Modern Classrooms and Personalized Learning Are the Perfect Pair

By Jennifer Lee

July 18, 2018   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

The incorporation of technology in the education sector defines the learning system of this era. Educators are now improvising their methods of teaching to give students a better learning experience.

Modern classroom and personalized learning are two of the most effective teaching approaches. Personalizing students’ educational instructions assist in improving their classroom performance. And a modern classroom gives the perfect environment for applying this customized or personalized learning.

But is pairing modern classroom and personalized learning the ultimate way to provide effective education?

The conventional or rather the ‘old-school’ classrooms are no longer effective for the modern generation of students. To ensure that the students absorb the knowledge being provided in the classroom, technology is used to customize learning according to each student’s needs.

The collaboration between the modern classroom technology and personalized learning can help in bringing out the best in students.

Look at it this way:

Modern classroom supports the creation of study strategies and instructional designs based on each student’s educational requirements. Meanwhile, the technologies used in modern classrooms aid in the development of personalized learning.

So, a collaboration between them can definitely bring many benefits like student engagement, better classroom performance, and more.

The effects of pairing modern classroom and personalized learning

Increased engagement

What the traditional teaching methods lack is a connection or engagement between the student and the teacher. Students of this era are more attracted towards technology. When technology is incorporated, the learning process becomes more interesting for the students.

An advanced teaching model, developed considering the capability, interests, and the strength and weakness of each student, give birth to a more engaged classroom. This leads to a rise in a student’s academic achievement.

Collaborative learning

benefits of peer feedback

A research, conducted by Blackboard and Project Tomorrow shows 57% of educators agree that the students in a personalized learning environment collaborate more. When the modern classroom is blended with personalized learning, collaborative learning is facilitated.

Students prepared for future jobs

According to senior personnel of Microsoft, a modern classroom equipped with technology and personalized learning will prepare students for the jobs of tomorrow.

Better learning

The goal of education is to ensure that students retain the most from the classroom. It has been seen that when students engage in practical and collaborative works, they learn the best. Incorporation of technology and personalized learning does enhance the student’s capability of capturing what is being taught in classrooms.

Enhanced teaching style

The conventional teaching method focuses more on students’ performance in the exams. It does not examine whether the students have a firm grip on the subject.

On the other hand, in a modern classroom, students get the opportunity to explore the topic or subject in their own unique way. When students get to satisfy their curiosity, they become more encouraged to give more input in learning.

A positive classroom culture

When the classroom interaction remains one-way, it’s hard to establish a positive environment. But a modern classroom, equipped with personalized learning, generates opportunities to establish two-way interaction between the teacher and the students.

Not just this, a better relationship is built between a student and his/her peers. All this contributes towards building a positive environment in the classroom.

Deep learning and development of important skills

modern classroom
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The new teaching approach focuses more on evidence-based education. Thus, students can relate the theoretical concepts to the real-life situations. This implants a deep learning among the students.

This, in return, assists students in developing several crucial skills like critical thinking, communication, and collaboration. Some of these skills are necessary for tasks like custom writing.

More motivation

Students take an active part in classroom activities only if they have the motivation to do so. Personalized learning incorporated in the modern classroom allows them to have the authority over their studies.

Apart from that, this kind of learning environment makes studying fun and enjoyable for the students. This motivates and encourages them to take more part in the classroom activities.

Incorporating personalized learning in the modern classroom will definitely have a positive impact on the learning and academic performance of the students.

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What do different studies say about these two innovative teaching approaches?

1. According to a survey performed by the PBS Learning Media, 74% of educators agree that technology-enabled education works as a great motivator for the students.

2. A case study of a school in Portugal shows that the implementation of a modern classroom helped in making the students more excited and engaged.

3. After implementing an open and collaboration-based teaching method, the Neosho School District was successful in elevating their learning process. They were able to make the students more engaged with the help of personalized learning.


As we are moving towards a more technologically advanced world, the time has come to get rid of old and ineffective teaching methods. Several educational institutes have already updated them with the implementation of modern classroom and personalized learning.

This pairing is beneficial for both the teacher and the students. Technology helps them to connect with each other to plan the lesson, give the assignments, and also supervise the performance of the student.

So, it is the duty of the educators, policymakers, and other concerned people to design a learning process which will work the best for the students of this time.

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