Here’s What People Truly Want In Life

By Andrey Zasypkin

June 19, 2019   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

what do people really want in life

What do people really want?

Once upon a time, we all knew how to be happy regardless of the weather, the time of day, and other conditions. When was it?

Yes, in childhood!

Rain, so we could run in the puddles wearing rubber boots and after, we would watch the rainbow. Snow, we played in the snowdrifts jumping deeper and deeper. Windy weather was also the right time to play. Homemade airplanes fly so beautifully.

If you fell, you would get up and rub your injured knee. A moment later, you wouldn’t even remember this. If you fell again, you would get up again and go on even as tears were in your eyes. The state of happiness didn’t leave us no matter what we did.

Time after childhood

Time passed and we heard from adults more and more phrases like “Do this and do not do that” and “This is important and that is not”.

At the same time, we practically did not speak and did not hear about the feelings of joy and love.

What is their source? Where did they come from? And why did we stop being in these feelings all the time?

The world had impressed us with its rules and conditions. And we, like heroes of a computer game, began to carry out its patterns and directives. In addition, we began to believe that we will be happy only after we reach something external. Thus, our journey of searching for the lost feeling of happiness begins, even if we are not aware of it.

We are always continuing our search

Someone is building a large house in the hope that he will be happy there. But when one sees how houses collapse during natural disasters, he understands how all material things are just temporary. At that point, he feels the deception of a shattered illusion.

Understand that material wealth is the dust. It can’t be a source of real happiness you once felt in childhood.

Someone thinks that family or other people gives us happiness. Just waiting for feelings of happiness from others, one falls into the trap of his egoism. Thinking that someone else is responsible for one’s happiness destroys even the most harmonious mutual relations.

And the search continues.

Happiness is an internal category

We begin our search for knowledge, wisdom, and answers to spiritual questions that we are asking ourselves. We are looking for people who know the meaning of life and who live for something more than the realization of their material desires.

We’re looking for something that makes them happy without conditions in every moment of life. And we notice that such people can be seen by the way they glow from the inside, the way they radiate love.

In this way, we come to the understanding that happiness is an internal category. The source of happiness is inside a person and that this source is our soul. And love makes us happy. It always flows from our soul like a river.

We suddenly remember this. After all, we knew and felt this in childhood. We knew because we brought this sense of love from our real home — the spiritual world.

Fooling feelings is impossible

And what has happened with the person who found what he was looking for, for so long?

He gains clarity and feels deep joyfulness and lightness. He feels that wings have grown and suddenly, he is ready to fly like a bird because he knows that he has found the truth. And you want to fill out the source of truth to which you have touched.

Suddenly you realize that you are really happy, finally.

Discoveries in a human’s life can be external and internal, such as an understanding of who you are, where you go, what life means, and why this life is given. And it is only through these internal discoveries that we’re taken to a new level of spiritual self-improvement.

The way home is through love

In signs and symbols, our ancestors left important information about the meaning of life. It’s the idea that we all come from the spiritual world and the door to our home is inside us. This door is always open.

The way home is also known through love, which internally and spiritually transforms a person. For spiritual transformation, a person needs to reject evil thoughts, enjoy any positive moments, evolve perception through feelings, and understand what true love is.

Who seeks will always find. By cultivating the feeling of love in oneself, one gains the wings of real freedom. And by becoming free, a person can return to his real home he very much sought after. There, as once in a happy childhood, his parent calls him.

Andrey Zasypkin

I represent a team of volunteers of the International Volunteer Internet TV ALLATRA TV. This is a channel with a variety of programs on social, scientific, cultural and spiritual themes. We strive to unite people based on universal spiritual, cultural and moral values, discuss the real climate situation in the world, create and show Good news. Articles that I would like to share here are a product of creative work of people from different countries of the world.

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