Top 10 Reasons It Might Be Time to Quit

By Jodie Hebbard

December 30, 2014   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Being a Life Coach it was difficult to support and condone quitting. It felt like it must go against some sort of coach’s ethics or something. Coaching is about encouraging the commitment towards the final goal. It’s about giving your clients or your team the passion and inspiration to keep going and to never give up. We are always told that to quit is like admitting you failed at something.

But then I realized the upside to being a quitter and now I’m proud to now call myself a quitter. This past year I have quit two major aspects in my life. First, I quit smoking. Second, I quit my day job to pursue my passion. Obviously the first one was a much easier decision to commit to, but there was still a lot of fear around both.

What if I fail at this? What if it’s not the right decision? What if I regret it later?

After talking to others I have come to realize that these are all very common fears when it comes to giving up something that has played a major role in your life. Whether it is a career, a relationship, or an addictive habit, quitting or giving up on something can be one of the most difficult decisions we are faced with.

Here are 10 things to consider when it may be time to quit something in your life.

1. How is this current situation serving you and your long-term goal?
2. How does it align with your personal vision?
3. Is this situation affecting your health negatively?
4. Consider your ultimate happiness. Is this situation included in that scenario?
5. Does this situation still make you happy right now? If not, can it?
6. If you are thinking of quitting, why haven’t you yet?
7. Is there fear surrounding the decision? How could you reduce or minimize that fear?
8. If you were sure to succeed, would you give it up?
9. What are the best things that could happen from quitting and the worst things? Weigh them out and consider how each scenario makes you feel.
10. If you had one year left to live, would this situation remain a part of it?

Considering all of these items may help to put things in perspective and help put yourself at ease when faced with the tough decision to quit, or to carry on.

Jodie Hebbard

I'm a Certified Life Coach, travel enthusiast, aspiring writer, vegetarian, and animal lover. I'm here to work with and inspire others to build their best life and find fulfillment and passion.

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