Top 12 Tips For A Stress-Free Life For College Freshmen

By Dumb Little Man

October 8, 2019

top 12 tips for a stress free life in college

Stress plays a huge role in many college student’s lives, especially freshman. In today’s society, stress is almost inevitable. But, we’ve put together several tips for college freshmen to help you manage your stress. You can use them to have a stress-free college experience from year one until you finish your courses.

Get Enough Sleep

It’s impossible to tell you how important getting a good night’s sleep is while you’re in college and beyond. Yes, you’re in a new and exciting environment. However, not getting enough sleep can negatively impact your life. You’ll have trouble focusing, miss classes, and feel too exhausted to be really present. Try balancing your late nights with early nights and go to sleep.

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Eat Healthy Foods

tips for stress free life in college

Your food fuels your body for the day ahead, and you want to make a point to incorporate fruits and vegetables in. You can have some unhealthy foods, but you should make a point to eat healthy foods as much as possible. Instead of chips, grab a small pack of veggies and your favorite dip. These little changes will really help you stay focused.

Get Help Writing Your Papers

It can be difficult to balance out all of the different papers you write and hit your deadlines. So, you can get help with custom writing for your essays. This allows you to manage your overall workload better. Additionally, it helps you give 110% on the papers you have to write. You’ll turn in better papers and get better grades.

Make a Schedule

You’ll get a class schedule when you start each semester. You can get a planner and schedule in all of your classes, large project due dates, and smaller assignment due dates. This can help you stay on top of your assignments and avoid the last-minute rushing that so many people seem to do.

Set a Study Schedule and Stick To It

stress free life tips in college

With everything that goes on in college, it’s easy to neglect your studies. You should play to set aside 20 to 30 minutes every night to review your class notes from the day. You can use this time to create mini study guides or write out your notes to study from later. During your off days, you can set aside larger blocks of time to study.

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Exercise can help you regain your focus, burns fat, relaxes your body, and reduces fatigue levels. You want to fit exercise into your daily routine. This could mean getting up an hour earlier and hitting the gym, or you can take advantage of any longer breaks during the day and work in a quick exercise routine. Find the way that works for you and use it. This will also help you battle the infamous “freshman 40” weight gain.

Interact With People

It’s surprisingly easy to go through your college career in a solitary fashion, but this can be setting yourself up to fail. You want to make a point to interact with other people in your classes and dorm room. They understand what you’re going through, and they can be excellent sounding boards to vent or get help with your course work. It also helps take your mind off your stress.

Apply for Grants or Student Loans

Money is a huge stress point for many students. If it’s early in the year, apply for grants to help cover your expenses. Student loans are another option many people take advantage of. However, you do want to make sure you keep track of how much you take out in loans, the interest rates, and the repayment schedule. This will stop any nasty surprises you may have when it comes time to repay them.

Get Into a Routine

A routine is vital to help with your stress levels. You want to figure out your basics as quickly as you possibly can. How early do you have to get up to get to your first class? When and where are you able to study the best? The more questions you answer early on, the better focused you’ll be for those midterms and other big projects.

Learn to Say No

College opens up the door to dozens of different groups and activities, and it’s easy to join dozens of them. However, this can stretch yourself too thin. Instead, visit several clubs until you find a few that you’re passionate about. You can dedicate yourselves to these few clubs or activities to enrich your college experience without taking away from your studies.

Keep Your Space Clean

tip for stress free life in college

Clutter like dirty clothing, old food cups and plates, and other miscellaneous items can wreck your focus. If you have to stop what you’re doing to go search for your notes, books, or other items, it’s going to take you twice as long to finish your assignments. Take time to clean your area and keep it tidy.

Learn Your Stress Indicators

If you learn your stress indicators, you can learn when it’s time for you to relax. Common stress indicators include headaches, mood swings like raging or crying, anxious, and getting sick to your stomach. Do a quick self-analysis and find out which ones are your indicators that you’re too stressed. Once you identify them, you can work on managing them in healthy ways.

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