Three Absolute Musts If You Want To Grow Your Business Working In Your Pajamas

By Rosemary Nonny Knight

August 18, 2015   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Let me let you into a secret…

I am usually working in my pajamas!

And yes, it is kinda weird and maybe that puts you off me but the truth is, I love the flexibility of my life! I love the fact that I can work from my bed if I so choose and I can still create wealth while doing it!

And it is because of that very flexibility that I am going to be able to travel and see a bit more of the world with my princesses and the darling hubby – I have to keep saying this out loud because if I don’t, I might just get overwhelmed with fear and start to think it is impossible.

And part of my cunning plan to get everything I want out of life is to brainwash myself into thinking everything IS possible. So, let me let you into another truth… YOU may think I am doing this writing thing only for you but really, I do it because each time I write it out, I claim the life I want in words, I believe it more and I put my stamp on the universe so it has no choice but to open the heavens over my household and I.

So, do you want this kind of freedom to do your work in your pajamas? Here are three ABSOLUTE musts for you and let’s start with…


I have been dreaming of creating my lovely life for the longest time and I am still on the journey but every so often, I look back at the things I once thought were impossible and I realise that the reason I am doing them now is because I got clear and I declared it over and over again.

I have it in journals from years gone by…

I can look back and see some of the stuff I was dreaming about then and I can see that it has come to pass. There were even times when writing this stuff out, that I was absolutely certain that it was impossible for me. Some of those writings came through tears and yet, because I knew what I wanted, it came to pass.

So, now, I am even more deliberate about getting clear about what I want and keeping it at the top of my mind.

What do you want?

Do you know?

Or have you decided it is too impossible and therefore you just cannot have it. Have you told yourself to settle down and stop wanting so much! I get it… I used to tell myself that all the time and even now, there are days when I declare what I want out to myself and to the universe and I feel like an egomaniac who will never be satisfied.

But all that that negative thinking does, is hold me back and keep me trying to play small.

The truth is YOU and I are capable of so much more than we give ourselves credit for and I do not think that your location has anything to do with it.

Yes, people may think you are too proud and they will give you those looks of disapproval which make you feel like hiding away but just understand that they killed off their own dreams ages ago and now they hate the idea that you could be different.


Be loud, Be Proud, Be YOU and claim what you want out of life!

You definitely won’t get it if you do not first claim it!

So, please let the naysayers keep their boring life, you live your adventurous one!


You may think that with all that talk about getting clear on what you want, you can stop there and just declare, affirm, claim, think and all of that lovely stuff we do instead of getting to work.

And honey, you would be mistaken.

I actually WORK while sitting in my pajamas.

I actually do a LOT OF WORK while workign in my pajamas! Do not forget that!

For the longest time though, I used to plan and organise and learn and try to make more and more lists about what I was going to do some time soon. I would then tell myself that I had to do things like decluttering the house and cleaning and get everything in some kind of order before I could actually do anything.

All I was doing was avoiding the real work – Doing the stuff that seemed simple in order to avoid the hard work of actually creating my dreams.

Some of the time, I avoided the real work because I was scared that if I put all my efforts into building a life and business I loved and I did not make it happen then how horrifying would that be!

Does that happen to you? Do you sometimes feel petrified that you will invest all your efforts into something and nothing will come of it?

I know that feeling well and I hate it.

And I am training myself to stop listening because the journey to getting there is fun as well as long as I am not soooooo focused on the goal that I forget to enjoy the journey. Ok, the truth is, my family would probably say that I work such a lot and why can’t I relax but I feel pretty darned relaxed already now that I am consistently getting my truth out and writing and supporting others in making their dreams come true.

And just to qualify all that, there are three areas of my life that I am particularly focused on being my best –

I am Best Wife

I am Best Mum

I am Best Coach

And each of those areas gets attention at the right time for it.

And guess who decides that? I do!

Because I can no longer define my life by the role definitions other people decided for us. I always get a choice. You always get a choice. You decide what best partner looks like. You decide what best parent looks like. YOU CHOOSE.

Just deliberately choose, OK?


OK, I am a home-educating mother of 3 young princesses that runs a household (badly) and keeps an eye on a growing real estate portfolio and works with clients in my success coaching practice – So, yes, life gets busy.

If I try to do it all myself then I will get very little done… BADLY!

And yet, time upon time, I find people trying so hard to make everything happen themselves, even the stuff they are not created to do and it is just plain crazy. You cannot do it all and that is part of the reason why you are surrounded by a whole lot of people on this wonderful planet, we call earth.

Everyone has a thing…

Everyone has a part to play…

And that part may be to support you in getting your goals accomplished and in that way, they get theirs done too.

I believe that we are all jigsaw puzzle pieces who fit with each other in a certain way as a result of the particular edges to our specific piece. And when we are all playing at full pelt, we each make the world a better place to live in.

However, while you try so hard to do everything because you think you must, you miss out on doing just what you are called to do and you do not even do what you are trying to do, all that well. So, you are pretty much ‘up the creek without a paddle’ (hope you know what that means – I could have used another word but I am not that person…yet!).

And all you feel is out of place, wishing you were doing something else ALL THE TIME!

Why condemn yourself to that?

Instead, figure out what you need to do each and every day and get it done.

For everything else?…

Find someone else to help you out because you are good at what you are good at and you can get so much better at it, if you invest the time. And others are good at what they are good at, acknowledge that, ask for help, pay for help and start creating the business you do want that allows you work in your pajamas (if you want!)

The choice is yours.

Fight for, create the life, the business you want and please stop living the one you do not want!


Rosemary Nonny Knight

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