Top 9 Best Boogie Boards in 2024 (Tested and Proven)

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January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

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You always wonder about the line where the sky meets the sea whenever you are at the beach with your family and friends, and it suddenly calls you to become part of it. The feeling of the breeze inviting you to a ride at the wave will turn into the best experience you will ever have.

Unfortunately, you have never tried the thrill of riding the water currents, and you suddenly thought of learning it. Then the magic of a boogie board is what you only need!

These ingenious little boards enable you to swim conveniently at the pool or even ride over different waves. Each of these boogie board has its own different function and feature that you can use at your own fitting. Thus, we gathered the best boogie boards out there for your feet to set on.

It doesn’t matter if you are a fully-fledged adult or an energetic child because these boogie boards can help you experience the best fun that you want under the heat of the sun. Read now to find out which of these boards matches you and ride with us!

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Quick List Best Boogie Boards in 2024

1. Morey Mach 7                                                             Visit in Amazon

2. BPS Storm Bodyboard                                               Visit in Amazon

3. GoPlus Super Bodyboard                                           Visit in Amazon

4. Morey Pro Series Mach 10                                         Visit in Amazon

5. Own the Wave 41″                                                     Visit in Amazon

6. NMD Board Co. Ben Player Kinetic LTD                     Visit in Amazon

7. THURSO SURF Lightning 42″                                     Visit in Amazon

8. Wavestorm 40″ Bodyboard 2                                     Visit in Amazon

9. Bo-Toys Body Board                                                   Visit in Amazon


Here are the 9 Best Boogie Boards in 2024

1. Morey Mach 7Mach 7 Yellow/Red

Morey Mach 7 boogie board comes with a polyethylene skin deck that can keep up from intense sea waves and hefty durability that enables you to ride the waves without any bother. An X-Flex Mesh is incorporated to its core to make it more springy to prevent it from over-flexing. Inside is Morey’s X-Flex Polypro, a premium super lightweight polypropylene core used by every professional bodyboarder.

The board is 100% hydrophobic, meaning it won’t easily absorb water once disfigured. It is stiffer than any other boogie board and suited for temperate to warm seas. It has a Surlyn flexural shape feature that allows it to conform and follow the wave’s curves. The rider can have more control over it and with its crescent tail that enables more fluidity which is primarily designed for any wave conditions such as close-out, and shore break conditions. Furthermore it has a weight limit of 160-180 lbs.

Morey Mach 7 boogie board is an all-around bodyboard that can make your waterboarding experience more memorable. It is best for making breakthroughs and it gives you a joyous experience over the rushing waters. Its quality is top-notch, and you can never find another type of boogie board like this in a standard store. The big thing here is that this board is affordable for everyone.


  • Super strong
  • More springy feeling
  • 100% hydrophobic
  • Faster and stiffer movements for its size and shape
  • Best suited for temperate to warm wave waters
  • Increased fluidity and controllable
  • All-around board for different wave conditions
  • Foam texture feeling


  • Hard to control for beginners
  • It does not come with a leash and plughole
  • Not a kids-level board


  • $129.95 – $199.95

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2. BPS Storm BodyboardBPS Storm Green

Barrel Point Surf (BPS) Storm Bodyboard is there for everyone who wants to join the fun.

This boogie board comes with super lightweight gear incorporated with a slick that amplifies each ride to high speeds. It also has an EPS core for buoyancy and balance and bottom rear channels with a crescent tail for excellent performance.

Its name “Storm” represents that this body board is perfect for all wave conditions that it can handle speeds, a perfect balance, and streamlined movement. This comes with a coiled leash to prevent kids from dropping and fin tethers to ensure sturdiness and it has a weight limit of 60-188 lbs.

The good thing about buying this board is that it has a full 12-month product guarantee and is made to last for a lifetime. A super lightweight and max-efficient feature body board is now within your grasp. With these BPS Storm, you can have the feeling of a perfect sensation in dealing fun along the beach.


  • Comes with a coiled leash and fin tethers
  • Super lightweight size and slick bottom
  • Rear Bottom Channels
  • Good for high-speed surface waves
  • Offers a resistance-free ride


  • Glue tends to come out from its seams
  • Bottom and top layers may experience bubbling
  • Poor packaging


  • $49.99 – $69.99

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3. GoPlus Super Bodyboard

GoPlus Blue

If you want to maintain a fresh and exciting feeling of surfing with your kids on the beach, then the GoPlus Body Board is the one for you. Its relentless features could help you relax and exercise your body, plus it has bright colors with aesthetic patterns.

GoPlus Body Board comes with high-quality, durable materials that feature an XPE deck with good impact resistance and durability. Adding to that, the board’s EPS core is weather-resistant. Moreover, it has a high-density polyethylene slick bottom that gives additional stiffness, thus increasing projection, speed, and flexibility. It has other lightweight and strong buoyancy features that give the rider more contact with it and a better loading capacity to carry. It is very durable and has the great dynamic design of having 60/50 rails, crescent tail, and rear channels, which you can easily stand on it without any worries.

It has a protective leash and adjustable wristband that provides better traction which enhances stability and safety. It has a weight limit of 89-189 lbs. GoPlus Body board is your best choice and it’s available for both kids and adults. With its sturdy, buoyant, and lightweight characteristics, it is definitely a perfect match for your summer water beach escapade. Lastly, it can help newbies and kids to engage in real wave surfing.


  • Good buoyancy and high durability
  • Fade resistance and safety dynamic design
  • Waterproof and weather-resistant
  • Lightweight size and easy to carry


  • Only supports weights up to 145 lbs
  • Wristband breaks easily
  • Leash is not strong enough
  • Must be stored carefully to avoid the decals from melting


  • $ 52.99

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4. Morey Pro Series Mach 10Mach 10 Black and Blue

Morey Pro Series Mach 10 comes with a narrow contact design with a slightly wide point that has been developed for bodyboarders who seek control and speed. With its design, it allows kids and adults to control the ride. The board also has various colors and stylish designs to choose from.

With its durability, this Morey board can last for a lifetime with its X-flex mesh covered with a polypropylene core for added buoyancy. Moreover, this board is designed for the performance of flexibility and stiffness that allows the rider to adjust to the curves of the waves.


  • Can last for a lifetime
  • Lasting comfortability
  • Enhanced controllability
  • Flexible and durable


  • Not suitable for beginners
  • No leash


  • $149.99 – $229.95

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5. Own the Wave Own the Wave Blue

The On the Wave – Beach Attack comes with a super lightweight feature with an added spiral strap and a fin bra set for your swim fins to be secured. It is intended for a great performance that can give you high speeds due to its lower surface and an EPS core. It has a crescent tail and lower rear channels that can further aid your experience.

This boogie board is 100% guaranteed, and it has a 12-month warranty. This boogie weapon is best for casual boogie boarding, and with its lightweight feature, you won’t realize how much it can control your movements. It will give you the buoyancy and the speed that you’ve need upon rushing in the tides.

If you want to go further with your skills on real waves, you can step up your game using this monster boogie board.


  • Comes with a leash and fin tethers
  • Smooth glides across waters and versatile
  • Ultra-lightweight and reliable
  • Better control because of its 60/40 rails


  • Low weight limit of 150 lbs


  • $44.99 – $59.99

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6. NMD Board Co. Ben Player Kinetic LTDBen Player Black

The NMD Board co. Ben Player Kinetic LTD comes with a wide nose and tail that matches perfectly. It has a low wide point that generates a unique prone curve built to provide stability. It has a Surlyn finish for perfect drive and recoil. Its lightweight fusion foam enhances stiffness and offers instant recoil, plus the foam is 100% waterproof and ideal in warm to mild temperatures. Despite its soft and flexible nature, its durability is one of a kind.

It has additional features such as bull grips for gripping, a nose and tail buffer for comfort and durability. It also has 55/45 double rails that enhance steering capacity. This type of boogie board can engage you in the most fun experience to be with the water waves.


  • High-performance board with enhanced steering ability
  • Enhanced grip and control
  • Long-lasting durability


  • Not suitable for beginners
  • No leash


  • $744.54 – $824.98

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7. Thurso Surf Lightning 42″Thurso Surf Blue and White

If you want a companion that goes with you whenever you go swimming, you can take the THURSO Surf Lightning Bodyboard.

This 42″ lightweight board comes with stability and buoyancy, making it a good option for kids and seasoned bodyboarders. A wrist/ankle leash is included for safety, and it has a 180 lbs rider capacity. Its two stringers enable riders to control the board with a rigid PE core, which adds better buoyancy.

It contains a 4 mm high-density IXPE deck and a slick polyethylene bottom which both sides are heat laminated for added durability.


  • Has a sealed bag that has an exterior pouch for storage
  • Larger size to help newbies maintain balance
  • Added buoyancy and soft foam for comfort
  • Untangling ankle strap for better movement
  • Inexpensive considering its quality


  • Available only in blue and orange colors
  • Too slippery for some
  • Vulnerable to ripping apart


  • $149.00

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8. Wavestorm 40″ Bodyboard 2Wavestorm Body Board 2 Assorted Color

If you want a bodyboard with a soft touch, then pick the Wavestorm Bodyboard 2.

It offers a package of two bodyboards made of soft foam with EPS cores, making them a well-built board. It comes with HDPE high-impact bottoms that make it strong to negate impacts from strong water waves. Also, it has slick skin covers that are great in improving speed.

One security benefit of this board is that it has a pre-installed wrist and ankle leash that is very convenient for kids. This Wavestorm is typically suitable for every family member although these boards don’t have stringers with them. Nonetheless, it is still sturdy and can be used for longer periods.


  • Aesthetic feel with 3 color variations
  • High speed and durability
  • Stable and secured for safety when riding
  • Designed for kids


  • No stringer features
  • Leashes are short
  • Lacks performance features
  • Not suitable for drop knee riding


  • $82.40

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9. Bo-Toys Body BoardBT Toys Body Board Blue

Here comes the Mike Stewart Science Pocket LTD CT Bodyboard designed by Mike Stewart, a famous person in boogie boarding. With its creator, there is no difference that this boogie board has the best features, from its material to its design.

It comes with a crescent tail and a stringer that is polypropylene-made to make the entire board material stiffer and free to manage. The body’s shape is usually composed of wood and is has a strip from front to end. The crescent tail feature typically helps to support riders securely.

The bottom part is made of a glossy Surlyn material with a very durable composition that is a sign that it can last long. When it comes to great performance, you will be awed at this boogie board. With its shape and custom weight design, it will help you achieve a total difference in control and be able to experience the summer surface waves of water freely.


  • Designed by a world-acclaimed bodyboard Mike Stewart
  • Sturdy stringer gear and flexible crescent tail
  • Premium Surlyn bottom
  • Better glide experience


  • Wrist leash not included
  • More expensive than most bodyboards
  • Not suitable for kids


  • $49.95 – $60.95

 Visit in Amazon

BT Toys Body Board Blue


Boogie boarding is a trending, fun sport that is suited for kids and everyone. In fact, it is suitable for individuals who have no time to learn how to surf. It is much safer and easier and costs you a little experience to ride on it in a swimming pool and other water waves with lesser risk.

This sport is also nice for workouts because it improves your paddling muscles and can tone your leg muscles as well. This sport helps anyone enjoy the stay while staying in the middle of the beach while creating some relaxation form for the body.

To better experience, the magic of boogie boards, purchase the best one that suits you from the reviews mentioned. You can search more at for more information on its prices. Consider the related features and specifications that every board has. It might be easy, but it requires a lot of thinking. Then make it your buddy when going on vacations on different summer waters under the heat of the sun.


Q: How to use a boogie board

A: First and foremost, it is necessary to wax your board’s body to give you enough grip as you ride and swim on the raging waters. This is to make you stable when you hit such waves coming to you. When doing proper positioning, you should hold the nose of the bodyboard while lying down on your chest on the upper half of the board. After making a stable position, move through the water by paddling your feet. This will take some time for you to be comfortable, but eventually, you will get used to it.

Q: What is a boogie board?

A boogie board may look the same as a simple floating device to some, but it has more features and characteristics that are unique from each other. It is the design that matters. With the mentioned reviews, one can notice that it has certain features that are similar.

Boogie boards are hydrodynamic that use different kinds of core materials like EPS, PE, etc., polypropylene. Most boogie boards come with a stringer tube that provides better control and channels on the slick tail for better grip.

Q. Is a boogie board the same as a bodyboard?

Yes, bodyboards are also known as boogie board. They are similar to surfboards but are shorter and mostly wider in size. Boogie board is just a brand name that is widely known and used by most people.

Q. Is boogie boarding and surfing the same?

Both are the same in wave riding, but the only difference between the two is their difficulty. Boogie boarding is much easier than surfing because it is less straining to the body; unlike wave surfing, it can be a burden even to balance with your feet. It is also introduced as a foundation for wave surfing. So, if you want to surf that much, then start at boogie boarding with your family.

Q. Is boogie boarding safe for kids?

Yes, it is safe for kids since it is being made ideally for a child of all sorts and amateurs who want to have fun in the water. Most boards come with a wrist leash that helps to secure the rider to not stumble down into the water.



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