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By John V

April 1, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

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Dumb Little Man's trading and financial experts carefully evaluate proprietary trading companies based on strict standards and a detailed methodology. Their analysis highlights important elements, such as:

  • Prompt client support
  • Quick access to money
  • Robust financial stability
  • Safeguarding private data Dedicated to fair business practices
  • Reachable trading objectives
  • Equitable allocation of earnings

They found that BluSky Trading Company performed exceptionally well in these crucial areas. BluSky Trading Company is a prominent player in the proprietary trading space thanks to its extensive knowledge of the brokerage industry and unwavering support for its traders.

By allowing traders to utilize the company’s funds, “proprietary trading firms” or prop firms expand their trading potential and trading capacity. BluSky Trading Company distinguishes itself in this market by providing a welcoming and accommodating atmosphere that is compatible with popular trading platforms such as Tradovate and TradingView, to simplify the trading process.

This evaluation of BluSky Trading Company presents a fair assessment by integrating comments from customers with analysis from Dumb Little Man’s trade professionals. It seeks to provide prospective traders with a comprehensive grasp of BluSky’s offerings and positioning about other proprietary trading firms.

What is BluSky Trading Company?

A prop firm called BluSky Trading Company is compatible with many other trading platforms, including TradingView, Tradovate, and Rithmic. To accommodate a variety of trading preferences and guarantee flexibility in trading operations, they provide a unique offering whereby clients can use a free license of NinjaTrader/Tradovate or bring their Rithmic-compatible trading platforms.

BluSky Trading Company sets itself apart from conventional trading setups by having no minimum-day payout requirements or requiring financed consistency. This method shows that they use actual brokerage accounts, enabling traders to receive earnings anytime they choose as long as they keep the necessary balance. Trading professionals seeking equitable and unfettered access to their profits will find this approach especially appealing.

After a successful review, the organization promises same-day account activation and places a high priority on rapid account setup and support. This expeditious procedure guarantees that dealers can immediately begin their trading activity. BluSky further emphasizes its dedication to making trading as simple as possible by streamlining its brokerage procedures by following a single rule. Additionally, they emphasize how erratic trading results can be and remind customers that past results of others do not guarantee future results.

BluSky Trading Company provides free one-on-one financed coaching because it genuinely cares about the development and success of its traders. This one-on-one coaching demonstrates BluSky’s commitment to developing knowledgeable traders, improving their trading methods, and creating a positive community. This dedication is further demonstrated by the availability of a free Discord chatroom, which gives traders a place to interact, exchange stories, and form communities.

The platform is particularly noteworthy for its daily payment processing, which guarantees traders have fast access to their funds and contributes to its appeal. Transactions are typically finished the same day if requested before 11 AM EST. Additionally, BluSky has removed financed establishment or assignment costs for all accounts, lowering the cost of entrance and opening up trading to a larger market.

Pros and Cons of BluSky Trading Company


  • Multiple ways to reach support (chat, email, phone)
  • Same-day processing for payouts requested by noon EST
  • No minimum trading period for withdrawals
  • Clear limits on withdrawals ensure fair management
  • Profit sharing boosts earnings potential
  • Quick payouts via Direct ACH
  • Proven, reliable withdrawal system


  • Potential delays in customer support
  • Variable support quality
  • Fees for a month of inactivity
  • Tough evaluation process
  • Necessary minimum balance maintenance

Safety and Security of BluSky Trading Company

BluSky Trading Company is not functioning as a broker-dealer in the context of US financial regulations, according to an in-depth analysis from Dumb Little Man. This means that BluSky is not under any financial regulation required for companies like Forex brokers.

BluSky is transparent about the dangers involved in futures trading, emphasizing that not everyone should do it because there is a chance for large losses. The company recommends trading with only risk capital. BluSky exhibits its realistic and rigorous market simulation with a trading assessment pass rate of 16.9% for a specified period in 2023, highlighting the importance of expertise and risk awareness for traders. This strategy supports BluSky’s emphasis on security and ethical trading.

BluSky Trading Company Bonuses and Contests

Monthly competitions are held by BluSky Trading Company, allowing traders to demonstrate their abilities and win substantial prizes. For instance, in one of their competitions, competitors aim to reach the biggest final balance possible after starting with a 100K balance.

The tournament has a $5 USD minimum entry cost . Traders that participate in BluSky’s Active Eval/Funded programs are eligible to enter this tournament.

The competition’s winners will receive fantastic prizes; first place will earn $1000, second place will earn $500, and third place will earn $200. The top 5 competitors will also receive an Instant BluLive package of their choosing, which will greatly enhance their trading experience. With a 100K beginning balance, a 95K static minimum, and restrictions on trading sizes, the contest regulations are simple to understand.

Notably, the competition eliminates consistency standards, daily loss caps, and resets in favor of concentrating just on the trader’s capacity to manage and increase their initial amount. By providing participants with a distinct challenge, this method promotes strategic thinking and efficient risk management.

BluSky Trading Company Customer Reviews

BluSky Trading Company’s Trustpilot rating is 4.6 stars, which is above average. Evaluations emphasize the company’s outstanding staff and first-rate trader care; many regard it as the best in the business. BluSky stands out from competitors due to its reasonable trading evaluations and daily rewards, which are highly appreciated by traders.

Nevertheless, some criticism raises issues with the BluSky community, particularly in their Discord channel, where some users have had unfavorable experiences due to the tone and content of discussions, assuming these are not fake reviews. The diverse experiences of BluSky’s customers are reflected in these conflicting assessments, which range from compliments regarding the company’s social media platforms to complaints about its trading conditions and assistance.

BluSky Trading Company Commissions and Fees

The focus of BluSky Trading Company’s commission and charge policy is on trader success and flexibility. One important aspect is the daily payout processing; payouts requested by weekdays before 12 PM EST are processed the same day and typically take 1-3 business days to transfer. It’s important to note that BluSky does not have minimum trading days for payouts. Once traders reach the Brokerage stage—where genuine and easily accessible gains are—and their accounts start turning a profit, they can request payouts.

BluSky does not impose a maximum limit on payouts from the brokerage account; nevertheless, it does advise traders to keep a sufficient balance to continue trading profitably. The minimum withdrawal amount is $250. With a safety buffer that becomes available over time, the minimum balances and account sizes are well-defined. This is especially important for regular traders who intend to shut their accounts.

An important component of BluSky’s business strategy is profit sharing, which is meant to keep traders who are successful. The profit-sharing scheme that the company provides is gradated, with 80% of profits going to the company for earnings under $20,000, 85% going up for gains between $20,000 and $50,000, and 90% going up for profits over $50,000. Custom offers are also available for revenues over $100,000. This arrangement encourages traders to optimize their gains, coordinating their performance with BluSky’s expansion.

BluSky Trading Company Account Types

The account kinds that BluSky Trading Company offers have been thoroughly tested by our team of specialists at Dumb Little Man, and the results are stated below. To accommodate different trading demands and preferences, each evaluation account type is created with distinct rules, objectives, payments, and benefits. Based on careful investigation, the following is a clear and well-structured list of account types:

Premium Evaluations

  • Advanced 25K
    • Rules: 4 mini / 40 micros
    • Goals: Evaluation profit goal of $1,500; Trailing Drawdown of $-1,200; Daily Loss Limit of $600; Consistency of 30%; Min Trading Days of 8
    • Payouts: In the Earning Phase (BluLive), profit goal is $1,500; payouts at profit goal
    • Perks: Data, NinjaTrader License, 50% Off TraderVue included in both Evaluation and Earning Phases; No setup fee
  • Premium 50K
    • Rules: 10 mini / 100 micros
    • Goals: Evaluation profit goal of $3,000; Trailing Drawdown of $-2,000; Daily Loss Limit of $1,000; same consistency and min trading days as Advanced 25K
    • Payouts: In the Earning Phase (BluLive), profit goal is $3,000; payouts at profit goal
    • Perks: Same as Advanced 25K
  • Premium+ 100K
    • Rules: 14 mini / 140 micros
    • Goals: Evaluation profit goal of $6,000; Trailing Drawdown of $-2,500; Daily Loss Limit of $2,000; same consistency and min trading days as above
    • Payouts: In the Earning Phase (BluLive), profit goal is $3,500; payouts at profit goal
    • Perks: Same as above but with a starting balance of $3,500 in the Earning Phase (Brokerage)

Static Growth Accounts

  • Static Growth 150K
    • Rules: Eval: 5 Micros / 0 Minis; Funded: Up to 20 Minis
    • Goals: Evaluation profit goal of $2,000; Static Drawdown of $-800; No daily loss limit; No consistency required; Min Trading Days of 1
    • Payouts: Contract increase in Earning Phase (BluLive); 1 Minis, 10 Micros; Profit goal of $2,000
    • Perks: Data, NinjaTrader License, 50% Off TraderVue included; No setup fee; Static growth in Earning Phase (Brokerage) with a minimum balance of $300
  • Static Growth+ 200K (LIMITED OFFER!)
    • Rules: Eval: 10 Micros / 1 Minis; Funded: Up to 30 Minis
    • Goals: Evaluation profit goal of $4,000; Static Drawdown of $-2,000; No daily loss limit or consistency required; Min Trading Days of 1
    • Payouts: Contract increase in Earning Phase (BluLive); 2 Minis, 20 Micros; Profit goal of $3,000
    • Perks: Similar to Static Growth 150K but with a starting balance increase to $3,000 in the Earning Phase (Brokerage)

Opening a BluSky Trading Company Account

The procedure for opening an account with BluSky Trading Company is simple and easy to navigate. To get started with a live account with BluSky as soon as possible, just follow these eight easy steps to be into the funded trader programs, which include filling your account for evaluations and joining up.

  1. To begin, select the Sign Up Free button located in the upper right corner of the website.
  2. Agree to the Terms, Privacy Policy, and Risk Disclosure by marking the checkbox.
  3. Enter your email address and press continue.
  4. Look for a confirmation email in your inbox.
  5. Click the link within the confirmation email to finalize your account setup.
  6. Create a password for your account once it’s verified.
  7. Initiate a new evaluation by selecting Start New Evaluations and proceed to fund your account.
  8. You are now ready to start trading.

BluSky Trading Company Customer Support

BluSky Trading Company provides a range of customer assistance services to cater to the requirements of its clientele. Live chat, email, and phone help are among these choices, so clients can select the one that best fits their needs. These channels, which enable simple contact between the business and its clients, are made to be efficient and user-friendly based on Dumb Little Man’s expertise.

The live chat feature makes it possible to have an instant conversation with a customer service agent, which makes it a quick and practical way to ask questions and resolve problems. For individuals who would rather communicate in writing, emailing BluSky Trading Company is simple, and they promise to respond as soon as possible. For immediate assistance, clients can also reach them by phone at 1-727-315-1406, which is their support line.

Advantages and Disadvantages of BluSky Trading Company Customer Support

Multiple channels of communication

Immediate assistance through live chat

Direct phone support for complex issues

Potential wait times

Quality of support can vary

Limited availability outside business hours

BluSky Trading Company Withdrawal Options

BluSky Trading Company provides traders with adaptable and effective withdrawal choices, as verified by a Dumb Little Man trading expert. Important components of the procedure are highlighted by this first-hand experience, making it simple for consumers to comprehend and use.

For traders, daily payout processing offers a big advantage because it makes money accessible quickly. Weekday requests received by 12 PM EST are processed the same day, and funds are normally accessible in 1-3 business days. For aggressive traders who require prompt access to their earnings, this short turnaround time is perfect.

The brokerage account payout can be requested at any time without a minimum number of trading days, saving traders from having to wait unnecessarily. BluSky emphasizes that traders will receive their earnings swiftly. Once traders achieve profitability, they can commence withdrawals, switching from BluLive to a Brokerage account.

With a $250 minimum and no maximum limits, payout restrictions are well-defined. Nevertheless, traders are encouraged to keep a respectable balance in order to continue trading. This strategy promotes ethical account management while guaranteeing flexibility. BluSky’s emphasis on professional trader success and financial security is further evidenced by the establishment of minimum account balances and the supply of a safety buffer following regular trading.

Profit-sharing is a particularly beneficial approach that gives traders a larger portion of their earnings as they become more successful. This aligns the interests of BluSky and its traders by providing incentives for consistent trading and profitability.

A seamless transaction procedure is ensured by payouts processed through Direct ACH, and the tax policy is well-defined for both US and non-US parties. For traders, BluSky’s unrestricted payout right offers even more security and versatility.

Overall, Dumb Little Man’s evaluation of BluSky Trading Company’s withdrawal choices shows that the company is committed to meeting the needs of its traders for liquidity and success by providing a thorough and user-friendly system.

BluSky Trading Company Challenges and Difficulties

Your BluLive/Funded account with BluSky Trading Company can only be compromised if your balance drops below the authorized minimum. This balance is adaptive at first, increasing in line with your unrealized maximum balance. This balance standard becomes fixed if you meet your profit target, creating a long-term benchmark for your account.

To ease the burden on traders, BluSky has eliminated the daily loss cap for BluLive/Funded accounts, in contrast to certain other practices. Furthermore, trading is allowed to occur during news events, and the system automatically caps the quantity of contracts to discourage abuse.

Additionally, the technology controls trading hours by automatically blocking trades at the wrong times. To avoid the brokerage’s inactivity costs, you must make at least one trade per month.

In an effort to effectively prepare traders for live trading, BluSky’s evaluation procedure is purposefully more rigorous than that of certain competitors, rather than locking traders into a simulation forever. BluSky greatly loosened regulations after traders made the switch to financed trading, giving them a tremendous deal of trading freedom.

BluSky’s strategy is particularly advantageous for promoting successful market interaction since it is intended to provide traders with maximum flexibility during times of high stress and to guarantee they are well-prepared for the real trading environment.

How to Pass BluSky Trading Company Evaluation Process

In order to effectively navigate BluSky Trading Company’s evaluation process—which is renowned for its rigorous requirements—it is strongly advised to participate in a training program. This important stage can help you pass by giving you the information and techniques you need that are specifically designed to fulfill BluSky’s requirements. Anyone hoping to succeed in this difficult yet rewarding chance must prepare in this way.

Asia Forex Mentor – Rated Best Comprehensive Course Offering by Investopedia

The trading professionals at Dumb Little Man heartily recommend Asia Forex Mentor for people who are serious about passing the BluSky Trading Company evaluation process. Thousands of traders have used this tool to effectively navigate and pass the evaluation programs offered by their prop firm.

Asia Forex Mentor is the best option for traders who want to succeed, having been founded by the well-known forex trading expert Ezekiel Chew, who has over two decades of trading expertise. Chew, who is also the head of the Golden Eye Group, created the exclusive One Core Program with the intention of instructing traders on how to make money in the foreign exchange market.

A straightforward request for trading instruction from several close friends served as the impetus for Ezekiel Chew’s creation of Asia Forex Mentor (AFM). Since then, this project has grown into an extensive web program, and Chew has never looked back. His accomplishments attest to the efficacy of AFM, which was created to help others benefit from his vast knowledge, expertise, and experience.

Asia Forex Mentor is an unmatched resource for accomplishing those objectives for anyone who is committed to taking on the challenges posed by BluSky Trading Company.

How Could Asia Forex Mentor Help You Pass BluSky Trading Company Challenge?

Forex Trading Tutorial

Asia Forex Mentor (AFM), with its well-established reputation in the forex trading education industry, is an essential tool for anyone hoping to clear the BluSky Trading Company challenge. This is why AFM may hold the secret to your success:

Asia Forex Mentor’s One Core Program has been recognized by Investopedia, a leading source of financial education, as the Best Comprehensive Course Offering Award. This recognition demonstrates the comprehensiveness and depth of their training, guaranteeing traders a well-rounded education unmatched in the trading sector.

The One Core Program is the Best Forex Trading Course, according to Benzinga, a site renowned for its trustworthy financial, business, and stock market information. This accreditation attests to the program’s success in giving both beginning and seasoned traders the tools they need to be successful.

Asia Forex Mentor was named Best Forex Mentor by BestOnlineForexBroker in 2021, highlighting the program’s capacity to assist traders in making substantial gains in the forex market. This recommendation emphasizes the caliber of mentoring and direction that attendees can anticipate.

Top forex traders and platforms have named AFM’s One Core Program the Best Forex Trading Course, adding to the program’s praises. These reviews highlight the course’s superior trading system and strategic trading tactics, which distinguish it in the field of forex education.

These honors are not merely recognitions; rather, they serve as evidence of the efficacy and influence of the Asia Forex Mentor program on all of its participants—including those who aspire to succeed in BluSky Trading Company’s assessment procedure. AFM is a vital ally in your trading journey since it is ideally positioned to prepare traders for success, having a proven track record of surpassing learner expectations.

Asia Forex Mentor Members’ Testimonials

Ezekiel Chew’s One Core Program has been commended by members of the Asia Forex Mentor for greatly enhancing their forex trading performance. They draw attention to the program’s thorough material and simple tactics, which helped them go from a failing to a consistently lucrative strategy. Many of them can now clearly see a route to financial freedom, having conquered obstacles in the past thanks to the teaching’s effectiveness and clarity.

The curriculum stands out as a critical component in their success with forex trading and passing prop company evaluations because of its priceless knowledge and useful tools.

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Conclusion: BluSky Trading Company Review

BluSky Trading Company is regarded as an advantageous platform for traders due to its extensive customer service, adaptable withdrawal alternatives, and alluring profit-sharing model. BluSky’s commitment to fostering a trader-friendly environment is demonstrated by features like numerous communication channels, quick payout processing, and no minimum trading days for withdrawals. The group of trading specialists at Dumb Little Man highlights these advantages, confirming the business’s contribution to improving the trading experience.

probable traders should be aware of difficulties such as probable customer service delays, inconsistent support quality, and a rigorous review procedure. Some may also be hindered by the need to maintain a minimum balance and the penalties associated with inactivity on their accounts. The solution to these problems is simple: taking advantage of excellent courses such as Asia Forex Mentor will greatly increase the chances of passing BluSky Trading Company’s assessment and provide traders with the necessary skills and knowledge.

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BluSky Trading Company Review FAQs

What makes BluSky Trading Company appealing to professional and profitable traders?

BluSky Trading Company serves the demands of successful and experienced traders seeking a platform that recognizes their experience and rewards their accomplishments with an alluring profit-sharing model and extensive assistance.

Can new traders join BluSky Trading Company, or is it just for experienced traders?

Yes, BluSky Trading Company welcomes new traders. With its many tools and resources, the platform is meant to serve seasoned traders, but novice traders who are open to learning and adapting can also find growth prospects.

What are the key benefits of trading with BluSky Trading Company?

Its profit-sharing concept, which incentivizes traders based on their trading success, flexible withdrawal alternatives, no monthly fee, and numerous customer service communication channels make it a top option for traders looking for a productive and encouraging trading environment.





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