A Simple and Classy Text Message to Get You Out of Going on Another Date

By Rach Face

July 2, 2014   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

We have all had the experience of going on a few dates with someone before deciding that he or she is not the one. That is the purpose of dating, to get to know someone and decide if they could be your mate. But how do you get out of going on another date with someone who is more into you than you are into him?

If you have been on three to five dates with someone I think that person deserves to be told that you are no longer interested. It’s a karmic thing. If you were into someone and they all of a sudden disappeared you would wonder, “Where did he go? Does he still like me? Should I text him?” and ultimately when you realize he disappeared because he wasn’t into you, you probably hope he died but you cry, “I wish he had just told me!” SO – I have devised an easy text message to get you out of your relation*! PLEASE NOTE: If you have been dating someone for more than five dates that person probably deserves more than just a simple text like this. Use your judgement on what you would desire if the roles were reversed!

Your breakout* text should read as follows:

Thank you so much for last night (Insert dinner, movie, drinks whatever you did) I wanted to be honest and let you know I don’t feel we are a match (or however you wish to say that sentiment) but I wish you all the best! 🙂 ( I think the exclamation point and emoticon are key to emitting the most positive vibe.)

This text is short, simple, honest and sending out good karmic energy! If you want to add in something like “I think you are really sweet” or any genuine feeling towards that person being awesome than I believe that is good as well. Just remember you don’t owe that person anything, it’s only been a few dates, however your conscience will be clean if you actually let them know instead of just ignoring them!

Rach Face Dictionary

Relation – A relation is when you are in something that is not a full on relationship. The person doesn’t consider you his/her girlfriend/ boyfriend. Slightly different from a f*ck buddy in that you probably do relationship type things like going out to dinner or a movie.

Break out – When you end a relation. Since it isn’t a full on relationship it’s not a break-up but rather a break- out because you’re probably escaping a bad situation!

Rach Face

Rach Face has been living, dating and learning in NYC for 7 years. Through personal experience she learned, if it's not a good date, it makes a great story!

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