Stop Focusing on Success and Focus on Making an Impact

By Jeff Moore

September 29, 2015   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Every day and every week we can seize another golden change to become better and to make someone else’s life better. But too often, we see our days and weeks not as opportunities for impact, but as things we must ‘get through’ in order to get something else. The pursuit of getting through something can be very motivating, but it leaves us empty and unfulfilled. We get through the week, just to get to another raging Happy Hour, spend the next day recovering, TV on Sunday, just to do it all over again.

That kills us.

‘Getting through it’ destroys our ability to see what’s really going on. The truth is, that instead of going through our weekend and grinding it out, looking for our break, our shot – we can try to be a break for someone else. Instead of just hunting down our prey, and closing a deal, we can help someone else be successful – which will feed our own success. See, our success is really powered not by what we can do, but by our ability to help others become successful.

So, let change our focus a bit. Instead of it being all about me and what I want to accomplish what of I asked, what will be better because of you? This week, who will you help with a task, who will you encourage, who will you listen to, support, guide and advise. Who will you try to create an opportunity for?
It’s easy to go through the day on autopilot, thinking that what we do and what we say makes no difference. We go through the day reacting, instead of responding. We go through the day trying to fly under the radar, instead of trying to stand out. And we try to leave things as they were, instead of better.
What will be different because of you? I challenge you to ask yourself that question everyday for the next 7 days. And, see how life is a bit different.

When we think about success and fulfillment, we have to think about it in all areas. That last thing we want to be is the person who has a great career and a lot of money, but has no friends and no relationship with their family. That model of success is old and outdated.

Some more questions to think about are:
What is something I can do for my family, to make something easier or better?
What can I do in my relationship to make my partner or close friends, feel more loved and appreciated?
What can I do at the workplace to improve the energy, productivity or vision?

You can even start much smaller, but with just as much meaning.
Who can I give a smile to?
How will I show your kindness, compassion and patience?
Who can I be a listening ear for?

It is very important, that you believe what you do matters. You must know that you have a profound ability to touch and improve the lives and attitudes of those around you. Recognize it. Call upon it. Use it!
Dedicated the 7 days to doing just that.

Jeff Moore

Jeff Moore, educator, author and speaker has dedicated his life towards encouraging people to raise their personal expectations and have the courage to pursue what is important to them.

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