XRP Daily Brief: USD/JPY Analysis: Yen’s Decline Raises Market Speculation Amid Federal Reserve Discussions

By Daniel M.

March 25, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

USD/JPY Friday’s Trading Recap

The USD/JPY experienced a 0.13% drop on Friday, slightly offsetting Thursday’s 0.23% gain, to conclude at 151.406. The pair reached a peak of 151.862 before descending to a low of 151.001 during Friday’s session.

Bank of Japan’s Stance and Market Speculations

Monday put the Bank of Japan (BoJ) under the microscope as the market digested the Monetary Policy Meeting Minutes from January. Despite this, the minutes received minimal attention compared to the intervention rumors circulating due to the yen’s weakness.

Masato Kanda, Japan’s Vice Finance Minister for International Affairs, has been vocal about the speculative nature of the yen’s current weakness, arguing that the currency’s value does not reflect economic fundamentals.

Kanda emphasized that the government’s concern lies more with the rate of currency movements rather than specific levels.

With no significant data releases from Japan on Monday, discussions around potential interventions and the BoJ’s next moves remain forefront.

U.S. Economic Indicators and Federal Reserve Expectations

The U.S. economic calendar features the Chicago Fed National Activity Index and the Dallas Fed Manufacturing Index, both pivotal for investor sentiment.

While the Chicago Index is predicted to decline, the Dallas Index is expected to show a slight improvement. These indicators, especially the more recent March data from the Dallas Fed, could sway the AUD/USD pair significantly.

Amidst hopes for a soft landing in the U.S., the USD/JPY has revisited the 151 level. Yet, any signs of weakening in U.S. economic data might fuel speculation about a potential rate cut by the Federal Reserve in the first half of 2024, influencing the demand for the U.S. dollar.

The housing sector’s performance, viewed as a precursor to overall economic health, also demands attention, with new home sales data anticipated to reflect growth.

Comments from Federal Reserve members, including Lisa Cook and Raphael Bostic, are eagerly awaited by investors, as any deviation from the Fed’s economic projections could significantly impact market dynamics.

Short-term Outlook for USD/JPY

The immediate direction of the USD/JPY will likely be shaped by upcoming inflation data from both Japan and the U.S., with the potential to affect the monetary policy landscape. Surprisingly high U.S. inflation figures could favor the U.S. dollar, supporting the USD/JPY’s current levels through interest rate differentials and the carry trade outlook.

USD/JPY Market Trends

On the daily chart, the USD/JPY remains well above both the 50-day and 200-day EMAs, reinforcing bullish market signals. A breakthrough above the 151.685 resistance could pave the way towards the 152 level, with market participants needing to keep a close eye on intervention rumors, U.S. economic data, and Federal Reserve commentary.

Alternatively, a retreat below the 150 level might embolden the bears, targeting the 50-day EMA and the 148.529 support zone. The 14-day RSI, standing at 64.45, suggests the pair could approach the 152 level before encountering overbought conditions, underscoring the current bullish sentiment in the USD/JPY market dynamics.

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