10 People in Urgent Need of Smart Home Security Systems

By Jason Garcia

June 6, 2016   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Smart Home Security Systems

Did you know that while the majority of burglars avoid homes with a security system, only 17% of homes in America alone are protected by smart home security systems? This alarming fact prompts us to look into the different attitudes people have that prevent them from optimizing the many benefits of having a security system, from practical safety to reducing stress and anxiety.

Here are the 10 types of people who badly need smart home security systems. Can you identify yourself in any one of them?

1. The Budget Watcher

Many people use expense as an excuse to forget about home safety, unaware that the cost of getting a good security system is way cheaper than dealing with the consequences of property crimes. It’s also worth stressing that effective devices need not be expensive. Budget conscious people can opt for DIY systems that can go as low as $100. These systems can include motion sensors, panic sirens, and even remote control. You can also add optional components to build your personalized system.

Devices like cameras and and contact sensors for doors and windows make for great additions to secure your home. Indeed, deterring burglars and property criminals with a security system will not dry up your funds.

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2. The Busy Professional

busy professional

Busy professionals understandably have a lot on their plate. They are usually focused on work and have to juggle their tight schedules. Don’t increase your daily stress by forgetting about home security! What’s at stake here is your safety.

Professional alarm systems have evolved and gone smarter that they do the busy work for you. From sensors to lighting control, you have in your hands the power to make your life safer and less stressful.

3. The Happy-Go-Lucky

It’s nice to be carefree once in awhile and forget about daily worries. However, it’s not a good idea to let your guard down when it comes to home security. Do yourself a favor and confront the seriousness of security matters.

Happy-go-lucky individuals often are hooked into the illusory idea that they are far removed from danger. They like to forget about their responsibilities not only to their own safety but also to their loved ones. The repercussions of such an attitude can be extremely endangering.

Getting a smart security system is your best bet because it allows you to not think about it too much. A smart system can “think” for itself and for you.

4. The Wonder Woman

Strong, independent women should be lauded and celebrated. They are like superheroes who prove to everyone that they are equal and can be better than men. However, problems arise when they don’t think about their own security. If you live alone in an apartment, one of the best guides to secure independent living is to invest in a simple entry sensor.

For $30, you can get entry sensors that can do wonders for your safety. Also, there aren’t any monthly fees unless you opt for live monitoring by a security services company.

5. The Complicated

The irony of complicated people is they don’t usually like obstacles. They dream of a life that can be simplified and be in order.

If you belong to this group and think that devices such as home security cameras will make your life more complicated, then you are gravely mistaken. You are also compromising your security!

The security options available today have the beauty of simplicity. Gone are the days when security systems mean having bulky and difficult-to-operate devices. You can go wireless or hybrid, which means you don’t have to deal with those pesky wires that trouble you.

6. The Family with Special Needs

family with special needs

Having a special needs member of the family makes it all the more important to think about safety. The expenses that come with living with a special needs family member can sometimes be steep. Having a security system can sound expensive if the priceless value of safety is disregarded. Indeed, the thought of putting your child’s safety at risk can be scary. Know that having a smart home means creating a safe haven for you and your child. Concretely, you can consider having a two-way audio system that allows you to communicate with your child at all times.

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7. The Ageing Non-Techie

Did you know that as many as 87% of adults over the age of 65 would prefer to stay in their homes most of the time? Having ageing parents who live by themselves makes you worried about their safety. There’s also that inescapable fact of diseases like Alzheimer’s, dementia, and other limiting conditions.

Getting a smart security system will dramatically reduce your anxiety and can effectively take care of your elders. Check if the devices are something they can operate themselves.

One of the best times to replace your security system is when the devices they have are either ineffective or difficult to use. There are simple devices like sensors that send notifications to you. These types of devices are great because your folks can use them with little to no assistance.

8. The Foodie


Are you a foodie who likes things fresh all the time? Do you find yourself having to throw away food because you keep on forgetting about the expiration date? Smart home devices like a smartened-up egg tray can be your best friend. This device can hold all 14 eggs in one tray and tell you how long each egg has been stored. The capability of similar devices will allow you to know when the food is about to go stale or bad.

9. The Undecided

With so many choices available, the Undecided feels confused and unequipped to make the right decision. It’s no different when it comes to home security systems.

True, there are countless options. Know, however, that security options nowadays have been extremely simplified and are user-friendly. The buzz phrase is “smart devices.”

Wireless hidden cameras, for example, can automatically record videos. Similar types of smart devices can benefit you in times of confusion and danger. Such devices maintain their efficiency even during moments when you lose your focus.

10. The Style Conscious

The worry of stylish people is that a security system will not suit their discriminating tastes and ruin the design of their spaces. Nothing could be further from how modern smart systems actually look. The available security devices today exude sophistication and elegance that they can easily fit into any space.

In fact these devices—from hidden cameras to heat detectors—are smartly designed that they can look like modern pieces of art. Besides, what can be more un-stylish than having your serene space disturbed and spoiled by burglars?

These kinds of people who do not like to have smart home security systems should put things in perspective for you. Whatever the attitude or type, the fact remains that criminality and other possible dangers are standing threats to everyone. Never compromise yourself and your family’s safety. At the end of the day, having smart home security systems will allow you to live your life to the fullest in a safer environment.

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