5 Signs a Woman Wants to Have Sex with You

By Dumb Little Man

January 10, 2024

Even in a day and age that finds women increasingly comfortable with sexual empowerment, it’s still not always easy to tell when one really wants to have sex with you. Although there are, women out there who will spell it right out for you in no uncertain terms, most women are pretty subtle about it.

However, it’s possible to learn to read the signs, even though some might be more subtle than others.

Here are a few to look for:

1. She deliberately touches you a lot

Most women are at least somewhat guarded around men, so pay attention if a particular woman goes out of her way to touch you on purpose. At the very least, it’s a sure sign that she likes you and is comfortable around you. It’s also a very possible sign that she’s sexually attracted to you, and/or she wants the D.

Sexually interested women like to be physically close to the men they’re attracted to. They may reach out and touch a man’s arm to signal interest, and if they’re very interested, they may touch even more personal areas – like the torso or chest.

2. She engages in real talk about her sex life

Another thing most women are careful not to casually do around men is mention or discuss sex. Some want to avoid giving random men the wrong impression, while others are simply wary of possible slut-shaming. So if a woman talks to you about her sex life, especially very openly, it’s not an accident.

Is she a friend who sometimes mentions things like how long it’s been since she last got laid or how awful some of her exes were in bed? Maybe she’s someone you’ve been out with before or flirted with who’s coyly told you she’s not interested in sleeping with you anytime soon. All of this amounts to talking about sex, so start looking for other signs that she might be more interested than she lets on.

3. She invites you to spend time with her one on one

If you’re already good friends or otherwise connected on a level that might necessitate this for other reasons, it might not mean anything. But pay attention if a woman you don’t otherwise know very well invites you into a situation that involves spending time alone, just the two of you. It’s a sign she might be interested, and might be interested in dating you.

Again, women don’t generally like to spend time alone with men they aren’t comfortable with, and they certainly won’t initiate that sort of interaction themselves. So take note if she asks you what you’re doing the following weekend or invites you out for a bite to eat. It’s a sign she’d like to get to know you better – possibly a lot better, if all goes well.

4. She goes out of her way to look nice around you

Looking gorgeous and completely put together takes more effort for a woman than the average man likely realizes. Yes, there are chic, sophisticated ladies who will go that extra mile at all times, regardless of who they’ll be around that day. But most save their efforts for when they’ll genuinely count for something.

If a woman always looks like a million dollars anytime she’s due to spend some time around you, she cares what you think of her and wants you to find her attractive. This is especially likely to be the case if you know she doesn’t dress up often or typically wears a full face of makeup the way she does around you.

5. She’s comfortable talking about her personal life

Although some women are perfectly fine with having casual sex with men they don’t know, most want to feel more connected to someone before taking him to bed. A woman needs to feel safe around a man she sleeps with, and she ideally always wants to feel she has an emotional connection to him.

One way to establish that is to engage in some deep conversation about personal matters. So does she go out of her way to share personal stories about her past or her life with you? Does she confess little things or tell you things she doesn’t tell many other people? She might well be trying to establish a deeper connection with you because she sees a potential partner in you.

Generally speaking, women don’t waste their valuable time on men they don’t like and aren’t interested in. So take note of what certain ones do around you. Pay attention to it if they touch you, flirt with you, tell you very personal things about themselves, or invite you to spend even more time with them.

Take note if a woman outright tells you she’s attracted to you or that she wants to have sex. And, of course, always make sure you have her full consent before truly moving forward with sex. But never ignore the signs when they’re right there in front of you.

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