brokers

#1 CapitalXtend vs AvaTrade

If you want to trade various commodities and need a reliable site with lots of tools, AvaTrade is a great choice. CapitalXtend, on the other hand, is better for people who need help quickly through experts.

Verdict: Some traders might pick AvaTrade if they want a dependable broker that gives them a lot of trading tools and resources to help them learn. People who are tight on money should use CapitalXtend instead because it is cheaper and has better customer service.

#2 CapitalXtend vs RoboForex

Many traders like having a choice of tools and a more personalized trading experience, and RoboForex might be a better choice for those people. For now, CapitalXtend might be a good choice for buyers who like always being able to get help and support.

Verdict: RoboForex might be better for users who want a lot of tools and the freedom to change how they trade. CapitalXtend is useful since it’s simple to use and has great customer support.

#3 CapitalXtend vs FXChoice

FXChoice shows out as a strong choice for traders who are eager to get into commodity CFD trading and emerging markets. On the other hand, CapitalXtend excels at serving customers who want a wide range of trading instruments and reliable assistance.

Verdict: FXChoice might be the choice for traders looking to explore emerging markets and commodity CFDs. CapitalXtend is suitable for those seeking a variety of trading instruments and strong customer support team.

Choose Asia Forex Mentor for Your Forex Trading Success

Asia Forex Mentor is a platform that is highly suggested by Dumb Little Man’s trading gurus for those who want to become successful in trading stocks, cryptocurrencies, and forex. The driving force behind Asia Forex Mentor, Ezekiel Chew, is not just an accomplished teacher but also a profitable trader with a string of seven-figure deals to his name. This is the reason it’s strongly advised:

Comprehensive Curriculum: To guarantee competence in these markets, Asia FX Mentor’s curriculum encompasses all the fundamentals of stock, cryptocurrency, and FX trading.

Proven Track Record: The platform has a history of producing traders who are regularly lucrative, which attests to the efficacy of its mentoring and training programs.

Expert Mentor: Students who receive instruction from Ezekiel, an expert with an impressive trading record, are certain to receive advice based on success and real-world experience.

Friendly Community: The Asia Forex Mentor community fosters teamwork and mutual learning, which improves the educational experience.

Stress on Discipline and Psychology: Getting dedicated and learning about the psychological side of trading are both important parts of training to become a trader because they help traders deal with problems in the market.

New Resources and Updates Daily: These resources keep students up to date on the newest styles and ideas. The reason for this is that the stock market is always changing.

Stories of Success: People who joined Asia Forex Mentor and got their finances in order are great examples of how the platform can change people}s lives.

This is without a doubt the best site to learn everything you need to know about trading stocks, cryptocurrencies, and foreign exchange. Students can do well in the stock market if they have a strong foundation, good teachers, and a caring atmosphere.





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Conclusion: CapitalXtend Review

Based on the extensive research of trader experts at Dumb Little Man, CapitalXtend is a recommended Forex broker. With over 350 tradeable instruments like stock indices and more, a low minimum deposit, and a variety of account options, it is a good choice not only for new but also experienced traders.

While it’s important to know and be aware of its limitations, enrolling in courses like Asia Forex Mentor, by Ezekiel Chew, will be very helpful to people who want to get started with CapitalXtend. At the end of the day, trading for profit still needs a big-picture view and extra tools like Asia Forex Mentor.

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CapitalXtend Review FAQs

What trading platforms does CapitalXtend offer?

If you are a member of CapitalXtend, you can use powerful trading platform like MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, and MT4 WebTrader. Many types of technical indicators, graphs, and analysis tools are built into these systems so that players of all levels can easily find what they need.

Can I trade on CapitalXtend using my mobile device?

You can trade while you’re on the go with the MT4 and MT5 apps from CapitalXtend. Trades can be made in real-time with these apps for iOS and Android phones. Traders can check their accounts and learn more about the markets.

Are there educational resources available for beginners on CapitalXtend?

CapitalXtend has a huge collection of learning tools that traders of all levels can use to get better at trading. There are workshops, training courses, and books in this collection that talk about a lot of different trading-related topics.

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