What Is An Average Salary Of A Mechanical Engineer In Dubai?

By Jay White

June 7, 2015   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Dubai is located in the United Arab Emirates, and this metropolitan area has a number of possible career opportunities for people experienced in the field of mechanical engineering. The average mechanical engineer in Dubai earns about 10,787 AED per year, one of the better possible salaries in this particular city. Dubai enjoys a growing economy and various open job possibilities. Residents also enjoy a good standard of living and plenty of opportunities to advance in a mechanical engineering career.

Due to large amounts of growth in the oil and gas industry in Dubai, mechanical engineers can earn better than average salaries in this particular sector. Some of the top employers in Dubai in terms of salaries and benefits include Shell Oil, Baker Hughes Inc., McDermott International, Inc. and Weatherford International. These Dubai-based companies rank among the highest for providing a good work-life balance. Exact yearly salaries for mechanical engineers in Dubai can vary by individual experience, education and employer. Mechanical engineers with advanced degrees are generally able to negotiate higher salaries and advance into supervisory positions. Along with other major developing cities in the Middle East and Asia, Dubai provides excellent opportunities to work abroad for qualified mechanical engineers from Europe, America and elsewhere.

Along with the oil and natural gas industries in Dubai, experienced mechanical engineers can find additional good job opportunities in other local thriving fields. These include construction, architecture, urban planning, manufacturing, heavy equipment maintenance and industrial production. A somewhat higher percentage of mechanical engineers in Dubai work in the private rather than the public sector, and these positions typically come with slightly higher starting salaries.

In many growing industries in Dubai, higher-paying mechanical engineering job positions can be found in medium to smaller-sized companies with less than 1,000 employees. Competition in the engineering field for these jobs is also increasing, so qualified professionals are encouraged to apply early and often. Having a planned salary negotiation strategy is also essential for securing one of the better-salaried jobs in Dubai. Mechanical engineers from overseas are also strongly encouraged to learn ahead of time about fringe benefits that come with various job positions, including financial assistance with relocation.

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