There`s No Babbel Chinese: Here Are Better Choices!

By J Maver

January 3, 2023   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Chinese classes are becoming increasingly popular. But, what should you do if you can’t find a Babbel’s Chinese course? There are plenty of other options that might be more suitable for your needs and preferences.

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There`s No Babbel Chinese

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There`s No Babbel Chinese: Here Are Better Choices!

There are no Babbel Chinese courses to help you learn Mandarin. That is why you would want a program that will teach you how to speak the language without knowing any of the grammar rules.

There`s No Babbel Chinese

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There are many options out there for learning Mandarin and it can be difficult to know which one is best suited for your needs. This blog post discusses some of the various programs available and gives some insight into their pros, cons, and price ranges so that anyone who wants to learn Mandarin can find something they love at an affordable cost.

Alternatives to Babbel Chinese

1.Pimsleur for Chinese Language Learning

Pimsleur is a good tool for Chinese language learning courses.

They of course do offer great insight into the pronunciation and structure (which no other program can beat) of the Chinese Language. This allows you to communicate at an extremely basic level with very little outside study in the Chinese Language.

Pimsleur for Chinese

The benefit of this course app is allowing you to focus on mastering the basics of the Chinese Language before moving on to more complex things. It is also one of the best alternatives to Babbel Chinesisch; and also a fun way to build your vocabulary, improve dialogues delivery and tones, word form, speech features among different popular apps online in quite an effective manner.

The main point here in the course app should be that it focuses heavily on building your foundation while giving you just enough exposure through conversation to allow you to build upon it yourself as being able to learn new words through context.


– Course has a huge focus on spoken skills (perfect your tones) and accurately written characters of the Chinese Language.

– Great course site for learning spoken skills and understand Chinese without getting too much into grammar.


– No exposure to culture or daily life conversations/topics for learning Chinese.

– Lack of any real vocabulary-building course beyond the basics, which in turn limits conversation topics.


There`s No Babbel Chinese

$150-$575 depending on the subscription of the number of levels purchased.


2.iTalki to Learn Languages

iTalki to Learn Languages

iTalki is a great tool for finding Chinese language courses partners, arranging skype sessions with native speakers, and find out about all sorts of different languages resources/courses you can employ in your quest to learning Chinese languages. This is one of the major, popular and effective options available among different apps online to get quite a hold on practical content, article form, and dialogues delivery.

It’s probably one of the best places and course material for learning Chinese languages plus grammar out there right now; to find someone who wants to speak Mandarin, even if it’s just getting together with a native speaker of China once every other week to practice speaking or take some lessons.

There`s No Babbel Chinese

iTalki is a good course for practicing your Chinese conversational skills with others as well as getting your speaking accent checked by a native speaker. This course is especially helpful in understanding the correct Chinese tone and pitch to use when pronouncing words and phrases of Chinese languages. That said the comments are also available in English and the content is worth trying. Once you start using it, you will come to like it like me because it gives you worth for your time.

The lack of structure might be tough if you’re used to Babbel Chinese(Babbel Chinesisch), but it’s nice to learn to speak about whatever you want and still have help understanding what you need from a language app/teacher.

Just because Babbel Chinese(Babbel Chinesisch) has a set lesson plan doesn’t mean that it will be beneficial for everyone at least not to the Chinese Language seekers — iTalki provides much more freedom. It allows you to leave comments and get the company you prefer like English people, Asian partners, etc.


– Great community and easy ways to find partners around the world.


– No structured lessons that are completed through the app or website.


iTalki to Learn Languages

It is approximately 5$ an hour for trial and 15$ or more per hour depending on the tutor selected.


3.Mondly to Learn a New Language

Mondly to Learn a New Language

Mondly is an app that focuses on teaching you the basics of the Chinese language before moving onto more complex topics. It does this through its wonderful and engaging lessons on Chinese, which teach you key phrases with real-world examples, along with short conversations in Chinese which show how these basic phrases are used in everyday life. It is one of the best alternatives to Babbel Chinesisch.

The benefit of Mondly comes from its simple interface and friendly/engaging content. The Chinese lessons themselves are only a few minutes long so it’s not a big commitment to learn even if you only have a minute or two free every day.

Mondly to Learn a New Language

This allows learners to focus on specific traits as opposed to spending hours trying to get through everything like on the Babbel platform. You come to like it whether you are an Asian learner or from anywhere around the globe.


– Great site to get started to learn online about common phrases and vocab instead of Babbel.

– Extremely easy to find time for lessons throughout the day.

– Fun/engaging way to learn Mandarin through short mini-games, quizzes, etc.


– Limited focus thus far on pronunciation or writing characters (more complex topics are coming soon).


There`s No Babbel Chinese

It is free with limited features and a premium plan costs you 6.66$ per month or 32.65$ yearly which includes access to all Mondly languages.



We hope you found this article on Babble Chinesisch alternatives useful and that it helped you find a solution to your lack of time or money. Since Babbel doesn’t have a Chinese learning option, Pimsleur is one option if you have the funds but are lacking in time. iTalki is another great choice if budget is an issue. Finally, there`s Mondly which has a free trial period so even those who can’t afford anything else will be able to try out some language learning tools before buying any subscriptions at all.

There`s No Babbel Chinese

If I had only one suggestion for an alternative to Babbel, it would be Pimsleur because it has been around forever and Pimsleur uses the best method for learning and retaining the Chinese language; active recall. Active recall, as opposed to rote memorization, is a powerful technique that helps learners remember what they learned in a way that transfers from short-term memory to long-term memory.


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