31 Best Leadership Qualities

By Dumb Little Man

January 10, 2024

31 Best Leadership Qualities

Unbeatable Leadership Skills that can Help You Champion Every Course.
Being a leader is hard but being a good leader is harder. The role of a leader is ironically challenging and rewarding at the same time. You could be the CEO or founder of a multimillion-dollar company, Politician, a real estate mogul, self-employed, or even trying to discover yourself. Your success story depends on the leadership qualities you have. Grab your cup of coffee and keep reading.

Let me show you world-class leadership qualities that will help you lead a good and fulfilling life.

1. Self-Motivated

People talk about the importance of leaders motivating the people around them and ensuring that people are pumped up and inspired about a task or a common goal. In all the inspiration flying here and there, people rarely ask the question. Who motivates the motivator? How does the motivator get motivated? How does the leader stay motivated day in day out? The simple answer is The Motivator must motivate him first.

Self-MotivatedPhoto: healthdesigns.net

A good leader draws strength from himself to stay motivated. The most effective way to stay motivated is to have a picture of your end goal in mind. Thinking about the outcome of your efforts will bring is enough motivation to get started and ahead. That is the secret of a-game business leaders.

2. Visionary

What pops up on the mind when anyone calls the title Visionary Leader? You will think of leaders in real-Estate like Donald Trump introducing a new project that will change the interaction between man and the built environment. Or Bill gate announcing his companies latest innovation. Visionary leadership exists in most fields.

VisionaryPhoto: alembicstrategy.com

True leaders can see the long-term benefits or consequences of any action taken. Being a Visionary leader is being clear about where to go and why they should go there.

3. Self-Discipline

The more self-discipline you are, the more productive you get. Self-discipline is a learnable quality anyone can attain through hard work and repetition. Well, this process may seem easy, but not easy to do. Everyone can become a great leader and achieve success if they continue to do the right things in the right way.

Self-DisciplinePhoto: grottonetwork.com

As a leader, check for the areas in your life or organization you want to discipline. There is a relationship between self-discipline and persistence. In other words, you start developing persistency as you commit to a lifestyle of self-discipline.

4. Focused

A good leader is more in control when they are focused. You get to be in control of your everyday life and able to shun distractions. There are times where things come up like an emergency and require your attention. In this scenario, you are more prepared and confident. A leader with a vision becomes more optimistic as he stays focus.

FocusedPhoto: healthline.com

Qualities that make a good leader are the ability to connect to his inner self. Staying Focus will help you better in problem-solving. Good leadership is having a clarity of purpose and direction. Stay focus and stay winning.

5. Confidence

Building confidence helps you ace your leadership qualities. As an effective leader, you will take a seat at the front row of mastery in career, business, etc. As your self-confidence increases. The moment your belief and perception about yourself change, your action will follow.

ConfidencePhoto: ellevatenetwork.com

As your confidence level increases, you begin to discard stress, worries, hesitation, and fear.

The leader in you begins to develop in every aspect of your life. Your thought, speech, and action will follow a pattern. More importantly, the outcome you get at the end will be spectacular. Confidence is one of the important characteristics a leader should bring to the table.

6. High Self Esteem

Self-esteem underpins every positive event in your life. Having strong leadership skills is being able to live your life on your terms. High self-esteem will help you be yourself at all times. Just like knowing your worth and not being apologetic about it. It takes an inner belief to stand firm and pursue a different goal than the regular people do.

High Self EsteemPhoto: inc.com

Being a leader is standing out. And to stand out, you must have this leadership skill of good self-esteem. Leaders need to accept new challenges to test their level of self-esteem. You will become more confident in yourself when you take up new challenges.

7. Lead by Example

Great leaders lead through character. You are setting yourself up for hatred if you only sit back and order people around. The truth is no one likes doing the dirty job. But if the leader is the first to roll up his sleeves and get down to work, none of the followers will be able to complain. If you live by this principle, you might just be laying the foundation for more failures.

Lead by ExamplePhoto: workmansuccess.com

Great leaders have tried doing the task before understanding that failure is an essential process of innovation, invention, and risk-taking. If you want an incredible team, give accolades to success. Give credits to your followers in an experimental environment. The attitude with which you handle matters tells of your leadership skill.

8. Proactive

Proactivity is one of the traits of a great leader. Qualities like being proactive get the job done faster and helps you meet up deadlines. Business leaders imbibe this skill in managing the factors of production from manufacturing to consumption. Good leaders must encourage proactivity among workers.

ProactivePhoto: legalleadershipinstitute.com

Some emergencies land on your desk and require your time and attention. Instead of being reactive and feeling frustrated, a great leader carves out time and sort out all of these works. Think of the idea of leadership as a proactive one.

9. Competence

A well-identified competence level can foster a strong personal and corporate culture. It builds a more arranged workforce and identifies competitive differentiation.


CompetencePhoto: hrexecutive.com

The act of being competent helps you make sure you have a persistent performance standard. Leadership competence will always rob off on other team members. Leaders transfer the competence in their personal life to everyone around them.

10. Ability to Inspire

The heart to inspire is one of the single and most important leadership that separates leaders from bosses. We have admirable bosses everywhere but only a few leaders who can inject passion, energy, drive, and connections into their team members. Another leadership quality is taking up the role to inspire others and making the world a better place than they met it.

Ability to InspirePhoto: forbes.com

A good leader first inspires with his lifestyle and then by the outcome of what he does. The good qualities and actions of a leader are a source of inspiration by default. You must not own a company before you can inspire others. You can always inspire people and followers with a simple act or gesture.

11. Self Awareness

For anyone to take up a leadership position, they must have passed the self-awareness test. One of the qualities of a leader is the ability of decision-making and getting things done. Awareness help leaders make better choices. Awareness gives clarity of vision. Being self-aware can help you tackle new ideas.

Self AwarenessPhoto: knowledge.wharton.upenn.edu

Awareness helps you understand what you bring to the table. Honesty and facts are no longer strange to you as you consciously wear your character. The act of awareness help leaders to be more realistic in their expectations. A self-aware leader is always a perfect example for his followers.

12. Reading

Leaders are readers goes the saying. If you must lead successfully, then you must read. One of the traits of a leader is reading, constantly updating his library. Leading becomes easy when leaders respect the thought and opinions of authors and experts in their field. As a good team player, reading keeps you ahead of everyone else.

ReadingPhoto: chieflearningofficer.com

A reading leader has a rich vision for the future of his organization. The responsibilities of decision-making and problem solving is on the shoulder of the leader. Reading tends to expand new ideas and confidently work itself. Reading helps you think better, and the quality of your thought is the quality of your life. Develop a consistent reading habit.

13. Decisiveness

A good leader makes a decision that has the optimum benefit of the organization at heart. Decisiveness is one of the qualities of a good leader. Great leaders make timely decisions. The qualities of a good leader are the ability to be decisively and effectively execute plans and achieve goals.

DecisivenessPhoto: elitecme.com

Having good leadership qualities starts from gathering enough data enough to decide on a subject matter.

14. Commitment

One of the leadership qualities a leader can have is commitment. Effective leadership is being committed to a vision. This way, he can communicate this vision to followers better.

CommitmentPhoto: fisher.osu.edu

Another benefit of commitment is refusing the seduction of other irrelevant options. Staying focus on your team, vision, and ideas yield better results. Great leaders have few goals in life and commit to them.

15. Consistency

Consistency helps good leaders communicate their values. It gives them credibility. But when you are not consistent, your value always reduces. Successful leaders build valuable networks and relationships with consistency.

ConsistencyPhoto: skilltec.ch

Good leaders become more clear about their vision as long as they stay consistent with their goals. A good leader is a focused leader when they are committed to a mission.

16. Effective Communication Skill

One of the best leadership qualities you cannot boycott is good communication skills.

We cannot communicate with people without communication. To receive, deliver, and understanding the message well. Communication is a means of sharing information among team members.

Effective Communication SkillPhoto: talkshop.ph

Best leaders are known for their ability to communicate effectively with their team members.

Communication will get every task done on time. Great leaders should have good communication skills.

17. Accountable

Accountability is one of the great leadership qualities that help you earn trust and even other leaders. Accountable leadership enshrines your vision in the minds of people. Being accountable sharpens your skill and win in business. Accountability builds trust.

AccountablePhoto: rhythmsystems.com

It improves team performance. Accountability is an essential quality for any organization. Expect your members, employees, stakeholders, and shareholders to desire accountability when running a business. Great leaders are not scared of accountability.

18. Courage

The first trait that in leadership is courage. Good leaders are courageous in the face of any challenge or situation. The leadership attributes that stands you out from other team members is your fearlessness.

CouragePhoto: smallbizclub.com

Courage allows you to stay in your vision unafraid and hit your targets in business, Politics, relationships, or any positive connection you have with the world. In all honesty, courage is that practice that sees your future ambition come into reality. Courage helps you eat all your goals, letting you check the menu list.

19. Authenticity

One of the qualities that make good leaders is authenticity and originality. Authenticity and honesty exist together in terms of productivity.

AuthenticityPhoto: ccl.org

A company with an authentic leader on the team will grow.

Authentic leaders begin with the will and commitment to work on themselves to achieve the success they desire. Great leaders are authentic.

20. Team Player

One of the traits of good leaders or leadership is the ability to be a good team player. When choosing a leader, the characteristic you should be looking out for is a good team player. A good team player makes the business easy and has the foresight of the future.

Team PlayerPhoto: exclusive.multibriefs.com

An example of a good leader is his ability to bring content and solution to the table. When employees see that their leader is efficient enough, they become self-motivated to do their part of the task. Effective leaders are good team players.

An employee usually performs only his own set of tasks without going further than that. A leader is genuinely interested in contributing to the development of the company. Therefore has to face the future and think long-term.

21. Ability to listen

A good practice of effective leadership is the ability to listen. You will agree with me that listening is an essential part of communication. Leadership skills like listening to followers do not come as easy.

Ability to listenPhoto: inc.com

In business, for you to satisfy your clients, you must pay attention to their needs. How will they communicate this need if you boycott listening as a leader? The ability to listen earns you some degree of respect among your followers. Listen, create empathy in you as a leader 1. leadership qualities like listening are rare. So train yourself to be a good listener.

22. Resourceful

Resourcefulness is one of the qualities that qualify you as a world-class leader. Resourcefulness adds to your integrities.

ResourcefulPhoto: metaviablesolutions.com

Open-minded leaders must be passionate about breaking boundaries and redefining what is and is not possible.

So it is not wrong to say good leaders are resourceful.

23. Responsibility

Taking responsibility is being in control. Whether situations go right or wrong. There is an importance for learning how to take control and own your actions. If we cannot master this skill, we will be forever stuck.

ResponsibilityPhoto: notredameonline.com

24. Passionate

Unlike other skills, you cannot learn passion. Passion is the attitude of an effective leader that drives actions. Great leaders bring energy on board. Passion helps create a positive environment. Great leaders build influence through their passion for what they do.

PassionatePhoto: ellevatenetwork.com

One of the leadership qualities is the ability to drive a vision to the end. Employees can be influenced by the level of passion leaders carry for a specific task. Good leaders are passionate people.

25. People Management

Great Leaders should know how to manage people at any organization. People are very complex and possess different personalities and characteristics.

People ManagementPhoto: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Being able to manage employees, clients, competitors can help boost outcomes. Leadership is seeing that employees work better and effectively.

The importance of people management in an organization also goes through knowledge and skills. By assessing this attitude, good leaders can identify the strength and weaknesses of people. Invest in strategies to improve these characteristics, which affect the outcome of your work.

26. Project Management

Project management includes planning, managing, monitoring, and executing a project. Having a Project manager as a leader is a plus to any team. His presence in an organization guarantees a huge ROI. The project manager helps in giving clients value for their money. A leader who has project management skills is more trusted to carry out the task. The project manager is the guy with the master plan.

27. Time Management

Leadership is the act of time management. It is how to optimize time for your benefit. Time management eases stress – Managing your time can directly reduce your stress level. Fewer tight deadlines. Fewer surprises. Less rushing from task to task and place-to-place.

Time ManagementPhoto: business2community.com

Time management helps you get things done faster – Being productive is one of the main goals of time management. When you are aware of what you need to do, you can better manage your workload. Good leaders get tasks done in less time.

28. Humility

One of the attributes of humility is accepting other opinions. A humble leader is open-minded to his followers. He politely shows his strengths and weaknesses. Humility is an important leadership skill that teaches patience. Being humble helps you understand that everyone is not equal.

HumilityPhoto: axonactive.com

Humble leaders look for opportunities to catch their staff doing something well and let them know. They will acknowledge when something went wrong. But focus on solutions and learning opportunities. But being humble does not mean being manipulated. Set firm boundaries and be open about what you look for in others.

People that work for a humble leader will know what to do. And not have to worry about being criticized, called out, or humiliated in front of their colleagues.

29. Integrity

Leadership and integrity are next-door neighbors. Integrity remains one of the world’s top leadership qualities. Where there is little or no integrity in leadership, there is no trust. Relationships fail, marriages fail, businesses fail due to lack of integrity. Integrity is doing what is right even when no one is watching. It will help you build trust and credibility.

IntegrityPhoto: dailypioneer.com

30. Respectable

Leadership is gaining respect. People and clients tend to honor a person who has a track record for excellence. Respectable leadership begins with being in control of a situation. An irresponsible person is a danger to his society. A leader must consider respect as a personal thing.

RespectablePhoto: entrepreneur.com

A workplace without respect is usually easy to spot. In such a situation, people speak less when there is a problem.

When leaders do not treat their employees and peers with respect, the entire foundation becomes wobbly, putting the company at risk.

If we want to influence others to work with us or complete a project, remember the old English proverb, you catch more flies with honey than vinegar.

When we are polite and respectful to others, people will be more willing to work with us. A sour, disrespectful boss will only gather empty chairs as people move on to better opportunities.

Respect, in its purest essence, begins from inside. Believing in yourself is the first step to creating a respectful environment for others. When we are full of doubt, others see this. When we are second-guessing ourselves, we have lost our agility. We have lost the ability to influence others to see the visions of greatness that may exist only in our brains.

31. Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence allows you to have empathy when relating to others.

Emotional IntelligencePhoto: entrepreneur.com

Empathy is the ability to put yourself in the situation of other people. Without empathy, you will have trouble recognizing if something is wrong with your team. And you find it difficult to understand why their performance or productivity is low. Empathy is a way of earning trust. When your employees feel understood by you, they trust you more.


You are a great leader if you have read this far because leaders are readers. Leadership qualities are not limited to the above. The leadership attributes discussed will enhance your life.

Let’s have a quick quiz. In a pile full of all these qualities, which will be your first two picks? Let me guess; Courage and Confidence? or Self inspired and project manager?. They are all important qualities. You are no magician, so nobody excepts all of these qualities to jump on you in one day. You should not be hard on yourself if your leadership skills are not up yet. Take it one at a time. As you put the effort in adopting these leadership qualities, remember that consistent practice makes perfection. True leadership qualities will give you an edge in life. Start now, be a leader.

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