Track your Verizon Cellular minutes in Firefox


July 14, 2006   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Today on Digg there was an article submitted that was pretty controversial because most people believe the headline was totally inaccurate, which I agree with (that Digg link goes to the post so if you are up for 140+ comments, complaining, and name calling, head over).

Nevertheless, I put everything aside and downloaded the Firefox extension that was posted simply because it claimed to track and display your cell phone usage in your taskbar. Well it does, and it’s pretty useful. I know my minutes are fine, but my wife is a nut with the cell phone and she needs to be cut-off (that’s for another post).

Since I am in front of these PCs all day, this makes my like a little easier and at some point, a little cheaper.

Here is what the extension looks like after it’s installed. Pretty simple, eh?

PS – I use Firefox and it works fine. Cannot comment on earlier versions. Here is the blog of the creator.


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