About Being Yourself, Receiving, and Interesting Points of View

By Janavi Chawla

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Last December, I had joined the theater society in my college and had mixed feelings about it until a few days back.

On one hand, I was really happy because the society was really hard to get into. There was this whole procedure that one was supposed to go through in order to get in and I was able to do that! But on the other hand, I wasn’t really sure how interested I was in being a part of it. It was really exhausting and boring sometimes. Well, most of the time.

I was constantly asking questions:

What is right about this? What contribution can this give to my life? How much fun can I have?

And then one day, I asked my mom what to do. It was becoming more of a burden than a place of creative exploration and fun. What she said was something that changed my whole view about the things that I have to do in my life.

She asked me: What am I not willing to receive from the theater society that it is willing to offer?

I never really looked at it that way. I always saw it as something that I was investing time in. It’s something that I auditioned for, something I had to do out of obligation rather than something that might be investing in me and creating something greater for me! We always think that we are the ones who are doing everything!

being yourself

Now, let me also make it clear that this does not mean increasing expectations. It just means having an allowance to receive what something or someone has to offer to us.

This reminds me of another thing that was creating a barrier for me to truly enjoy being a part of the theatre society. One day, after practice, the directors of my play called me and said that they felt like I’m restricting myself and my body. It is showing clearly which creates a certain awkwardness.

While they were only referring to me restricting my physical body, it made me realize that I was restricting myself from being myself!

What do I mean by that?

I was always serious in the practice session. I never had fun or even thought of it. I’ve never voiced my opinion or suggestions, feared both of my directors and separated myself from them and the other actors.

All of the things that I mentioned are in stark contrast to my personality.

I am nothing like that! I mean, I am serious when I have to be.

So imagine pretending to be someone else the whole time from noon to 6 pm. No wonder I was finding it boring and burdensome!

Have you ever felt that way? Stuck in something so bad, but at the same time not willing to give it up? There might be something that you haven’t been looking at, just like me. Don’t worry though, I have got your back.

Receiving a gift is the gift

Wait… what?

Let’s break it down.

Being willing to receive the gift in something or someone is the true gift. Many of us don’t acknowledge but we have a hard time receiving anything that life has to offer.

But what if by refusing to receive we eliminate all the possibilities that exist? What if we receive everything like we receive free food?

Interesting. How joyous would that be.

What are you not willing to receive from something or someone that they have to offer? If that is, what would it take to change that?

About being yourself

about being you

For the sake of yourself and everyone else, always be yourself cause there is NO ONE like you. One of the most amazing things that one of my favorite people on the planet, Dr. Dain Heer, has said is the greatest thing in life is being yourself. It is the easiest thing one could ever be so why would one want to choose to be something else? If you were truly being yourself, what would that be like?

Take it from me, spending half the day pretending to be someone is not fun! Unless you are an actor, then sure!

Interesting point of view

This is a phrase that looks just like a normal phrase but has changed so many things for me. One of the things I realized is that I was restricting myself from truly being myself because I was too afraid of people I had kept on a pedestal. I was afraid of their judgment and I was preoccupied with all the things other people have said.

But what if everything is an interesting point of view?

Judgments, other people’s opinion, you own opinion — what if they were just interesting point of views that wouldn’t hinder you in any way?

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