The Most Lucrative Sports to Bet on from Canada

By Dumb Little Man

January 10, 2024

The Most Lucrative Sports to Bet on from Canada

O Canada!

When one is talking about places that absolutely, downright love their sports with almost religious devotion, there may be a number of countries that come to mind. Some may think of the UK, with its devout passion for football, or possibly India, which has basically helped pioneer the sport of cricket, which to this day has been recorded to be one of the most popular sports of all time. 

Some may even say Brazil, where schools use football to teach students fundamental values such as teamwork and perseverance.

However, one of the biggest sporting countries, and I’m sure many will agree with me on this, is Canada. Canada is one of the biggest and most well-known countries when it comes to sports, with a litany of different sports for one to choose from, and even acting as the country of origin for a number of some of the world’s most popular sports, such as Basketball, and the most conventional methods of bowling, as well as Hockey.

Suffice it to say, Canada has a love for sports that cannot be quenched, and with a love for sports comes a wide and varied sports betting market. A market that is as varied as it is competitive. Some may find this overwhelming, while others go in with a degree of confidence. How is this confidence gained? By entering the realm of sportsbooks with a degree of knowledge and preparation, this article aims to give you that knowledge and preparation. 

Within this article, I will be going over the Notion of Sports betting within Canada, as well as the many numerous sports which one can bet, and highlighting the most popular sports in which people wager within the region of Canada.

Choosing a Good Sportsbook

When it comes to gambling and placing bets on sporting events, you should always choose a medium that is convenient for you. If you don’t use the correct sportsbook, it’s kind of like dating a narcissistic partner, since the wrong sportsbook is incompatible with you and the things you’re seeking for. 

Therefore, before one looks at the various sports on which they would like to place a wager, one should first find a reputable sportsbook that is licensed, offers a wide range of sports, and can accommodate the overall frequency of how much one is willing to bet (Source: Only then should one look at the various sports on which they would like to place a wager.

The Many Sports One Can Bet On

The Many Sports One Can Bet On
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A bettor has a wide range of options to choose from when it comes to the many different sports on which they can place bets. This is particularly true in Canada, a nation that has a deep and abiding passion for sports and all things associated with them. However, there are a few that have a particularly large following, and the following are some of the most well-liked sports in the country of Canada. 

Did you know you could also wager on political events other than all the sports we have available? That’s right, some betting sites occasionally allow players the opportunity to bet on political elections. A great example of this would be the current prime minister elections in the UK, where bookmakers are favoring Boris.


Curling is a sport that is sometimes not well understood by fans of other sports who reside in countries other than Canada. Curling, on the other hand, is a national pastime in Canada.

The game, which was played for the first time in Scotland during the medieval eras, is often described as chess on ice. 

It is highly concentrated in the Prairie Provinces, particularly in Manitoba and Alberta, which are home to a large number of popular curling-based businesses. 

Curling Canada is in charge of coordinating the sport and is responsible for organizing the yearly national curling championships. 

The betting market in Canada that pertains to curling is one of the largest, with the Curling championship getting significant betting momentum at the time when it was beginning.

Curling receives more attention from the general public as a result of competitions like the Canada Curling Club Championship.


The people who live in Canada have an unending passion for the game of basketball, and there is a perfectly reasonable explanation for this devotion. This adoration can be seen in both Canadian and American basketball leagues. 

Why wouldn’t you have a profound passion for a game that was invented and conceptualized inside your nation, particularly when it’s reached such heights and such peaks, as basketball was in the late 1800s within Canada?

You will find that the sports betting markets for basketball are constantly at an all-time high, particularly with Canadian bettors. This provides you with a market that is not only competitive but also highly strong and extensive in its range of options.


When it comes to sports that Canadians love, Baseball needs no Introduction.

Several of the most prominent players in Major League Baseball (MLB), the highest level of the sport, can trace their ancestry back to Canada. Baseball games throughout Canada, even those that aren’t part of the Major League Baseball circuit, often draw a sizable crowd of fans and players alike.

According to Baseball Canada, the sport had around 120,000 participants in 2016, which is a substantial increase over the number of players it had the previous year. With such a high increase, one can also definitely notice a much greater and more substantial rise in sports betting in relation to the game of baseball, with a huge number of individuals placing bets on various teams, leagues, and players in the game. 

As the excitement of the sport increases, these numbers continue to rise, which is a positive sign for both the Sport itself and the Sports betting market surrounding it.


Because of the environment in Canada, ice hockey is a popular sport in that country, both for people to participate in and to watch at the highest levels of the game.

The majority of Canadians tune in to watch games from the National Hockey League (NHL), which comprises around seven clubs, including Winnipeg, Ottawa, Toronto, Edmonton, and Montreal.

The 2018 National Hockey League Playoffs were watched by around 68% of the population in Canada, and out of that 68%, a significant portion of those viewers placed wagers on the results of that event. It should come as no surprise that hockey is one of the most well-known sports in the history of Canada, given the country’s high television viewership and devotion to sports betting.

A Few Final Thoughts

When it comes to some of the sports that are most well-known and essential for Canadians, the four that have been stated above are some of the largest and most lucrative options that one might make in this respect. Because each of these sports has a large and highly competitive betting market, it is possible to get a solid grounding in the art of betting via participation in these games.

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