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The Lose Your First 10 LBS Workshop Reviews in 2024

The Lose Your First 10 Lbs Workshop is a lose weight program that provides you flat bellies, unbreakable confidence, more energy, and prevents you from regaining weight. 

Notably, physical activities and healthy eating are proven to help you maintain a healthy body weight, prevent several health diseases, including hypertension, and mental health, and enhance your quality of life. But the current global estimates show that 81% of adolescents do not do enough physical activity; as WHO enclosed in the 2021 report that obesity has nearly tripled in the last three decades. 

Excessive weight or obesity is not just a number on the scale that determines your weight. It is a complex health issue associated with poorer mental and physical health, including diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and cancer. Even it impacts every aspect of your life, every day!

In this way, “The Lose Your First 10 Lbs Workshop” is designed to assist you with nutritional and fitness plans to give you dream bodies and health in the most accessible and sustainable way. Moreover, it helped thousands of people get down to their goal weight and prevent from gaining it back. In this Lose Your First 10 Lbs Workshop review, you will know how it helps you lose weight in an easier and faster way?

Let’s look at the Lose Your First 10 Lbs Workshop review in detail.

The Lose Your First 10 LBS Workshop: Product Overview

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Product NameFormDescriptionPriceOfficial Website
The Lose Your First 10 Lbs WorkshopDigital Program

This high energetic popular fitness workshop offers you a video/slide workout and diet plan to reach fitness goals.

$27 (one-time investment)

Amazing reviews from Customers- Find out what they said!

Photo: The Lose Your First 10 LBS Workshop Official Website

The lose your first 10 lbs review revealed that customers adore these simple yet highly interactive techniques. They found it easy to follow and assist them in reaching fitness goals while enjoying their favorite foods at strategic times.

You can check the testimonials that customers reveal about the workshop around the world:

I LOVE your workshop! As of today, I’m down 20lbs! It’s easy to follow and sustain. I can eat the foods I love, my energy is through the roof, and I feel more confident in my skin. I still have more to lose but have no doubt I will lose it and keep it off!—Tamra Baer.

“I was excited to see myself in the mirror this morning!”

“I just went on a hike with my family, and it felt so good leading the pack!”

The steps in your workshop are easy to follow, give me many food choices, and help me learn how to eat for life! Planning and food preparation has become second nature. I am never hungry or feel deprived. The best part is getting rid of my sugar craving and knowing I can plan for special occasions”. — Melane Paranzino

“I actually look forward to being in photos now and sharing them on social media!”

“I went on a bike ride and felt comfortable wearing shorts. That’s a first!”

“Not huffing and puffing after walking a flight of stairs is such a relief!”

Your workshop and recipe book changed my life, I lost all the weight I had been carrying around for more than a decade, but I’ve also kept the mass off for two years! And it improved my energy, self-confidence, and happiness so much! I couldn’t have accomplished it without the knowledge of these proven steps!— Tami Klein Lallo.

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What is The Lose Your First 10 LBS Workshop?

Lose Your First 10punds is a weight loss Workshop that includes a short video presentation to help you burn the first 10lbs quickly in the most simple, effective, enjoyable way…. by resetting your metabolism. They claimed that following the simple steps and guidelines they’ve given, you would see weight loss, narrowing of the back, long-term health benefits, and prevention of chronic diseases linked with obesity.

The workshop was created by certified personal trainer and weight loss expert Chad Tackett. Backed in 1995, he started the world’s first online weight loss program that helps thousands of people get down to their goal weight. He was awarded Oregon State Universities’ “Alumni of the Year” for his innovation in weight loss.

The workshop includes all the proven guides and information based on science. That helps you shed some pounds effectively without depression of restrictive diet plans, bad diets or starvation, intense exercise, and fear of gaining tonnage back.

How Does The Lose Your First 10 LBS Workshop work?

The weight loss industry and diets typically develop tricks and hack to reduce weight by focusing on limiting carbs. As carbs make your body retain a lot of water, once you cut carbs, they suck water out of your cells and lose weight quickly. You get excited to see numbers on the scale go down, but such diets only help you lose WATER weight, not FAT weight. 

This means if you ever stop using their services, apps, pills, pre-packaged meals…. you’ll end up in even more weight gain. Plus, it damages a person’s metabolism and ultimately leads to poor health.

This workshop works on boosting your metabolism. Metabolism is your body’s fat-burning factory, nearly 70% of the results are based on metabolism. It operates in the background for 24 hours, controls how many calories you burn, and helps you burn off everything you eat. 

Photo: The Lose Your First 10 LBS Workshop Official Website

These workshops figure out practical principles, including a traditional food combining philosophy that activate rare process to rev metabolism. He named it “metabolic Fusion,” strategically combining two or more specific food that makes it thousands of times more powerful than each of them separately. He discovers activate metabolic fusion to rapidly accelerate the body’s ability to cut back fat fastly.

He explains it with a simple example:

As most people will agree that apple is healthy food, right? Not necessarily! 

Yes! While apple contains valuable nutrients, it can spike your insulin level. A raised level of insulin trains the body to store fat (even if you’re calorie deficit), increases hunger, leads you to eat more, and slows down your metabolism. Yet, if you combine that same apple with other food that blocks your insulin from spiking, that same apple transforms from making you fat….to making to fit and healthy.

Even more exciting is that combining two or more specific foods can train your body to maintain consistently high glucagon levels- a fat-burning hormone. It puts you in permanent fat-burning mode. So you can successfully lose weight forever while eating, working, exercising, and even sleeping.

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What are the Benefits of The Lose Your First 10 LBS Workshop?

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Why is The Lose Your First 10 LBS Workshop Effective?

The workshop contains all the information you need to get the results. It offers a sustainable way to reduce weight and enjoy a healthy, fit body for the rest of your life.

Simple to follow

The program includes simple workshops to follow, customizable to your lifestyle and preferences. You don’t have to deal with conflicting and confusing information that could frustrate you. You can easily follow it forever without feeling like you’re dieting.

Burn fat while resting

It is an effective fat-burning process where you can get more results without worrying about destroying your metabolism. You can burn stubborn fat while at rest, even it assist you in dealing with rebound weight in case you fall off track.

It’s Enjoyable

This program permits you to melt off weight while eating your favorite meal. The workshop includes a metabolism boost daily checklist. By following the workshops, you can melt fat without constantly obsessing about the endless process of counting calories you’re consuming; even you can enjoy your favorite foods to achieve your fitness goals. It’s enjoyable! 

Well tested Or Sustainable

All the guidelines and information in the workshops are backed by accurate, proven science and tested in a real-world setting with real people (not lab animals). Instead of miserable rules and restricting diets, the program provides you with the best results without taking over your life and makes losing weight pretty simple.

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What are the components in The Lose Your First 10 LBS Workshop?

Photo: The Lose Your First 10 LBS Workshop Official Website

The Lose Your First 10 Lbs Workshop directs the dieters to gain the proper knowledge, tools, and habits that enhance the metabolism and help you lose weight effectively and quickly. It comprises two programs including:

Lose Your First 10 Lbs Workshop Video and Lose Your First 10 Lbs™ Workshop™ Slides

The lose your first 10 Lbs Videos and slides walk through the most powerful concept to cut back weight in the easiest and fastest way while resting, eating your favorite food, and with no strict or restrictive rules. Here are a few simple steps to elaborate a part of the workshop:

Step 1:

They will recommend you a list of foods. You will have to circle the ones you love and scratch out the food you don’t. 

Step 2: 

Follow their simple meal guidelines to combine the right foods at the right time.

Step 3: 

Enjoy your favorite food and every meal, whether at home or a restaurant, at Social events, on the go, or wherever.

FREE Bonus:

Within Lose Your First 10 Lbs Workshop Video and Slides, the workshops come with a compelling free bonus. These are proper guides that help you lose weight, stay on the path, and rev your overall health.

  1. Good Carbs vs. Bad carbs cheatsheet:

This short, precise, and simple technique shows you exactly what (good) carbs to eat that help you rev your metabolism and help burn fat… and which one (carbs) to avoid that slows down your metabolism and can destroy chances of slimming down. All the information is backed by science.

  1. Easy-To-Follow Carbs Timing Guide:

Along with what to eat or what to avoid, you will also get to know WHEN to eat. This guide includes no complicated or confusing things, it has simple rules and a suitable time to eat that sparks a new fire in your metabolism. This helps burn fat 24 hours a day, even sleeping or relaxing.

  1. 5-day jumpstart challenge:

The Workshop includes a five-day jumpstart challenge with a step-by-step guide to giving you momentum that will help you drop 3-5 pounds in the first week. It inspires you to keep going and lose weight, week after week.

  1. Exclusive Facebook group:

To give you long-term weight loss success, they offer you a supportive community by giving you access to their private Facebook group. With these Facebook groups, you will get constant support from like-minded people, new recipes, tips, and motivation to lift your spirit and help you get even better results.

  1. The Recommended Foods List:

Limiting or avoiding carbs is not sufficient to cut down weight long-term. Eating the RIGHT carbs and combined with the right foods matters as well. That’s what they offer in this guide; you’ll receive a complete recommended foods list and will know how to combine them in the right way.

  1. Q&A Video Calls With Chad:

In this workshop, you can attend live Q&A calls to get answers to the questions you might have. Moreover, you can also get recordings of past Q&A calls; this free bonus helps you hit the ground running for fasters results.

  1. The metabolism-Boost Daily Checklist:

This checklist includes a simple strategy to help you stay right on track in just a few minutes a day if followed consistently. Chad made this checklist considering your busy schedule and that you don’t have enough time for complicated rules. In this way, this free bonus will help you keep going.

  1. The avoid these mistakes reminders:

He includes this mistake reminder in the workshop to prevent you from making a series of mistakes and habits that condition your metabolism to work against you. This checklist of ‘avoid these mistakes reminders’ will help you break those poor habits, but note that it requires consistency. Moreover, it will aid ensure you don’t disrupt your success. 

Who is The Lose Your First 10 LBS Workshop best for?

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18 years and above age.

This is primarily based on nutrient synthesis led by certified, so it is safe to use and personalized for both men and women; even a person with bad genes, thyroid issues, and chronic health issues can use it safely. However, if you have any allergic reaction to specific foods, or taking some other medications, then it is advised to consult a professional physician.

The lose your first 10Lbs workshop teaches you the simple tool and guidelines to customize your sustainable lifestyle and delivers tremendous results for the rest of your life.

The Lose Your First 10 LBS Workshop Pros and Cons

✅ Effectively burn calories and lose weight long-term.❌ This course is only available for purchase directly on their official website.
✅ Improve metabolism and fitness level.❌ It requires consistency, so the results are gradual.
✅ 100% money-back guarantee.
✅ Prevent from regaining weight.
✅ Robust overall wellness.

The Lose Your First 10 LBS Workshop Cost and Discounts

The workshop offers user-friendly and reliable costs and discounts. You can get the whole workshop for $27 to elevate your health and achieve fitness goals.

They usually sell the whole workshop within bonuses for $527. However, now they offer a 94.87% huge discount; you can receive instant access to everything over the entire workshop and all bonuses for $27, so you can finally achieve the body of your dreams with more energy and confidence.

Photo: The Lose Your First 10 LBS Workshop Official Website

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The Lose Your First 10 LBS Workshop Refund Policy

The Lose Your First 10 LBS workshop is significantly convenient for users. They offer you a 365-day money-back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied or thrilled with the results, you can ask for a refund by simply sending them an email. You will get your money back with no question asked.

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This workshop formula maximizes your fat-burning potential, helps you burn more calories in 24 hours…by resetting your metabolism. It’s not merely about weight loss; it’s about getting your life back, feeling young, vibrant, and alive again.

The program is entirely sustainable for results; you can burn more fat and lose weight long-term without counting calories, giving up your favorite food, or starving yourself, without torturing yourself with grueling exercise. You’ll experience even faster weight loss that works in the long run and continues until the day you reach your goal weight, not just a few weeks or months

The workshop comes at a reasonable price backed with a one-year money-back guarantee – It’s completely risk-free. So give it a try, start losing your first 10 lbs and become the next success story!

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The Lose Your First 10 LBS Workshop​​ Reviews FAQ

Will I need to buy pre-packaged meals, supplements, or any hard-to-find or expensive foods?

You don’t need to buy pre-packaged meals, supplements, or expensive foods to lose weight. It’s simply a matter of combining the right foods that you can find at any local grocery store easily. 

I’m extremely busy. Will this still work for me?

No concern about how busy you are; if you follow these simple steps consistently, are committed to a healthier lifestyle, and can carve out 5-10 minutes a day, you’ll do great!

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