8 Ways Jealousy Can Help You Grow

By Janice Pascual

May 2, 2014   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man



I’m sure we’ve all felt jealous at some point in our lives. Whether it was the friend who just bought that big house, the friend who is always in the limelight, that friend who is doing extremely well in their career or that friend who just started their own business, there’s a high chance we’ve felt that tinge of jealousy.

But jealousy doesn’t have to be a bad thing

Think about this, do you get jealous of everyone? Do you get jealous of people who have success in areas you know for sure you don’t like? Chances are, you won’t feel jealous and you’d be happy for them.

So know that jealousy is not a bad thing (provided you don’t act on it and hurt other people, of course). It is there to identify what’s not working in our life so we can begin to do something about it.

8 ways jealousy can help you grow

1. Opens up new possibilities
When we see somebody who has what we want, it opens our mind to see what is possible for us and for our life.
That such a thing and experience CAN exist. Be inspired by it. Let that person be an inspiration to you. That person is showing you what’s possible and that it can be done.

2. Allows us to be more compassionate
Recognizing jealousy in ourselves allows us to be compassionate towards jealous people. We break free from feeling bad or being angry. We break free from obsessing about other people’s flaws because we recognize it in ourselves also.

3. Gives us something to aim for
Seeing the positive experience of others gives us something to shoot for. When someone else lands on that perfect job you’ve been praying for or when someone gets that blessing you’ve been eyeing on, instead of feeling jealous, strive harder to reach the goals for yourself.

4. We reach our highest potential
There’s a part of us that envies that person for what they are. We see parts of them that we wish we could be or someone we aspire to be. Are there people doing things that annoy you? Take a closer look at the reason for that annoyance. Is it possible you aspire to have the same trait but are constraint from being so? Example, does a loud person annoy you? Is it possible that you really wish you could express yourself like them and not be so inhibited? This is helping us to define and strive to be our highest selves.

5. Reveals what is missing in our life
Instead of dwelling in jealousy, use it instead to identify what it is that is lacking in your life and start to fill that void. By filling your life with things you do want, you become more happy and confident.
When you’ve got a lot going on, you won’t have time to look at others and be envious because you’ll be too busy building your life.

6. Uncovers hidden desire
Try to figure out what exactly you’re jealous of. It may not always be what the other person has exactly, but rather what it represents. Let’s say you see people traveling while you are working, it may not necessarily mean you are jealous of the travel but that you are longing for a more location independent work.

7. Gives us direction
Get really specific in identifying your longing. The more we get clear on what we want, the easier for us to take steps toward the right direction.

8. Revives forgotten dreams
When we see people living their dreams and we feel that twinge of jealousy, it’s there to remind us about our dreams that we have ignored.

Jealousy can help us identify and clarify our feelings. It helps us reveal parts of ourselves that we often shrug off.

Start pursuing your longings and see where it leads. Begin to create a life you truly want and soon you’ll be too busy counting your own blessings.

Janice Pascual

Striving to live a meaningful life. Combining two loves: cartoons & spirituality lead to Mind Snapshots. Web Comic for the soul.

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