7 Ways To Inject Romance Into Your Relationship


September 21, 2008   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Love is a never ending game of courtship, romance, respect and friendship. In most love relationships, there comes a time when the romance fades away. While the love grows stronger with each year we spend with our beloved partner, romance often dies.

Perhaps it is the drudgery of everyday life that kills the romantic aspects of love, or the fact that most people rush through life and totally forget to enjoy each others company. Whatever it is, it might become an issue if one partner feels neglected. Therefore, when romance disappears from your relationship it could be the make or break of your bond.

This could also be one reason why so many marriages break up after some time. We need to re-ignite our feelings of courtship, the heat of passion. Missing out on those feelings can turn a healthy marriage into a stale one and ruin a strong bond over time by grinding it down.

Even so, not all is lost if that happened to you. There are things you can do to inject some more romance into your relationship to revive those old feelings of being alive and wanted. I hope this will also help you to evoke passion once again.

  • Eye gazing: Do you remember when you first met the love of your life? If you do, then you will also remember how exciting it was just to gaze into each others eye as this often lead to more passionate encounters altogether.

Unfortunately, we tend to forget to acknowledge one another after we have been in a relationship for some time. There are always more pressing matters we deal with on a day to day basis. We stress about the dirty kitchen sink, the garden, the kids. This is enough to kill all feelings of romance and before we know it, another day has gone by and we fall into bed exhausted, too tired to think of anything else but sleep.


  • Book a romantic surprise getaway: If your relationship has become stale in the romance department, why not book a getaway for you and your partner. Pack your bags and indulge into the full works of being spoiled. Order champagne when you arrive, book massages for both of you, ensure that the beds are made in heaven, use candle light, soak in a hot tub and enjoy each others company. 

Whether your getaway is for one night, one week or a full blown romantic trip to Italy, Paris or Tahiti doesn’t matter. What matters is the renewed feeling of romance you both experience along the way.

  • Touch your partner more often: To touch one another with awareness is very sensuous. Make an effort to touch your partner, showing him/her that you love them. Whether you hug, cuddle, stroke or simply hold your partner often, it’s all good and will help to further the emotional bond that initially attracted you to one another. 

By showing your partner that you are attracted to them, he or she will respond with similar behavior and bingo, there is instant romance for you.

  • Play romantic games: I think I do not really have to go into detail here. If you lack inspiration to play a romantic game, you ought to buy a relationship book or watch a naughty film together. There are many ways you can interact with your partner, but games tend to relax us and make us feel content. They can help us to get rid of inhibitions and connect on a deeper emotional level. 
  • Write a love letter: If you feel neglected in your relationship you might want to write a love letter or poem to your partner. Get inspiration from the reminiscent feelings of when you first met your partner. Be daring, be seductive without being cheesy and be honest about your feelings of neglect. 

Once you are happy with your letter, post it in the mail.

  • Surprise your partner with a romantic dinner: Love is where the heart is – right – so get cooking. Plan a romantic dinner and cook your partner’s favorite meal. However, do not just concentrate on the meal itself. Plan each aspect of the meal as if it was the last thing you ever did. This includes the perfect table setting with relaxing music, wine, flowers and ambient lighting. 

If you have children you might want to have them sleep over at a friend’s place. Alternatively, you can do this at a local hotel, followed by a romantic getaway for the night. Use your imagination and enjoy whatever happens.

  • Spend more time together: A common cause for drudgery in a relationship is the fact that we disconnect. We seem to place importance on the unimportant aspects in life and therefore lose touch on the deeper levels. One thing leads to another, and before we know it, our relationship has become staler than one week old bread. 

Even if that happens, you can still act now, before it is too late. To make a relationship work, both partners need to give equally.

If you feel stressed about the lack of romance in your relationship, then you need to talk to your partner. If he/she doesn’t know how you feel, they will not be able to understand why you suddenly act angry, frustrated or hurt.

So, what do you do about the lack of romance in your life? Is this something that bothers you a lot, a little or not at all?



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