Why Toxic People Will Never Admit They are Wrong

By Daniel Lichtman

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Why Toxic People Will Never Admit They are Wrong

Toxic people are rigid, and admitting mistakes is not in their books. By using deceptive tactics, they take every possible step to manipulate you and make you believe in their innocence. Sit with them, and you may find endless excuses for their strange behavior.

But in reality, they are cowards who are not ready to accept their wrong acts – despite knowing deep down about their dishonesty.

Above all, they are unwilling to change, and any attempt at modifying their behavior is useless. The best way to save yourself from grievances is to recognize their wrongful attitude and control your actions.

In this article, let’s look at why toxic people are reluctant to admit their mistakes.

1. They Blame Others

They Blame Others
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Toxic individuals are masters of the blame game. They brilliantly (and innocently) transfer the blame to others and make themselves appear innocent.

For instance, they can talk about the loopholes in their upbringing and blame their parents for the negative behavior they boast. Likewise, they can mention a specific childhood event and make it a reason for their present behavior.

In general, many life events stay in our subconscious. Memories from these events trigger at some stage of life and affect our behavior. While this psychological response is valid, toxic people take it to another level and continue to blame the scenario instead of making amendments to change.

You will find that some toxic people are also accustomed to lying. If they are caught in an unpleasant situation, they will shift the blame on others without hesitation. Being experts in deceiving people, they can smartly blame the opponent standing in front of them.

And unfortunately, they can win the game with confidence and strong body language. In fact, toxic people even convince others to apologize and consider themselves blameless.


2. They Never Want to Change

They Never Want to Change
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Toxic individuals do not have a desire to change their personalities.

Generally, people who want to bring a change in life realize their negative habits at some point. Gradually, they work on getting rid of their detrimental behavior and try to instill a positive outlook.

Sadly, the case is different with toxic people. They feel happy in the skin they display to others and are proud of their performance. Since these people are always looking for an opportunity to misguide others, they have no will to bring peace.

Even after knowing the mistake, they can proudly stand firm as if they have done nothing wrong or deceitful.


3. They are Envious of Good People

They are Envious of Good People
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Another big reason for toxic people not apologizing is their envious nature. Since their hearts are full of jealousy, they can never see the good in you or admit that they’re wrong.

For instance, you did a commendable project, but one toxic individual stole its report. Even after obtaining proof of their piracy act and confrontation, the person will not apologize.

Instead, this notorious person may turn the situation around. They will remind you about what they did for you in the past to avoid being caught in public.


4. They Don’t Want to Take Responsibility

They Don't Want to Take Responsibility
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By not apologizing, toxic people create a barrier to accepting responsibilities. It is one of their intelligent tactics to get the work done by others.

For instance, if they admit they are not skilled enough to play their role correctly in a joint project, they will free themselves from giving their best effort. Suppose a toxic person has already informed you regarding the lack of skills. In that case, you won’t hold it against them for not doing the task suitably. In fact, you may fall for their behavior and offer to do the work on their behalf.

Some of these individuals run away from hard work. All their strenuous efforts are meant to fool others.


5. They Never Want to Lose Power

They Never Want to Lose Power
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Many obnoxious people want to show their power in front of others. They intimidate you into believing that they are always correct. When talking to them, you may defend your tone and statements. However, they will never agree with you. They feel that their vulnerable side will be exposed if they let their guard down.

Toxic individuals will also be reluctant about apologizing for their mistakes or wrongdoings. They believe accepting their errors in public will develop a sense of doubt in the people. Therefore, any type of confrontation is usually unacceptable for them.

What’s the Solution?

Accepting an apology from a toxic person is a waste of time. Then, how will you deal with these people? Will you keep on spoiling your life?


Look for ways to stay away from them. Here are a few tips to help you out:

Firstly, identify the toxicity. People with a toxic nature are hard to please. They are selfish, highly manipulative, and always waiting to harm you.
After identification, be firm with your decision to maintain distance. You may have a hard time getting rid of a toxic person, but you can keep a distance.

Set boundaries and stick to them. If you have decided not to respond to their calls, remain firm with the decision. Block their numbers, do not email or interact on social media channels.


Wrapping It Up

It might sound harsh, but showing a kind heart to a toxic individual can be detrimental. You need to realize how they are misusing you. Helping them is not your responsibility. The sooner you realize this, the sooner you will find peace.

And remember, it’s pretty much impossible to run into a toxic person who would accept their mistakes. These people assume their personalities as perfect with no desire to change. They are experts in blame-shifting, abusing, and negatively impacting others. Furthermore, they fear taking responsibility and do not admit their mistakes.

Do not fall into the trap of their deluding charisma. Think smartly and take all possible measures to avoid these dangerous individuals. They will never apologize or feel ashamed. But, you can always protect yourself by maintaining distance.

Daniel Lichtman

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