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What Happens If You Delete A Paid App On Your Iphone or Ipad?

At times, you may download a new paid application to your iPhone or iPad. You try to make it work, but it just doesn’t function like you hoped it would. What happens if you delete paid apps on iPhone or iPad?

How To Restore a Paid Application

People make mistakes. That is a fact of life. When you toggle around your electronic device, you might hit the wrong button, key or open the wrong screen. You might accidentally delete a paid app on your iPhone or iPad.

Does the application store keep records of who purchased an app? Can I get reimbursement for my deleted app? Does it matter if I paid for it with a credit card?

Most application stores maintain their purchase records for a long period of time. If it has only been a matter of weeks or months, you have the best chances for success. Many online companies keep records even longer for their internal sales and marketing employees. Your information is valuable.

Revisit the application store. Your payment process might still be in the system. Go to your purchases and lick the app in question. It should give you a pop-up window saying that you have already paid for this application.

Do you want to download it? Then, just re-download it.

Also, check to see if the same application is available or if there is an upgrade. You want to get the latest version of your app. However, you might need to download the latest iOS version to make it work.

If you have any problems, contact the customer service at the website. You are probably not the first one to have deleted paid apps on iPhone. Maybe they can help you out.

Any purchase with a credit card is likely to have a detailed record of the transaction. If you have a problem with any purchase, you can contact the seller. Banks will allow you to cancel a credit card transaction if something was faulty with the merchandise. This is the extreme situation.

Syncing with iTunes

Apple iDevices have created an amazing system of backups where your iPhone and iPad can sync with iTunes. Even if you have deleted an application on your device, it might still be in iTunes. Check to make sure.

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