Trade Your Old CDs For An iPod


July 7, 2006   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

This sounds like a pretty good deal. If you have a ton of old CDs gathering dust, Millennium Music will take them off your hands and send you an iPod. The more CDs, the better the iPod.

Here is what the deal looks like:

Trade in:

  • 35 CDs get a 1/2 GB Shuffle
  • 65 CDs get a 1 GB nano
  • 85 CDs get a 2 GB nano
  • 110 CDs get a 4 GB nano
  • 130 CDs get a 30 GB video
  • 175 CDs 60 GB video

They do have a couple of rules regarding the quality of the CDs but it all seems pretty fair.

Check it out at Millennium Music

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