10 Top Books for Math That Are Highly Recommended by Experts

By Dumb Little Man

January 10, 2024

10 Top Books for Math That Are Highly Recommended by Experts

Everything You Need to Know about Mathematics

Mathematics is a neglected field of human creativity. There are numerous books written on this subject and yet it is quite a boggling and the most hated subject among students and undergraduates in college. However, the problem lies in the modes of teaching this peculiar and intriguing subject, that reveals the secrets of humble pi, and e.

Once you start reading diverse books written on this subject, you will comprehend it in a way you never had thought and get immense joy in learning Fermat’s last theorem, completing unsolved exercises of discrete probability, and knowing about its wider scope.

The List of the Best Books

The List of the Best Books
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Acclaimed mathematicians and eminent statisticians produce engaging and descriptive books for non-experts every year. However, not every book is read by the layman. In this write-up, we have compiled some of the best pieces of literature that can make you fall in love with this complex and intriguing subject.

If you want to expand your knowledge and build a strong foundation in math, then these books are for you. You will learn mathematics and get a bit of advanced knowledge of algebraic geometry, introductory statistics, coordinate geometry, intuitive geometry, linear algebra, relevant timelines, number theory, and what’s not!

You will be able to get new material related to various mathematical areas and flood your mind with new ideas.

So, Read along.


1. Zero: The Biography of a Dangerous Idea

Zero: The Biography of a Dangerous Idea
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The first book on our list is Zero: The Biography of a Dangerous Idea written by Charles Seife. It is one of the amazing books that could help anyone fall in love with math.

Though this book only talks about one number and you will spend 220 pages reading about it without getting bored – that is the intriguing style of writing. Have you ever wondered if there could be a book on just a number – Zero?


Why You Must Read This Book?

A lot of world history is covered in the book and that makes it a bit more interesting to read. You will get to learn about Archimedes, Newton, Euler, and Laplace’s lives and their huge contribution to the field of mathematics. Not all books talk about the great mathematics, and their lives let alone their contribution to the field of science and mathematics.


2. Prelude to Mathematics

Prelude to Mathematics
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Prelude to Mathematics is written by a terrific writer named W.W Sawyer. In this book, the author has kept things at an introductory level without exaggerating and overcomplicating them for the layman. The book covers a wide range of topics such as projective geometry, determinants, and matrices.

You Will Find Great Insights About Basic Math Concepts and Statements

Once you start reading this book, you will find great insights along with humorous statements. He has used a lot of analogies and pictures to help you fully understand the concept. You will be completely struck by Sawyer’s brilliance and his expository style of writing. This can be a perfect fit for undergraduate students, educating them about various aspects of everyday life.


3. Measurement By Paul Lockhart

Measurement By Paul Lockhart
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Paul Lockhart is the author of Measurement. He is an impassioned critique of mathematics education. The math you had been taught in the classrooms and is still being taught was a traditional way of teaching and Lockhart believes that it is the wrong way that math had been introduced to the students.

He encourages the creative way of learning, and when it comes to math, it is an absolute art as well. If the teacher induces curiosity and creativity instead of just focusing on memorization of notations and formulas in the students, the math phobia can be illuminated.

Get Intuitive Understanding of Mathematical Concepts

Once you start reading, this book will force you to exercise your mental muscles that you have not used in a long time. When we are in college, we tend to think about course material a lot, and after graduating, our mental muscles are not exercised much. And in case you have completely lost your way back to your favorite subject, this book is a way for you.

The author has tried to restore your connection with math and covered various topics such as geometry, trigonometry, differential calculus, and algebra.

This book is a must-read for every teacher.

Do you believe that math is an art?

If you find yourself nodding to this question, then read this book and you will certainly agree with the author by the end of the book.


4. Imagining Numbers – Rational and Irrational numbers

Imagining Numbers - Rational and Irrational numbers
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Imagining Numbers is a delight for all non-mathematicians who are imaginative, and are into poetry but have no background in math. Mazur is the author of this book, and he is a Harvard University professor and mathematician.

You might be wondering how and when imagining numbers entered the world of science – math. They became part of math in sixteenth-century Italy, but remain quite intriguing tasks to the imagination.  However, it took about three hundred years to discover a way of imagining these numbers for mathematicians.

Mazur writes; “for people who have no training in mathematics and who may not have actively thought about mathematics since high school, or even during it, but who may wish to experience an act of mathematical imagining and to consider how such an experience compares with the imaginative work involved in reading and understanding a phrase in a poem.”

Imagination plays a huge role in math, and this book is a beautiful introduction to imaginary numbers and the role that imagination plays in math. Sound pretty interesting. This not only sounds interesting to the mind, but it is interesting to read as well.

Get yourself a copy of this thought-provoking and very compelling read on imaginary numbers and learn more about science – and math.


5. Proofs from the Book

Proofs from the Book
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Aigner and Ziegler are the authors of Proofs from THE BOOK, which contains delightful and best proofs of mathematics such as spectral theorem and the non-existence of the Borromean rings. This provides a sneak peek into clever insights and amazing ideas. You will get a glimpse of the beautiful mathematical world of science.

The book contains theorems and their proofs that are fundamental and brilliant.  Anyone can benefit from this book regardless of their profession. However, you need a prior understanding of math and basic knowledge.

This Book Has a Loads of Engaging Stuff on the Science of Math

The book gets hold of you with its instructive photos and pictures, beautiful drawings, wide margins, and entertaining and clear style of educating the reader.

So, get your hands on this densely packed read educate yourself, and enjoy every bit of it. If you are in high school, this book is a must-have along with textbooks.

6. Journey Through Genius: The Great Theorems of Mathematics

Journey Through Genius: The Great Theorems of Mathematics
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Journey through Genius is a masterpiece for all math lovers, written by Willian Dunham. The overall accessible nature of this book takes you on the journey of learning about mathematics history.

We often forget that math is a neglected field of human creativity, and this book provides you with a fascinating read.

This book provides Step-to-step Proof

If you have a basic and high school knowledge of math, this book provides step-by-step and rigorous proofs of every theorem you have ever studied, with their historical context and the amazing stories of the creators.

Sounds pretty intriguing, right?

The author has stunningly built a connection between the mathematicians’ lives and their work for readers. You could not help dropping your jaw now and then.

Get yourself a reading buddy, and walk on the intriguing journey of learning about different theorems in detail. You might want to ask why you should be reading it with a friend, and not alone. Let me tell you why you need a reading pal.

When you are studying something alone, you are likely to get bored of it, and if you read it with your friend, you both will be able to discuss ideas and concepts that you have studied. Reading and studying in groups make learning easy and fast.

7. 100 Days of Timed Test

100 Days of Timed Test
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As we have covered in our list some of the best books for math that anyone can read and get into the natural creative world of math. While you are aware of algebra, and everything, your 3-5 grade kid is having difficulty in understanding the complex world of math.

Multiplication is not easy, not even when you are wise and old. Even though electric calculators are in our pockets and easily accessible, kids need to solve their multiplication problems and practice as much as they can. They must be practicing every day, and you can set a proper routine for them. This way, your kid will learn math and get good at it by practicing for 100 days.

A Perfect Recourse and Reference Material for Your Child During Vacations

100 Days of Timed test is a reproducible practice sheet, focusing on 0-12 digits. The answer key is also available. Everyday practice for the next 100 days can make a huge impact on your child’s multiplication skills, and help them excel tremendously.

This resource is a perfect solution to help students learn basic facts and multiplication. You might agree that math seems so hard to grasp when you do not have basic knowledge of the facts. To increase the speed and accuracy of math, this resource is a must to have any time, anywhere.

8. Introduction to Algorithms, 3rd Edition

Introduction to Algorithms, 3rd Edition
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A theoretical book that makes its way into our list is Introduction to Algorithms Third Edition by Thomas H. Cormen, Charles E. Leiserson, and Ronald L. Rivest.

It is not a course book that covers a wide spectrum of topics and can be used as a reference source by everyone. It is a comprehensive yet theoretical book that educates the reader about quintessential algorithms, classical algorithms, and computational geometry.

There are three editions of this book, and the third one is entirely updated.

Get your hands on this book if you are looking for a graduate-level mathematics book.

9. Infinite Powers: How Calculus Reveals the Secrets of the Universe

Infinite Powers: How Calculus Reveals the Secrets of the Universe
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Infinite Power is a splendid book that shows calculus is not about complexity but rather simplicity.

Calculus is the Language of God

The author has mentioned in the book that Calculus is the language of God, and it animates everything from moment to moment and place to place. This book explains and informs the reader about the “why” and “how” of the important things.

It does not contain exercises, and theorems just like some other math books. Rather, it has real-world examples to help you build a deeper, comprehensive, and clear picture of the world. And understanding why calculus is important.

Sounds great, right? Theorems and exercises make learning boring. While most people prefer cramming before the exam to pass the test.

10. Linear Algebra Done Right

Linear Algebra Done Right
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Sheldon Axler is the author of this mathematics book which is aimed at undergraduates and calculus students. In the second edition, a lot of math topics have been simplified, such as self-adjoint operations, spectral theorems, and normal operations.

If you are in high school and just want to learn some basic concepts, then this book is not for you.

You Will Get to Know About Various Topics

However, if undergraduate students are interested in learning mathematics deeply and taking advanced-level complex courses on abstract algebra, mathematical statistics, or numerical analysis, then this book is written for you.

You will find plenty of topics, complete solutions, and many underlying principles of various concepts such as continuous functions, and hypothesis testing. The book teaches the reader about computational mathematics as well.

So as an undergraduate student, this is exactly what you need.

Some More Books on Maths

To Learn About the History of Mathematics Books

Mathematics: From the Birth of Numbers by Jan Gulberg

Mathematics: From the Birth of Numbers by Jan Gulberg
Photo: goodreads.com


Mathematics and its History by John Stillwell

Mathematics and its History by John Stillwell


What is Mathematics? An Elementary Approach to Ideas and Methods by Richard Courant and Herbert Robbings

What is Mathematics? An Elementary Approach to Ideas and Methods by Richard Courant and Herbert Robbings
Photo: abakcus.com


To learn About Algebra

Contemporary Abstract Algebra by Joseph Gallian

Contemporary Abstract Algebra by Joseph Gallian
Photo: webéducation.com


Books on Calculus to Increase Your Understanding About it

The Calculus Lifesaver: All the Tools You Need To Excel at Calculus by Adrian Banner

The Calculus Lifesaver: All the Tools You Need To Excel at Calculus by Adrian Banner
Photo: Amazon.com


Calculus Made Easy by Silvanus P. Thompson

Calculus Made Easy by Silvanus P. Thompson
Photo: amazon.com


Calculus on Manifolds by Micheal Spivak

Calculus on Manifolds by Micheal Spivak
Photo: amazon.com

Differential Equations Books

Differential Equations and Their Applications by Martin Braun


Differential Equations and Their Applications by Martin Braun
Photo: goodreads.com


Q1. Which is one of the best math books of mathematics?

We cannot name just one book as one of the best math books out there. There are plenty of them. However, if you ask us about any book from our listing that we would like to suggest and consider the best book would be Zero by Charles Seife. There are tons of writing materials available that a reader can get his hands, on and enjoy and educate himself about history, science, and complex mathematics.

Q2. How Can I Teach Myself Math?

Not every student is a phenomenal communicator, and thus everyone gotta teach himself basic and advanced concepts. Practice plays a huge role in learning and getting good at math. You can read any of these books and set a time frame for yourself to finish a particular task. Every author is jam-packed with exclusive material that will help you teach yourself.

Q3. Who is the Father of math?

The great Archimedes is considered the father of mathematics. He made some notable contributions and inventions in the field of science and mathematics. He was a Greek mathematician.


The best books of all time

There are many math books available for students and experts. We have listed some of the most intriguing, informative, and compelling reads for you that will help you enhance your mathematical skills and knowledge about the subject. Math is a diverse field, covering different aspects of life and is divided into four types; calculus, geometry, algebra, and statistics & probability.

The way it has been taught in the classrooms makes it quite boggling for students to comprehend and thus they end up hating the subject. Teachers do not have the art of teaching this simple subject. The basic operations and complex concepts of mathematics become a nightmare for the students.

Why Students Consider Math a Useless Subject

Many students consider math as a useless subject that would not help them in any way. However, it is just a misconception that is caused by the wrong teaching methods of learning.

Join Social Networks

There are many social networks that you can join as a student. Math needs proper understanding, practice, and time to study it properly. And if you give it the time and energy it needs, you will fall in love with this subject.

Share Your Insights About the Write-up

What would you add to these best books listings which we created by organizing data that was available? Have you ever read any of these best math books as a student?

If not, you are missing out on so much in life by not reading these books. We are aware of the fact you had to abhor math as a student, and undergraduate student but now this is the time when you start educating yourself about this creative field of science.


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