Beauty Hacks: 10 Best Hairstyles for Traveling

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June 23, 2017   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

travel hairstyles

Most people complain that their hair becomes too dry or too greasy after a long trip. It becomes worse when your hair is down the entire time making it more vulnerable to wind, grime, and your own oily fingers.

When you finally arrive at your destination, your hair is a total mess. So how do you ensure your hair stays relatively clean and nice during the entire trip?

A chic ponytail seems such an enticing idea, but it won’t cut it unless you won’t fret having such a hard knot on the back of your head for the duration of your trip. In most cases, the ideal hairstyle is one that can both keep the hair secure and out of the way during travel.

Below are the ten best hairstyles to rock before embarking on long and winding voyages:

French Braid

french braid

The French Braid is recommended for two reasons: it not only keeps every strand of hair out of the way, but you may also effortlessly undo it the moment you reach your destination. It is a simple hairdo, and you can definitely pull it off yourself without requiring an extra hand.

Top Knots

top knots

Top knots are a fantastic option when you want to keep your locks on lock during a long trip. Thankfully, they sit so high up on your head that you won’t easily mess them up while driving (or chilling out as a passenger).

Here’s a great tutorial for easy messy buns:

Fishtail Braid

fishtail braid

Chic. Simple. And reliable. These are the three words that define fishtail braids. It can easily be undone the moment you arrive at your destination to give way to beachy waves.

What you, or any other person, ought to do is simply to pass a section of hair from side to side and tug on it for extra volume. Voila! You have a fishtail braid for your journey.

Low Pigtails

low pigtails
Via eonline

You want to keep your unruly hair under control and out of the way- and you’ve tried every possible style to no fruition- well, perhaps you haven’t tried low pigtails. This simple, chic and gorgeous style helps to shackle your hair and keep it out of your way for the entire journey so you are not distracted by the breathtaking views of the countryside or scenery during your trip.

Milkmaid Braids

milkmaid braids

This style is the fusion of style and convenience- while intricate, it still doesn’t get in your way. You only need to weave two low pigtails, secure them on top of your head, and you’ll be good to go.

Double Buns

double buns

If a single knot isn’t going to confine your hair well enough, you can add another. Just pull your cute hair into high pigtails. Wrap the ends of each pigtail into a regular top knot, and use a bobby pin to secure these mini buns in place. After that, you can smile, start your car, and get lost in the adventure that is just about to unfold.

The Famous Sock Bun

famous sock bun
Via pinterest

This hairstyle is both elegant and simple. It is a simple and perfect solution when bad hair days and an inclement weather gang up against you.

Low, Side Ponytails

low side ponytail

Whenever you are on the road for a holiday, you need to discard that fussy do that requires lots of maintenance. Low, side ponytails are the worthy alternatives. They are perfect for long trips when you cannot blow dry or wash your hair.

Just gather the hair into a low ponytail, move it to the side of the nape, and fasten it in place. Finally, tousle the tail to achieve a casual and textured look.

A Shaved Bob Haircut

Shaved Bob Haircut
Via stylecraze

This stylish, chic, and versatile crop is arguably the best haircut you can go for when preparing to embark on a long trip. It can be incredibly messed up for a day look, is incredibly attractive, and shows off your feminine features. Now that’s incredible versatility.

An Updo Hairstyle

updo hairstyle

An updo is a hairstyle that entails arranging the hair above your head instead of letting it fall liberally. It is stylish, sophisticated, and absolutely gorgeous. It keeps hair out of the way and thus lets you concentrate on the journey.

A few more tips

While on a road trip or cruise, there are a lot of tricks you need to keep up your sleeve to avoid making your hair fussy or messy or unsightly. For example, you might want to slather your hair with moisturizers or oils before plunging into chlorinated or salt waters.

You should also shield your hair from the sun and keep brushing it often. Find a moisturizer or oil that works for you, and stick to it.

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