The Truth Behind Your Zodiac Sign And Your Desires

By Goran Nikolov

April 7, 2017   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

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Believe it or not, your zodiac sign can reveal a lot about your personality and temperament. It can show your hidden desires and secret thoughts that drive your behaviors every day. And it’s not just your sign. In fact, each of the twelve signs in the zodiac chart has its own unique characteristics, both positive and negative qualities.

If you are curious to know, here is what astrology can say about the most hidden desires of each zodiac sign.



Hidden Desire: To be a leader and achieve big things in life

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and one of the most determined signs. Aries people are born leaders who dream big and strive to put an example in front of others. They are independent, enthusiastic and extremely driven people.

People with this sign usually have huge goals in life and are willing to give their 100% to achieve them. They desire to be leaders, and their kind nature and optimism make them great role models.



Hidden desire: Safety and security in all areas of life

Taureans crave safety and security in all areas of their life, including home, love, and money. These people are extremely loyal and dependable, but they are not very confident and they prefer to follow instead of lead.

Taureans are cautious, stubborn and good with finances. Due to their stubborn nature, if they have set their mind to something, they will make sure to achieve it- no matter what.



Hidden desire: Variety and new experiences

Gemini is a communicative sign which has a thirst for knowledge and information. These people desire variety, new experiences and learning new things.

Geminis are curious, talkative, clever and adventurous people who can easily fit into any situation. They are independent, energetic and restless.

One of their biggest desires is to feed their inner wanderlust with traveling and new experiences. They like to learn through experiences, discovery, and inquiry.


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Hidden Desire: To feel emotionally, financially and romantically-free

Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac chart and one of the most fiercely independent signs. Cancerians hate to be tied down, even though they are very loyal and dedicated.

Those born under this sign are very shy, insecure and sensitive. However, once they overcome their shyness, there’s nothing they can’t achieve.

Cancerians are also highly intuitive and prefer to use these powers to achieve their goals. Their secret desire is to be free and unrestrained.



Hidden desire: Respect and praise from others

Leo’s hidden desire is to be praised, admired and respected constantly. People born under this sign desire absolute power, authority, and praise for their achievements.

Leos are born leaders. They are ambitious and confident individuals who have big aims and will work hard to achieve them. They’re very generous, kind and caring, but they also like to have things under their control. Their biggest desire is to achieve recognition for their accomplishments and they’ll find it insulting if they’re not.



Hidden desire: To love and be loved

Virgos are reliable and loyal people who are filled with love. Even though they can be cold and calculating, Virgos crave love and are passionate about falling in love and finding someone to pour their affection on.

Virgos can be fussy about small details, but they are very intelligent and have great analytical skills. They use their skills to logically solve their problems and navigate their way out of difficult situations.



Hidden Desire: Balance, clarity, and justice

Libra is a sign that desires balance, harmony, and clarity in life. Libras are content only when everything is at a perfect equilibrium. They are peace-loving individuals who want justice and absolute order.

Libras try to avoid conflicts in their lives as much as they can. They can be really indecisive at times so they usually don’t embark on big projects that require a lot of time and hard work.



Hidden desire: To make it to the top

Scorpios are extremely determined individuals who will never back down from a challenge. Their biggest desire is to make it to the top and beat all odds, proving everyone who has ever doubted them wrong.

Scorpios are very ambitious and want to succeed where others have failed. They are passionate and won’t rest until they achieve all of their goals. In trying to achieve their goals, they can become jealous and a bit too obsessed with success.



Hidden desire: To make a change in the world

People born under the sign of Sagittarius are innovators and builders who are not afraid to branch out and try new things. Their desire is to make real innovations and a difference in the world which can change many people’s lives.

Sagittarians are imaginative, creative and hard working people who prefer to work alone in order to maintain their independence. These people are introverts and prefer a small group of people. However, they are kind and loyal friends and great at solving problems.



Hidden desire: To be admired by their family and friends

Capricorns have a desire for admiration and praise for their achievements from their family, friends, and co-workers. They are responsible, loyal and trustworthy, but they crave respect and affection from their families and friends.

They are great leaders and good friends who are always there when you need them. When they don’t receive the admiration and affirmation they crave so much, they can become moody and difficult to deal with.



Hidden desire: To stand out from the crowd

Aquarians have a strong desire to stand out from the crowd and they desire recognition. People born under this sign are smart, witty and inventive individuals full of original ideas.

Aquarians are great humanitarians who want to help people in need. They can be emotionally detached and lost at times which can make them insensitive to the people around them.

These people are rebels who don’t like following directions and will never settle for anything less than what they think they deserve. They know their worth and they desire acknowledgment. Their humor and wittiness make them excellent leaders.



Hidden desire: To turn their wildest dreams into reality

Pisceans are daydreamers who desire to turn their craziest fantasies and dreams into reality. Those born under this star sign are imaginative, compassionate and ultra sensitive. They are great friends and even better problem solvers who are always thinking outside the box.

Pisceans like to dream to the point that they become lazy. These people do not want to be in the lead; they prefer to follow and take directions. Their biggest desire is to see the world as they see it in their dreams.

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