Top 5 Traits Of Billionaires

By Sumit Sharma

August 11, 2016   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

traits of billionaires

What are the traits of billionaires? This article could be worth millions to you if you follow every detail diligently.


You ponder every day what demarcates billionaires from millionaires and millionaires from the rest of the world. And how do billionaires become billionaires?

Some might have it inherited the wealth from their forefathers but remember, the world has witnessed such legends as well who erected an immense business empire from the soil they used to plow. They had nothing once but their unique traits nourished them with wealth and power when the time came.

Every billionaire carries different traits but there must be something that is common to all. Here are the top 5 traits every billionaire has in common:

1. Burning desire

This term was coined by Napoleon Hill in his famous book Think and Grow Rich. This trait is most prevalent in all the billionaires: they never compromise with defeat. They try and try until they die. They leave no other way to retreat but to win or perish.

The story of Edwin C. Barnes proves how a burning desire can transform someone’s desires into wealth. Barnes was a penniless man who had BURNING DESIRE to work with Edison.

But, firstly, he had no knowledge in Edison’s field. Secondly, he did not know Edison.

These two barriers might have been used as excuses by a common man but he was not a common man. He was the man with burning desire. He kept trying to confront Edison but Edison had no time.

One day, Edison invented Ediphone but none of his salesmen were confident about his new invention. Enter Barnes who sold it to the entire nation.

Ediphone was a big hit. People found about this business as “Made by Edison and installed by Barnes”.

2. Dreaming


We limit our thoughts and dreams. This trait is not found in billionaires. They enjoy each moment of their utopic dreams.

When they are dreaming, they are actually setting fire to their desires. These imaginations and dreams might be virtual but these traits have the capability to turn their visions into a reality.

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3. Efficient planning capability and leadership ability

Billionaires are so used to planning and organizing their thoughts that they get trained to plan even their dreams at some point of their life. With these planning capabilities comes the leadership quality that sets the billionaires apart from the rest.

They have the willingness to assume full responsibility when someone else on his or her behalf goes wrong. They know how to keep their workers happy.

4. Persistence

Everybody starts their journey on a locomotive engine but later on they turn out to be riding on a cart with dead bullocks. Billionaires have a trait of persistence embedded in their personality to such an extent that they finish what they once started.

They understand no matter how slow they go, their journey will be accomplished one day as they know that with persistence comes the success.

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5. A classic approach to making decisions

Everybody can make decisions but only a few know how to make a right decision. Fewer still are the people who can turn their wrong decisions into right ones. These fewer people are known as billionaires.

Billionaires have such developed thought processes that they can anticipate the results of their decisions from every possible perspective. This trait is developed gradually by self-talking, introspecting and discussing ideas with people they trust.

When an intellect shares his or her experience in a group, this experience becomes available to everyone in the group. It enhances everyone’s intelligence and hence this group assists the head of the group (a billionaire, of course) to come to the right decision.

All these traits were prevalent in the billionaires of the past and the billionaires of the present have inherited the above five steps from them. These traits would be passed on to a few people who will be billionaires of the future.

Be it Andrew Carnegie, who expanded steel industry in 19th century’s America, or be it Mark Zuckerberg, who spread the social network worldwide. Both of these men share above-mentioned mutual traits that made them one of the richest people of their respective times.

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Now, we listen to the present billionaires keenly. Shahrukh Khan has said enough to conclude our article with:

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