Everything to Know About Value Line Investment Survey

By Dumb Little Man

January 10, 2024

Everything to Know About Value Line Investment Survey

Getting started with investing can be pretty tricky and stressful. Irrespective of the market you want to invest in, research is critical. But there’s so much information out there; you can get bogged down with overload. If you don’t research the right things, you’ll make the wrong investments. However, how can we identify the right and essential details during research? Value line investment survey comes to the rescue. 

Value line simplifies the investment research process for all classes of investors. The company summarizes tons of research about a particular stock into one page. The Investment Research Survey newsletter by Value line tracks 1700 stocks across 90+ countries. Weekly, the subscribed newsletter issues give an update on 130 different stocks. 

Subscribers get a concrete summary of trends facing a business on a single page. Furthermore, it’s impressive that Wall Street geniuses like Warren Buffet rate the newsletter highly. Hence, as a new investor, expert analysis and comprehension of value line investment surveys are critical skills to focus on acquiring.  



Value Line is an investment research enterprise. The company began its research and stock tracking operations in 1931, during the great depression. The company leverages the expertise of the very best analysts to develop stock recommendations. 

Over the years, the company’s flagship publication Value Line Investment Survey has been delivered in various forms. The comprehensive newsletter delivers to thousands of professional and independent investors worldwide. A subscription to the survey costs $598, reflecting how valuable the information they share has become. 

Over the years, the publication has grown so adept at fitting an incredible amount of information on one page. Details you’ll find on each page for individual stocks include; 

  • Sales
  • Operating profits
  • Gross profits
  • Outstanding shares
  • Tax rates
  • Management ownership
  • Debt-to-equity ratios
  • Returns on invested capital
  • Return on equity
  • Dividends yields
  • Average price-to-earnings ratios per time
  • Payout ratios. 

Upon studying a stock’s page, you’ll be confident to make investment decisions. However, the value line investment survey doesn’t rule out a need for personal research

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As intuitive as the publication is, you need to do some learning if you’re new to it. The survey saves you countless hours of individual stock research. Hence, be willing to invest a couple of hours in understanding its concept.

The first best thing to do is to study “The Complete Guide to Using the Value Line Investment Survey.” The document is 40 pages long but gives you a detailed insight into Value Line’s ranking system. It also explains the various sections of analysis in the publication. The document also contains a glossary of technical terms. Ensure you understand each of these terms. 

The two Value Line Investment Survey comes in two formats – digital and print. If you’re subscribing to the print version, you’ll need to study the “A Quick Study Guide” document. There’s an explanation of the contents of the two binders of the hardcopy version in the document. The contents of the first binder are dubbed “Summary and Index.” The second binder contains “Selection and Opinions.”

Importantly, remain conscious that information in the Value Line Investment Survey is by no means ‘inside information.’ Hence, all recommendations are opinion-based. Final investment decisions are still up to you. 



Despite being a product of outside analysis and opinions, the Value Line Investment Survey is critical. Over the century of its existence, the publication has built a reputation of precision. Below are many other reasons investment professionals, business owners, fund managers, etc., spend hundreds of dollars to get the newsletter. 

  • The publication helps readers have an overview of a business through the numbers. The one-page resource for each stock lays everything bare. Hence, you can quickly determine if a company is a good business or not. In addition, you can see how much past investors gained, then compare with present investors. 
  • The publication can also give accurate insight into industries. Therefore, you’re consciously reminded of the differences between sectors during investments. 
  • As much as the publication’s content is opinion-based, the century-old relevance depicts exceptional output. Value Line investment survey’s content reduces investment risk. It reveals the tiny details you may have easily skipped.  



As a new investor, it’s not easy to fork out $598 in purchasing a newsletter. Hence, you can become a member of a library subscribed to the publication. Though, if you can afford the investment, it’s worth it. Research is the life and blood of investing, and a ‘Value line investment survey’ is an excellent place to start. 

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