9 Free Ways To Instantly Become More Attractive


October 7, 2009   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Attraction is a funny thing. If you’re like many, you may believe physical appearance is the driving force behind attractiveness. If you’re in that group and hold that belief, you’d be wrong.

While physical appearance plays a large role in how you are perceived, your thoughts and how you choose to carry yourself remain the dominant power at the wheel. The truth is, you don’t need the hottest style of clothing to be attractive. You don’t need to be on the latest diet to become irresistible. With the right mindset you can unleash your natural beauty within. How?

  • Be Real
    A great deal of people try to hide their true self by subscribing to false identities. When you do this, not only do you obstruct your inbred magnificence, you release a sense of falseness. Fakery is never inviting.

There’s no reason to hide your faults or pretend they don’t exist. Embrace your true qualities; no one expects you to be perfect.

Those who are true to themselves are inherently going to be more attractive. Never be embarrassed of falling short. Being real means accepting who you are and loving yourself as a result. Only when you love yourself can you genuinely begin to love others. Nothing is more sexy then love.


  • Talk With Purpose
    There’s something attractive about those who have a purpose behind their words. Avoid talking just for the sake of filler. When you talk, speak with authority. Allow your soul to speak rather than your pleasure driven ego.


Abraham Lincoln reportedly once said, “Better to keep your mouth closed and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.”


  • Listen
    In an increasingly opinionated world, the skill of genuinely listening has decreased substantially, therefore learning to do so is imperative. When you talk, really talk, and when you listen, really listen. Suspend judgment and open your heart to receive. Talking to a wall is never attractive.


There’s something magnetic about one who cares enough to truly listen.


  • Laugh
    When you laugh, you emit the inner beauty of your being to all those around. While it’s certainly possible to over do it, laughing is virtually always looked at in a positive light. A sense of humor is alluring. No one likes a grouch.



  • Smile
    Combined with laughing, smiling is one of the easiest ways to radiate attractiveness. When you smile, you open yourself up to connect with all those around. Did you know the most successful individuals are the one’s that smile most?



  • Don’t Complain
    If you’re like the majority of society, a great deal of your thoughts and conversations involves complaining. Talk about a turn off. Do everything in your power not to complain. Those who complain attract more situations to complain about. Instead, embrace each and every moment as a gift from the universe. Don’t expect to glow if you instead to choose to whine.



  • Feel Attractive
    How can you expect to be attractive if you don’t feel that you are? Each and everyone of us is overflowing with natural beauty. When you feel attractive, you release attractiveness. However, there’s a fine line between confidence and cockiness. Always avoid the latter. When you sincerely believe you are an attractive individual, which by nature you are, those around you won’t be able to help but think the same.



  • Be Open
    No one likes someone who is closed off and not accessible. Be open to create authentic relationships and watch the connections unfold. Far too often people feel as if they are too good for someone, but the reality is we are all part of a single cell: humanity. When you allow others to connect with you, you instantly become that much more appealing. Be open and willing and watch as your authentic relationships manifest. 🙂



  • Walk With Your Head Up
    How do you walk? Do you walk with your head down? A simple shift in the way you walk will do wonders in how you are perceived in the public eye. Confidence goes a long way. Look up and observe the beauty of the world, and in turn you will begin to radiate it.


While millions continue to look to the latest product or style to make them more attractive, realize that you have a choice. You can express your elegance as a human being or you can continue to barely glimmer. Everything you need, you already have.

Put away your wallet and radiate your beauty today. 🙂

Written on 10/07/2009 by Bud Hennekes. Bud is an 18 year old blogger and aspiring young entrepreneur. His hobbies vary depending the day, but more often than not he enjoys reading, authentic conversation, meditating, blogging, and growing. He is the owner of www.aboundlessworld.com. Photo Credit: mikebaird

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