Simple Magic Tricks Revealed


August 10, 2007   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Ok, so we covered how you can beat the Carnies and win at the carnival games. Today our weekend treat is magic. Here are a few cool magic tricks and how to do them. Yes, you too can amaze your friends, win bets, and WOW kids. These are simple enough for you to do at home, we are not talking about disappearing cars..

Since magic is all based on what you see, we thought it would be appropriate to use some video. I mean, how could I explain these in words?

Here you go:

  • Put a Glass Through A Table:
  • Pepper Separation – this is pretty darn simple:
  • The This and That Card Trick:
  • The Snap Card:
  • The Coin in the Can:
  • Empty Can becomes Full – this is super easy:
  • Chameleon Aces:

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