Three Ways to Rock at Breaking Up Via Text Message

By Roy Patrick

April 15, 2016   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

textingIn some instances, you may not have a choice to break up with someone via text. You can still come out ahead if you put some thought into how you are going to do it. You do not want to come across looking and sounding like a total heartless jerk. There are things that you can do to soften the blow and lessen the angry texts that you will likely get back. You need to think about how the other person is going to react and feel when they read your message before pushing send. A classy breakup message cannot be something that says, “I’m sorry. I can’t. Don’t hate me.” It has to have a bit more meat to it than that. The message should be positive, sincere and encouraging the other person to move on. You should thank the person for being in your life and for being there for you when needed. Once you have sent the message, you will need to provide the receiver with some time to come to grips with the fact that he or she is no longer in a relationship with you. After all, you have not been in the relationship for quite some time. Otherwise, you would not be breaking up with them.

You can make the separation process a little bit easier by:

Deleting Your Ex’s Pictures

You probably have no idea what compromising pictures you have collected of someone, or they might have kept on you, and there is nothing worse than revenge delivered via the spreading of compromising pictures on the Internet. The only thing to do is to delete any and all pictures that you have of your ex and if possible, provide them proof. Your next partner will not accidentally find them and perhaps ruin that relationship if you no longer have any pictures. Remember how you act decides what reaction you will get in return.

Send A Gift Card or flowers with a message

Do something nice such as send a gift card, flowers or even pay for a meal with his or her new date along with an apology. Show your ex that you are hoping they meet someone new and that they are worthy of doing so. Send a gift card electronically along with the message to avoid confrontation. It is a thoughtful gift and will reinforce the fact that although you are ending a relationship with them there is a possibility of being cordial in the future.

Always Be Straightforward

Texting your intention to break up is not going to go over well, especially if you are making it hard for the other person by beating around the bush. You are much better off making sure that you just say what you are thinking. Be kind, honest and sincere about your feelings. Make the other person feel a little better by explaining that it was not anything about them that made you come to this decision. Breaking up with someone and offering them a clean break is much better than playing with someone’s emotions and keeping the relationship going if your heart is not in it.

Pull the band-aid off and let the wound heal

Flowers, a gift card, and a straightforward approach are going to make it much easier for everyone in the situation, but it won’t stop the other person from being hurt. Make sure that when you do send the text that you craft your message in the right tone. On the very best day, text messages can be misinterpreted because they lack any real emotion behind them. Be firm, be direct but be kind, and show the other person that you do care how they feel without allowing them to guilt you into changing your mind.

Why do people seem to think breaking up is a bad thing? It isn’t. It is the right thing to do even if you have to do it via texting to avoid an all out war.

Roy Patrick

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