7 Ways to Stop Overthinking

By Adrian Nutiu

October 15, 2016   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man


Overthinking is very powerful. Although it’s based on fears, anxieties and guesses, it actually has the power to destroy you and your accomplishments. It can turn your life into a nightmare.

If you are overloaded with negative thoughts, here are the best ways to stop overthinking.

1. Don’t attempt to read people’s minds

We tend to guess what other people are thinking. Most of the time, it results in us making up scenarios in our minds, like how they don’t like us or how they don’t appreciate our skills.

In reality, however, every person is only concerned about himself. This means that the people around you aren’t really interested in what you think or feel. They are consumed by their own minds which means you should be, too.

People aren’t really thinking about your inadequacies; they are actually focused on their own limitations. Just as how you are the center of your universe, they are also focused on their own world.

When you’re interacting with people, you should avoid reading their body languages or translating their words that don’t really have any other meaning. Don’t assume that they are thinking negatively about you just because they aren’t acting the way you’re expecting them to be.

You’ll never be sure of what other people think about you until they tell you.

2. Free yourself from self-blaming and judging

The hard truth is that you can be your own enemy. If you think negatively about yourself, there’s a good chance you’ll be that type of person.

You’ll feel bad and you’ll keep blaming yourself for not being perfect. You’ll get lost in overanalyzing things and judging yourself.

One of the best ways to stop overthinking is to retrain your mind to think that no one is perfect. Nobody is born free from flaws and mistakes. Everyone has to go through trials and errors to become wise in life and skill.

Instead of beating yourself up for your inadequacies, it’s a much better idea if you can work on your self-esteem. Be more compassionate to yourself and find ways on how you can be a better person.

Each day is a chance to grow and by growing, you’ll become more focused on moving forward to achieve your dreams and aspirations.

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3. Stay active and keep on moving


Overthinking can trap you. It can get you stuck on one idea, event, or mistake.

If that happens to you, stand up and take a short walk. When you are sitting down for hours, your mind tends to go around the same thoughts. Your mind will be too focused on the same idea that you will find it hard to let a new perspective in.

In contrast, when you stand up and walk, your mind move with your feet. Your brain becomes flooded with endorphins, positive thoughts, and new ideas.

4. Be patient

Instead of expecting things to happen right away, try to be patient and wait. When things don’t come to you as fast as you want, it makes you disappointed and even depressed.

Since you can’t do too much about it, it’s best if you can channel your attention and energy to something else. Making horrible scenarios why things don’t happen fast enough will only make things worse. You are only giving yourself an unnecessary scare and torment.

5. Be brave enough to ask

Use your interpersonal skills, such as influence and assertiveness, to ask and clarify those things that make you overthink or overanalyze. Asking question in a non-threatening matter can help you figure out the cause of your fears, anxieties, and frustrations.

6. Listen


Learn to listen without judging. Listening actively is not the same as following random advice or changing your beliefs, values, and ideas. Listening actively means adding new knowledge, enriching your view and building up your personal wisdom.

7. Accept yourself as you are

At the end of the day, you are the only person who can love you the way you want to be loved. This makes it essential that you accept yourself as you are.

Have compassion to what you are today but embrace the idea of what you can be in the future.

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Most of the time, overthinking can’t bring you positive results. If something has to happen, it will happen.

Your life belongs to you. Other people don’t really pay attention to your behavior or body language since they are too preoccupied with their own. Live and let go. It’s one of the best ways to stop overthinking.


Adrian Nutiu

Adrian Nutiu is the co-founder of SelfImprovement.org where you can find in-depth guides on how to be successful, finding your passion, interpersonal skills, and many other topics.

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