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15 Ways To Break Writer’s Block

Image via Creative Commons, Drew Coffman’s Flickr photostream. (Source)

Written on 9/24/2008 by Abhijeet Mukherjee. You can catch him at Jeet Blog where he blogs about different Web 2.0 apps and online tools and how they can help you become more productive. Photo Credit: re birf

If you are a writer, I’m sure you have faced situations when your mind seems to go blank and you just don’t know what to write. Every writer or blogger, amateur or professional, encounters this situation every once in a while. This situation is termed as writer’s block and if the writer is not able to get over it quickly, it could easily strip motivation and become very frustrating.

Writer’s block is basically a polished term for a lack of ideas. If you don’t obtain ideas, you simply can’t write. Keeping this in mind, I’ve decided to list 15 ways to get those elusive ideas and capture them. I’m sure after reading this article you’ll have enough ways to come up with new ideas that get turned into great articles.































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