8 Safety Tips For Traveling With Your Engagement Ring

By Dumb Little Man

February 5, 2018

Getting down on one knee and popping the big question is hard. If you’re doing a destination proposal, it’s going to be way harder. There’s always the risk of ruining the surprise and worse, losing the ring while you’re traveling. For someone who’s prepared so hard during the last couple of months, that’s probably the last things you want to happen.

So, what to do?

Here are a couple of tips you can use to make sure nothing goes awry while you’re traveling with jewelry.

Safety Tip #1: Make a plan

Before you head out to your destination, make sure you already have a plan in place. Buy your ring several days or weeks before your trip so you won’t have to scramble and panic hours before you leave. Make sure that it’s the right size and design you want.

Consider where you’ll pack your ring, too. As much as possible, keep it in a box with maximum cushioning. You can place the box inside one of your socks if you’re worried that it might get jostled around inside your luggage as you travel.

Now, instead of keeping the ring in a checked bag, store it in a carry-on. Choose a smaller bag so it won’t have to be checked.


Your ring is likely to trigger the metal detector. That won’t only make your partner suspicious but the airport security as well. Read up on your airport security’s rules about jewelry so that you can take appropriate measures.

Safety Tip #2: Insure the ring

This is probably the most important thing when it comes to traveling with jewelry. Since you’ll never know what things can happen while you’re traveling, particularly with all the excitement, securing insurance for the ring should be a top priority.

Get one before you even make the proposal. This way, your ring will be protected in case it gets lost or stolen during your trip.

Take note, however, that not all travel insurance policies can cover big jewelry claims in the event that you lost yours. This makes it important that you do your homework and find out all about insurance for engagement rings or talk to your agent and clarify what type of policy you’ll need. Never skimp when it comes to investing in the right insurance policy.

Tip: Make a list of all the pieces of jewelry you’ll be taking with you on your trip, including the engagement ring. You can take photographs as well as part of your documentation for your insurance.

Safety Tip #3: Use a safe

Pieces of jewelry, like engagement rings, can easily attract thieves when you’re in a foreign place. Instead of carrying it with you wherever you go, find a safe place where you can hide it. You wouldn’t want to lose it while you’re hiking, diving, or driving around town.

If you are staying in a hotel, ask if you can use one of their safes. Just make sure that you secretly ask for it and that your partner won’t be using the same safe. Otherwise, it might ruin the surprise.

Tip: Choose the hotel’s front desk safe as it’s more secure than an in-room safe. It’s less likely to get broken into as well.

Safety Tip #4: Keep calm

The more you think about the ring and your surprise, the more nervous you’ll get. This can easily make anyone suspicious. Try to remain as calm as possible throughout your trip until the big day. Enjoy the activities you planned but be sure to check the ring once in a while. Make sure that it’s still there when you need to retrieve it.

Safety Tip #5: Propose early

The longer you keep the ring in the safe, the longer you’ll worry about it. This can take out much of the fun from your trip or vacation.

Instead of waiting for the last day, propose at the beginning of the trip. You won’t have to hide and worry about the ring for days and you’ll be able to enjoy your vacation more.

Safety Tip #6: Pick your proposal location properly

It might be tempting to propose on the beach but it’s not really the best idea as you can easily lose the ring in the sand. You should also avoid proposing in amusement park rides or while you’re parachuting as you’ll have an unstable footing there.

Avoid proposing in overcrowded areas or locations where the ring can easily get snatched from your hand by passersby. Don’t put it in foods and drinks as the ring can get lost or chocked on.

Safety Tip #7: Don’t overshare it

Being engaged is a blissful experience and you’ll probably feel too excited about it. However, despite how excited you are, refrain from sharing too much about it on social media. Geotagged photos can catch people’s attention, particularly burglars within your area.

To be safe, limit posting or you can just save the photos and upload them once you’re home. Don’t talk too much about it as well, especially when you’re in a crowded place. It might seem paranoid but there can be thieves and burglars around who might overhear your conversation.

Safety Tip #8: Wear it the other way around

Diamonds are attention-getters. They can easily get people to look at them, particularly if they’re big.

If you and your fiance are planning to go around town to explore, ask her to wear her engagement ring the other way around. Keeping the stone facing her palm lessens the risk of people catching sight of the diamond


Planning a proposal isn’t easy, particularly if you’re doing it in another city or country. You have to consider so many things, like how you can go on traveling with jewelry and how you can keep your ring safe. Worrying about such things can easily spoil the fun of your vacation and even your proposal.

This set of safety tips can help make sure that you get the most out of the experience. Just follow them to a tee and always be aware of your environment. Take precautions as there are potential thieves almost everywhere.

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