3 Ways to Become More Magnetically Likeable and Successful with People

By Mike Gowans

May 7, 2014   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

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When you’re out and about and you see people, and you just notice about them that they have an attraction. You see, that they have a magnetism about them that causes people to want to be around them. They’re happy, they seem joyful not matter what’s going on they’re just kind of the limelight of the situation.

Well, there’s a certain set of properties about a person that makes that happen. There are three things that I am going to go over that you can do to bring that same type of magnetism into your own life, that can help you create success.

There’s a guy, he’s actually a real-estate guy, and he sells big ranches. They’re huge and undeveloped. They do not have a lot on the properties or land that makes them very attractive.
He said that there is one thing that really makes him sell more properties than anyone else in that industry of selling undeveloped ranches and farms. What he does is, he brings his clients out to the property, then he has them view all the different attributes about that property as he’s adding value to that.
What he’s doing is envisioning with them, drawing out a vision with them, what it could be and how it could look. Maybe build a horse back riding arena over here. Then maybe a mountain bike track over the hills over here. He shows that the that undeveloped, unseen property could have an amazing value. He shows how it could take care of itself in terms of value and worth.
Whereas the normal person who would just look at it, or would be selling it to them, wouldn’t make the sale or get as much value out of the sale, because they couldn’t create that vision in the prospects mind. The important factor in being that magnetic person is, being able to see not what it is at that moment, but what it could be.

Maybe you have a home-based business, maybe you own your own business, or maybe you’re getting ready to start something new. Going after that, you have to be able to see something that’s there, that you can’t see right now.

The BIG value that you can create in your life or in someone else’s life or in some object, the vision that you can draw out for somebody to see or experience, that’s going to add value. Not only to you, but also to the thing that you are sharing with somebody.

So, if you have a home-based business, maybe that person that is looking at it for the first time, they might have never seen anything like this before. They may have no idea how it works. That’s where you have to tell a story to cast a vision. By adding value to them letting them know they do have what it takes to experience greatness.
Let them know the opportunity they just joined or the business they just got into, has so much value, it can create time freedom.
Ask them, “How would it feel to be able to work your business from the beach?” How would you like to create an income from home while everyone else is at work? That’s where you share with them how they could just work this little by little consistently, and over time completely change their life. Let them know they can create a residual income for their family. That it would allow them to have that financial security that they so desire.

By casting that vision out to somebody and helping them see something that’s not there, right now in the moment, that’s going to explode your value and magnetism. You’ll have them wanting to experience more of you and what you’re talking about.

Do you know that guy that’s in your life or that girl that’s in your life that, you just always want to be around them? Every time that you’re around them they’re always adding value to other people, to you, or to the place your at? They can always see the greatness in the area that you are in. That’s the person that’s going to have successful magnetism, because they’re drawing in all those values and casting a vision to you about why that experience your currently having is so amazing.

Here’s the THREE things that you need to ADD VALUE to in order to create that SUCCESSFUL MAGNETISM to your own life.

First off, not matter where you are, or what you’re around, add value to it. Add value to your situation. Add value to the call you’re on. Guide them through in their mind. Every time that we talk, if I say something to you, if I say, “Red wagon.” You create that image in your mind. So when you’re talking, paint a picture with words. Make the words that you are using paint this beautiful picture in their mind. This allows them to envision the value of what you’re talking about. So the first thing you want to do is add value to THINGS. No matter where you are add value to your environment or about your environment or the THING that you are talking about. Add value to it by using your imagination.

The SECOND thing you want to add value to, is the people around you. As you become more successful, and as you work with more people, what happens is, you start to become part of the game of developing people. You become a person that needs to help people see the value in themselves. Helping them see their own greatness. When you can do that, all the doors OPEN. When you can help another person by inspiring them to do what it is that inspires them, everything opens. So, add value to people, help them see a better version of themselves. Help them see not what it is right now, but what it could be for them.

Then the THIRD thing you need to do is, you need to do that with YOURSELF. You need to always think, “Maybe this isn’t what I am now, but what could I be? Where can I go? What kind of situation could I be in if I just start working on this thing? If I just started working my home-based business, building that company, or just started helping those people? How would that add value to my own life?” Don’t see yourself as your are right now, but see yourself as you could be. See yourself in the future as to what great things you could accomplish.

All of us have the exact same properties within ourselves. We all need food. We all need water. We all need sleep. But it’s how we perform in our day, the value we think about for ourselves and for others. That’s the difference between the person that is a huge success and the person that is not.

So, with your home-based business, draw out the visions for people. With your company, draw out the vision of your company to others. With your friends, family, and your environment, show the value and share it with enthusiasm. I promise that doing that will be the thing that draws people to you. You’ll see more people coming to you and you’ll be magnetizing that success and happiness to you.

Don’t let anything stop you. Take your enthusiasm, take your vision and share it with people and watch the magnetism draw in the success to your own life, business, and people close to you.

I’m Mike Gowans and my whole purpose in life is to, inspire others to do what it is that inspires them. Come get inspired and visit me at my website www.MichaelDavidGowans.com. Find and Know what it is YOU want to do. Have Love and Passion for what YOU want to do. Believe in YOURSELF and what YOU want to do. Take Relentless Action on what YOU want to do.

Mike Gowans

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