Which things you have to be ready to sacrifice to become a winner in life?

By Patrick Cole

April 14, 2016   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man


Becoming a winner isn’t an easy task. We all want it, but we are hardly ready to pay the price required for it. In addition, we end up living a life that is just boring and dull. We stay there feeling upset for not getting what we want, but we want it the easy way. Sounds familiar? Despite the fact that this is the truth for most of us, it is also a perfect recipe for failure.

At this stage, you know that if you want to be successful, you will have to compromise and sacrifice some things in your life such as these listed below:

Your uncountable pass times

Have you ever heard of that person who achieved their goals while having a good time all the time? Exactly. It never happens. Of course, you don’t need to be under constant stress or to give up on your personal life completely. Still, you will need to be ready to decline invitations for some parties and such. Here your worst enemies are self-indulgence and procrastination. They both are responsible for ruining careers, relationships, and any possibility of success in our lives. We feel sorry for ourselves; we say we are too tired, and that we will start on Monday. We let ourselves off the hook because we work so hard every day so we convince ourselves we deserve to spend all our free time watching Netflix. While this is also true, the reality is that you probably won’t have enough time to do what is really important if you spend so many hours browsing away. Instead, the best approach here is to keep in mind what really is essential to you and save time for it. It can be your family, your jogging or your favorite TV show. Then, cut everything else from your life, and focus on your goals. Balance is the answer here.

Your need to please

If you are always eager to please other people, you won’t have time enough to follow your dreams. It probably takes several hours from you to find out what makes them happy, and them to make it happen for sure. Yet they might not seem very impressed after all your effort, so you keep trying and trying. This can become exhaustive and not very rewarding as you can imagine. So just forget about it, set your boundaries, and make yourself happy first. If you are feeling good about yourself, your light will spread around you and people will also enjoy being with you. Of course, you don’t need to become a cold-hearted and selfish person. But do what you can and when you can. Give a go to your own happiness first, and become an admirable person that attracts attention wherever you go. So then you can see how it will make people pleased and also ready to help you on your journey towards success.

Your comfort zone

All your fears will have to be left behind if you want to become a winner. Usually, they are the most responsible for not achieving what we want for our lives. They can come in several forms, from fear of failure to fear of success, paralyzing your so well-planned actions. So leave your comfort zone right now, face your inner critic, and make sure that you can accomplish your goals despite your fears. You need to be able to take risks, especially if you want to become a winner in your professional life – since playing safe is not a piece of advice you will find in any business strategy book. In order to achieve it, keep your goals at the forefront of your mind, so you know why you are doing it. Have a live picture in your imagination of how your life will be much better when you get there, and stay focused on it.

Your failed relationships

Remember what was discussed above about getting rid of pass times that don’t really add anything to your life? The same should be done for relationships. They aren’t supposed to give you a hard time, so you have two options here: improve it or leave it. Try counseling, couples therapy, long conversations, open your heart to your parents, and explain to you children what is going on your life at the moment. Make a deal with your boss if something is stressing you at work, and talk to your colleagues or to your team if you need their support. Also, stay away from toxic people. Included here are your failed relationships with things as well: with alcohol, smoking, food, exercising, excessive thinking, money, and anything else that makes your life more complicated or unhealthy. You can’t be successful if you are addicted to something, or if you don’t have the necessary energy to get your tasks done.

In conclusion

If you want to become a winner, you must be ready to sacrifice some things in your life. It can be part of your free time, a bad relationship that you have been sloughing away at, or your inner critic. Anything that it is weighing on you and stopping you from achieving your goal needs to be cut out of your life with no second thoughts. Of course, balance will be necessary on your journey. Still, you can learn to prioritize and to make sure that you are moving forward. This is the only way to ensure that you will achieve your dreams, so make it happen from now on.

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