Why Professional Success Hindered by Toxic Habits? (10 Tips to Purge them)

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January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Why Professional Success Hindered by Toxic Habits? (10 Tips to Purge them)

One trait good leaders possess is the ability to do the right things at the right time. They show the path to enlightenment to their followers and encourage them to lead on it. They desire success for others who associate with them, as it helps them to be more successful. They follow a few habits that differentiate them from the crowd, and this makes them winners. So, if you embrace their good habits and discard your toxic behavior, you too will soon have a supportive following, not to mention the success and happiness it would bring forth in your life.

① Stop Procrastinating

Winners always finish their tasks before they can enjoy their day. Procrastination only piles up work and stress. Now would you like to be stay stressed out? Obviously not!!

To become a “now to do” person, instead of leaving tasks half-done. To combat procrastination, learn to schedule your time by prioritizing your tasks. Being productive is a sign of a healthy mind and life. Hence, complete tasks before their scheduled due date to avoid hassle later. Lead a fulfilling life by compartmentalizing your life and tasks.

Stop Procrastinating
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② Don’t Compare Your Success with Others

Comparison is a boon if you are purchasing goods and services, but a killer if you compare yourself with family, friends, or colleagues. Life is a marathon and not a sprint; everybody has their own journey to complete. Some of them are ahead of you while others may lag behind you. Be thankful for your own journey and never compare.

Comparison can mean that you need recognition from others. The reality is, you are the master of yourself and not others, so why stress yourself if someone does better than you? Focus more on recognizing your opportunities for growth and self-improvement.

Don’t Compare Your Success with Others
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③ Listen for Understanding, Not for the Opportunity to Respond

In relationships, it’s good to have clear communication. However, hurrying up the other person to make their point so that you can speak is a sign of a narcissist. People prefer not to interact with an egotistical person. Hence, communicate in a constructive manner; first, listen and then respond.

Listen for Understanding, Not for the Opportunity to Respond
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④ Appreciate People Genuinely

Successful people show gratitude towards others, as they believe others contribute to their success. For instance, your boss received a promotion due to your contribution of working hard at the task. If he fails to acknowledge your hard work he won’t go a long way. However, if he celebrates his success with you, it shows that he recognizes your value.

Appreciate People Genuinely
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⑤ Don’t Expect Good Things to Just Happen

Life is a bed of roses and thorns. You have to work hard to smell the roses and carefully pick out the thorns to improve your life. You need to work towards achieving your desires and keeping yourself happy.

According to the latest research, 53% of women and 40% of men have never asked for a salary increase or a promotion.

Winners constantly pursue their dreams until they succeed at attaining what they need in life. So, stop expecting life to bless you with goodies. Instead, be bold and ask for it.

Don’t Expect Good Things to Just Happen
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⑥ Stop Judging and Criticizing

People with low self-esteem constantly judge and criticize others. Behavioral scientists term this conduct as a Bias Blind Spot (BBS) and 97% of people suffer from it. Under BBS, people ignore biases and fallacies in their thinking patterns. Subsequently, the more critical they become of others, the more blind they tend to become towards valid self-criticism. To combat BBS, people should evaluate the possible root cause of a person’s behavior before making accusations.

Stop Judging and Criticizing
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⑦ Don’t Always Agree

Since childhood, we are taught that agreeing with someone is a desirable trait. People who always agree are seen as polite, regardless of how they feel. Often, it has a drastic impact on people, as stress piles on them if they fail to perform their tasks successfully. Nonetheless, most people agree to everything to remain in good standing with others.

However, you must learn to say “no” if you want to remain sane, minimize stress, and maintain healthy boundaries in relationships. Hence, prioritize your workload before you agree to take up new tasks.

Don’t Always Agree
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⑧ Look for Solutions Instead of Complaining

On average, people complain between 15 and 30 times per day, according to a Psychology Today report.

Are there any benefits of complaining? Nobody wants to listen to incessant complaints; eventually, they stop responding to them, and frustration begins to grow even more for the whiner. So, what to do? Stop complaining and start finding solutions!

Look for Solutions Instead of Complaining
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⑨ Keep Learning

Learning is a gift that constantly adds to your existing skills and always comes in handy. Knowledge is power; the more you know the better you get at achieving success and happiness. Successful people continue learning because the lesson learned could be their next stepping stone to success.

Don’t Show Intellectual Arrogance

Humility is the greatest weapon to win people. Scientists have identified intellectual humility as a strong factor of success. People who are intellectually arrogant abhor challenges. They are close-minded and push their opinions on others. Further, they seek quick closure to problems rather than resolution. On the contrary, intellectually humble people are great leaders and friends.

Keep Learning
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Become a winner by purging toxic habits and encouraging positivity in your life. Focus on improving your behavior before offering your help to others. Be a keen listener to communicate effectively. Never make comparisons, and stand your ground if you intend to lead a contented life.

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